Sunday, October 15, 2006

My off-leash exercise for today

This morning, I woke up to the pouring Vancouver rain...................


Since no beach walk for me, I thought what better way to get my exercise than THIS??

I made sure I only attack from the sides and not face on!!

Was just warming up for the real thing.....

Look at this chicken, it went and hid behind the tunnel. I didn't back down, not even when my tongue was caught.....hehe!


Anonymous said...

oops! you should tell us how you feel after your tougue was caughty... so that we won't try the same thing!!!

licky wet wet licks


Jay said...

What a bummer. I hope the rainy season stops soon so that you can go out and play.


T-man Angel said...

Hopefully you scared that loud black "thing" enough so it will stay away for a while! I'm sure your mom can find things for you to do to keep you entertained during the rainy days.

fee said...

aww... did your tongue hurt? here's a kiss!


Charlie said...

Dog, I love chasing that noisy thing, too, but I never realized it could fight back!
- Charlie

Murphey said...

It's been raining here in Dallas too! Short walks, and then my feet get washed and dried off every time, I hate that. I chase the broom in our house.....

Murph the dog

Bailey/Tasha/Maddie said...

The weather has been crappy here in Vancouver .. hey wait its sunny outside .. better take the dogs for a walk now :)

Unknown said...

We had rain all day too! Such a bummer. I Snickers love to bark my fool head off at the purple vacuum cleaner, hehehehe! I haven't gotten my tongue stuck yet though. Hope it doesn't hurt you too bad.
Wirey Hugs!
Snickers & Butchy

Fu Fu said...

Hey Sunshade, you can send the rain over to Singapore. We need it badly here. Ouch you got your tongue stuck. Was it painful, be careful ok. But you did have fun huh. :)

~ fufu

Boo Casanova said...

ah sunshade, you've changed to beta version! i notice the changes when i found the label which the old version do not have.

licky wet wet licks


Sunshade said...

Booboo: well it didn't feel that bad, it was just kind of an odd feeling when all of a sudden your tongue is being sucked into something. I wasn't gonna let the evil thing get the upper hand, so I continued my fight bravely!!

Oh, mum wants to thank your mom for her help with the beta!!

Jay: Unfortunately that won't happen until April.....

T-man: that loud thing is weird, everytime I get mad at him, he will stay away for a few day. Just as I think he's learned his lesson, he comes out AGAIN!!

Fee: hurt?? I'm a terrier, nothing hurts (even if they really do..)!!

Zach: oh lucky you, just don't face the hose head on, then your tongue should be safe!!

Charlie: you should come and stay at my house for a while, then you will see everything fights back... they all see to have the same evil accomplice...

Murphey: that is EXACTLY how I feel.... yucky weather!

Hey Trio: yes, weather today was much better!! I got to go to the beach today!!

Butchy & Snickers: I think I'm too brave for my own good, or should I say, for my own tongue's good??

Fufu: didn't hurt!! Even if it did, I just put it behind me and continued the fight because I couldn't let that evil thing win!!


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Deb said...

You are sooo brave against the big sucky machine! Wow! You go girl! I run and attack ours too, but then I run away real fast. You're too brave for me!

Your pal,