Sunday, October 22, 2006

Me and Georgie at UBC

We had really strong wind all day today, and I knew what that meant...... NO BEACH!!! Sigh... However, I wasn't completely disappointed since mum took Georgie and me to my favourite hunting ground - UBC (University of British Columbia).

Since mum decided to bring Gerogie along, we went to the Thunderbird Soccer Field instead of my usual walk on the squirrel rich campus.

To ensure we got a fun, uninterrupted walk on the field, Georgie and I made a pack. We swore to the big guy above that should mum got into her trigger happy mode, we would NOT look into the camera no matter what. This way, mum would get frustrated and stop taking photos of us. Here are some good examples!!

Georgie kept his promise at first, but when he thought I wasn't watching, I caught him doing THIS!!

WHAT WAS HE THINKING POSING FOR MUM?? To make matters worse, he even gathered a fan club!!! Just look at these people...I mean... MEN .... awwwing and oooooing over Georgie...

Where was MY fan club?? That guy identified by the arrow, he looked like he was petting me right? Well, he was actually only doing that to stop me from stealing his soccer ball... What's wrong with these people?? If you like a GIANT rabbit better than a SuperDALE, then FINE! But the least you can do is let the SuperDALE aka. future captain of Team Canada take your soccer ball. You should feel honored!

Needless to say, I was in a bad mood and decided to ignore Georgie! I didn't want to have anything to do with him, and was honestly happy that he got stuck with the camera!!

(the speed you saw Georgie move at in the video is his TOP speed so far. Mum has him attached to a cable in case one day he does decide to move like a normal rabbit.)

This is Georgie pretending to be cute eating a piece of leaf. (I hate suck ups!!) Thank doG I don't need to eat leaves to show that I'm FANTABULOUS!!

So what better way to take my mind off Georgie than HUNTING??

I surveyed the construction ground next to the soccer field. The old Thunderbird Arena was torn down and a new one is being built for the 2010 Winter Olympics.



There were live things (I didn't want to tell mum what since she was after me with her camera!) behind the wire fencing. I tried to jump up hoping that I could bring the fence down, but it didn't work. I demanded help from mum, but my EVIL mum refused my request!!

There is a bit of a sound delay in this video for some reason

I moved on to the next targeted area,

My EVIL mum stood there with her damn camera in hand, and watched me struggle. She not only didn't try to help, she also stopped me from doing what was necessary to get to my prey.....

She told me this is the reason why she tried to stop me from doing whatever I was doing,

Georgie DID IT!!! Can't you tell? Those are obviously teeth marks of a GIANT bunny!!


To see my other hunts at UBC:


Boo Boo said...

Sunshade ! This is the first time I am seeing Georgie, and I think he is CUTE ... his ears are so long ....

but err ... yes, you are cuter >.<

Studly Dudley said...

Miss Sunshade,
I am soo jealous that you have a pet bunny! Georgia looks like fun.. although it's not fair how he stole all that attention from you. You are clearly the more gorgeous.. beautiful.. resplendent dog. WOOF! I used to have a pet hedgehog too, Mr. Pink, but he passed away from cancer this summer.. my face was droopier than usual (Mum's too) I miss his funny waddle.
You're so lucky you live close to all these big dog parks and UBC! Your Mum must have taken you out cuz she felt guilty about leaving you at home on weekend nights.. right?? MSHOW! MSHOW! MSHOW!
Mum took me out to Charleston Park today because she though the Vancouver bulldog meet-up was there but it turns out it was someplace else so we missed out on seeing all the other bullies. I have to admit I'm not very athletic anyway, plus once I fell in the pond at Charleston. I hope you don't think that makes me any less of a dog.

Always love looking at your photos, Sunshade! You are one HOT boo-dog =)


Studly Dudley said...

I would never DREAM of ignoring you if you ever deemed me worth of your attention.. I think me with my squishy face and you with your rectangular one would make a great sight together!
I saw a Wire Fox Terrier today.. he looked like a mini-you! He ran circles around me though.. he was much too fast too me. My play-method of choice is to ram other dogs when they aren't watching.. heeheehee.. what do you like to do??
Looks like our Mums are both night owls.. I'm about all done in for the night. Staying up with her and waiting up for her is a full-time job!! PLUS she says she's going out AGAIN this weekend.. something about Halloween? Do you know anything about this?? How about your Mum? I can't believe she's planning already to leave me.. she's a stealthy one.
(We should plan a sleep-over.. DOG'S NIGHT OUT!)


umekotyan said...

Good evening, it gets along well very much the rabbit and Sunshade.
And, it is a very big rabbit.
The appearance to look for the rabbit desperately is lovely.

Anonymous said...

hey sunshade, after watching georgie's video, i believe he is MUCH bigger than me. afterall, i'm only 6kg and he's what? 8kg or more? :-( i can't even compete with a GIANT rabbit!

seriously, how can those hooman not paying attention to the terrier queen? you should hang your title "terrier queen" around yourself to let them know who you really are!

wet wet licks


Grayscale said...

I love wabbits!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I just discovered your blog and I think you are just great. Like my Faya. I send you a lot of kisses from Switzerland (sorry for my english). VĂ©ronique & Faya

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Georgieand I are the same size!!!! What does your mom feed him, superdale food?

Bussie Kissies

Chelsea said...

I know you dislike the big bunny right now but, remember, you can always blame him for everything and all the teeth marks around the house.
Besides, I think at Easter time they hide candies around the house. You may want to keep him around.


T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
While Georgie may be a cute bunny, you've definitely got more personality and pizzazz!!


PS: I can read your blog and see the videos just fine! Thanks for checking :)

Bogart H. Devil said...

I'm sure it was that wascally wabbit... a Dale would never do such a thing... (wink wink nudge nudge)


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

oh course those were teeth marks from a Giant Bunny.

Terriers only dig

Isabella said...

My human had a lop eared bunny long before I came to live with her. The bunny was trained to potty in the a litterbox and got to run all over the house. She even played and chased the dogs. Linda said the only bad habit she had was chewing the computer wires.
Big Wags,

jaffeboy said...

Sorry Sunshade, I think you must hate Georgie for making you look bad but I must say he is one cute little thing!!! It is so cool to take a walk with him.

K, U can officially not "talk" to me for 3secs just cos I like Georgie. Just 3secs k?!

Sunshade said...

Boo Boo: really? You really think so? You really think I'm cuter?? I'm so happy here!!

Dudley: did you say this weekend is Halloween?? Ok, we have to plan a DOGS' NITE IN.. I'm terribly afraid of fire crackers, so I cant' be out or I'll run and run... What do you say 7 o'clock at your place??

Ume Tyan: hi, I'm gald you think Georgie and I get along well. But the truth is, I"m a good actress. Plus, he is not a cute bunny, he is a traitor!!

Hey Booboo: Of course you can compete with a big fat giant bunny that can't move!! Dont' worry, I'll have your back as long as you don't start posing too.

Hey Cheater: really, you love rabbits? I seem to recall you were bred to kill these, wanna come over and play?

Veronique and Faya: thanks so much for visiting!! My mum's best friend is in Switzerland too, very pretty city!

Bussie: I dont' know what my mum does to Georgie, he is super huge and can't run faster than a turtle... gave me a good idea... maybe we should have a roasted Easter rabbit instead of turkey this year??

T-man: thank you very much!! I am way more attractive than a slow moving giant rabbit!!

Oh Bogie: I knew you would understand, you understand me so well!! Dales would never do such a thing, you are RIGHT!

Scuba: You too are understand me so well, that's right, we only dig!!

Isabella: since your hooman seem to be great at training rabbits, would you like to have a GIANT rabbit brother?? He won't chase you tho, he will just sit there forever.

Jaffe: one............
two............ three......... Ok, i'll talk to you as long as you send some of those yummy deer tendons over!!


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Toby said...

Sorry you didn't get your prey...maybe next time, you should try sneaking off so your mommy can't stop you!! But if u do end up being caught red handed, just make the best "it wasn't me" face!~


Herbie said...

I totally agree with you that humans are evil, especially when they have their cameras with them! Instead of saving/ helping us, they just point those things at us and start laughing and snapping away! Bad, bad humans!

Jay said...

Hi Sunshade, Georgie is huge for a rabbit and I admit that he is cute. BUT you are cuter!!!

Those people should have patted you instead. Maybe they have not seen a rabbit before and therefore, it's a novelty to them.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sunshade, I can see your videos again! It's almost as good as having my own Airedale. Look at this thing with Georgie this way: he may be softer and, ahem, cuter in a different way, but he never changes his expression or barks and he sure can't write a blog.

Joe Stains said...

you guys have great adventures! I am jealous, except for that part where Georgie got more petting than you, that is how I feel when tanner is around.

Maximillian the Valliant said...

My sweet Sunny,

I feel so discomboobulated!! I keep thinking that I have posted messages to you and then I can't find them. You must think that I've been ignoring you...(as if anyone could ignore the Sun of their lives).

I still think your hunting skills are excellent...I'm not sure why you are so nice to that Georgie, seems like he needs some discipline.

love and licks

Murphey said...

Ohh, I would like to chase that Georgie. I chased our neighbors Buttercup, and got in trouble. I think I'm always in trouble....

Murph the Dog

Anonymous said...

hi sunshade,

georgie doesn't get to go out as often as you do, so don't worry about letting him have some more attention this time :) on average for all your outings, i'm sure you get MUCH MUCH more attention and petting than he does :) and those guys look sweaty, you don't want them to touch you! :p hee hee..


Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, I can't believe the group of men choose to pet Georgie but not you! How dare they. And dont you think Georgie looks kinda like an upsized Bibi with long ears? hee

~ fufu

Studly Dudley said...

Miss Sunshade,

Don't worry I'll protect you from all those evil fireworks. I'm not scared of them.. I sleep right through them.. if you stay with me, I promise to snore so loud that you won't even hear 'em! Though you might not get any sleep because of my snoring.. well.. we might not be getting any sleep anyway.. heehee *bLush!*
Did your Mum get you a costume for Halloween? She doesn't make you suffer such indignities, right??


Studly Dudley said...

Miss Delish Sunshade,

I must say you're quite a night owl.. what is it that you do that keeps you up so late at night?! With all your beach activities, you would think you'd be tuckered out by now.. quite the stamina you have!
Ohh okay, I'll keep my jowls closed about the Halloween costume.. hopefully your mum doesn't think of anything embarrassing for you. Did I tell you that mine is cross-dressing me this year?? She thinks she is clever. I think to make up for all the attention that Georgie got at UBC the other day, you should get tell your mum to dress up GEORGIE instead! An edible grass lei mayhaps? Or maybe some devil horns.. since he seems to get you into trouble sometimes..


Deb said...

Wow, Georgie is as big as I am. Are you and Georgie good friends? he looks like a very nice bunny. You sure get to go on lots of fun adventures. You're one very lucky girl! Fufu's right Georgie does look a little like a giant Bibi, hee, hee! Better luck next time with your hunting endeavors Sunshade.

Your pal,

Simba and Jazzi said...

Wow look at the size of bunny. I think one of his ears is about the same size as me!

Simba xx