Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pawty I missed out on.......

Mum and STINKY went to a birfday pawty my Auntie Janice threw for her dogter Phoebe, and I DIDN'T GET TO GOOOOOO!!!!!


(mum: Janice is our vet. Her new little rescue girl Phoebe turned 1 and she threw a little birthday party for her. Both Sunshade and Jaffa were invited. However, I opted to not bring Sunshade. Ummm... how should I put this...? Well, Miss Sunshade is used to being the center of the attention. She is certainly treated that way by everyone at Janice's clinic everytime we go in (you sort of get the idea from this video). Sunshade, who is normally quite aloof to the general public does have a tendency to get quite protective/possession of people who she considers part of her "inner circle". There are only a handful of people that have been honoured into Sunshade's inner circle. Unfortunately (in this case), Janice and vet tech Jen are two of them. So, to avoid the possibility of Sunshade trying to keep every dog away from her Aunties (and that would include Janice & Jen's own dogs), Sunshade spent a nice afternoon bonding with Derek!)

You can see the summary of the pawty I missed out on here,

There is one scene/photo that is making me very very GRRRRRRRRRrrrrr!

Do you know which scene/photo it is??

For details on the pawty I missed out on, you can see them on STINKY's blog.... SIGH....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Auntie Janice says.........

I'm becoming a you-know-what (KITTY) or something of higher intelligence (mum: in your mind that is)!!

You see, mum sent my Auntie Janice (mum: Sunshade's vet) an e-mail this morning. In the e-mail, she betrayed me and called STINKY the "good kid". See for yourself,

Hi Janice,

This happened on Wednesday, after our appointment. I took her to Natural Plus, bought some raw food, treats and 4 cans of Tripett. I use Tripett as an enticement to get Jaffa to eat on his picky days. I also use it to give Sunshade her lemony fish oil in. I needed to go to Superstore quickly to get a few things. Before leaving the car, I brought everything that I thought Sunshade could get into with me (all the treats I'd just bought, raw food, etc). Yes, I left the 4 cans of Tripett in the car. I can back 10 mins later to her grinning from ear to ear with a can of Tripett in between her paws and bits and pieces of aluminum all around her. The first thing that came to mind was thank doG I was only a block away from the clinic because I thought the inside of her mouth was going to be a bloody mess. Much to my surprise though, gums and tongue looked fine, no blood visible. Jaffa just laid there watching Sunshade.

This is a whole new level of food obsession due to Cushings wouldn't you say?

Have a great weekend!

Elaine, Sunshade (I'm hungry, feed me) & Jaffa (the good kid) <------- LOOK!!!

Mum attached the following 4 pictures to the e-mail,

This was my Auntie Janice's reply,


Okay that is funny!! I meant to email you and tell you that I was VERY VERY VERY happy with how she looked when you were last in. It's like Sunshade has turned a corner. Okay so maybe she is starving (that is how you lose weight you know), but she was perkier and even those photos you sent she has a great spark in those eyes, so I feel like she is changing direction in a good way!!!

Maybe we can give Sunshade some new brain work-tin cans??

Jaffa is basking in the glory of being the "good one". You have created a monster in Sunshade. Two months of being ferried around in her own stroller and fawned upon has gone directly to her head!!! All ok by me. And she deems you a worthy slave. Maybe she is so elevated in her dog incarnations that she is becoming a cat????



My Auntie Janice is the bestest!

First of all, she thinks mum is exercising me so much but still STARRRRRVING me, and that's why I'm hungry all the time (you hear that mum???). Only stoopid mum is saying Cushings this Atypical Cushings that.

Secondly, my Auntie Janice is always telling mum that I'm a girl that needs lots of brain work and stimulation otherwise I'd get bored very easily. So she thinks mum should give me MORE tin cans to work my brain so it doesn't get bored. More Tripett and maybe some tuna and salmon cans would do (or you can hire me!!).

Thirdly, she thinks I'm PERFECT. Everything that I am, everything that I do is just PERFECTO!!!

Lastly, she thinks I am becoming something of higher intelligence!! How exciting is that?? I mean, I can open tin cans and cupboards already, I can type on a compoooter, I can do a bunch of tricks to make hoomans laugh, I can dispense treats for myself, and I can un-lock car doors for stoopid mum when she locks herself out of the car (with me still in the car). I'm practically smarter than mum already, and I think she's a hooman?

(mum: I hope Janice is right and that Sunshade's constant hunger is due to my restricting her diet and not the Atypical Cushings getting worse. We won't know until we re-test her in a month or so.

I forgot to mention in the last post that Janice was finally able to see Sunshade's left ear drum since the tire popping incident. There seems to be an aire bubble at the top of the ear drum, indicating a healed ruptured. That's the good news. The not so good news is that return of hearing is independent of healing of the ear drum. So even though her ear drum is healed, Sunshade may still have some hearing loss from the incident.)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Morning with the Puparazzi

UPDATE: Website for Squaire Dog Grooming is up - come visit us!

Mum wants to make a website for Squaire Dog Grooming, so she's been "collecting data". This morning, she took me to Balaclava park to do some data collection.

I was being very professional to the puparazzi. Gave her my smile,

Right side profile,

Left side profile,

Entire profile,

I saw my loyal fans approaching, so I politely excused myself and walked toward my fans,

I allowed Fan #1 to have a good look at THE Muscle Butt, and a quick sniff too,

Seeing how Fan #1 was near fainting stage (from seeing the Muscle Butt up close and pawsonal), I walked away to allow him to cool down,

I allowed the same encounter for Fan #2,

He asked for a moment of silence together, I agreed,

Then I also had to remove myself from the scene to ensure everypup's safety,

I could not get rid of the puparazzi no matter what,

She took pictures of me looking startled (because whenever I turned, she would be THERE!),

She took pictures of me AireZENNING,

Finally, she got one picture right alright!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

D-Guy Update

THANK YOU everyone/pup for all your good wishes, D-Guy's procedure went well! He was only under mild sedation and could see the ultrasound monitor when they were blasting his rockie. It took 2000 shouts/yells/screams to get the rockie (mum: 2000 shock waves in 20 minutes and he was done!).

The first thing D-Guy asked the doctor when he was done was when he could eat. We're so alike in some ways, we know our priorities. The doctor told him he could eat right away, anything is fine as long as he drinks lots of water. So he told mum that he wanted roasted pork,

Mum said so much meat so soon might be too hard on the bleeding kidney (mum: kidney gets bruised by the shock waves), so she suggested to give D-Guy STINKY's kidney diet when he went into acute kidney failure from eating 230 tabs of Advils. STINKY's kidney diet consisted of raw unbleached green tripe + glutinous rice + little bit of raw beef. D-Guy said NO THANKS (why he turned down tripe? I have no idea)

So they came to a compromise and got some sushi (I got some TOOO!!),

After the sushi, D-Guy ate a big bowl of congee, and his tummy was temporarily satisfied,

Then he watched some movies on his compooter, and napped, and ate some more after he woke up (I got some more too), and he's been playing Star Craft ever since.

Oh, and D-Guy came home with these funnel thingys,

He is going to mark through them (mum: "mark" = urinate), and collect rockies to give to mum like I did!!

(mum: the hospital wants to run tests on the kidney stone fragments.)

Lastly, Evil-mum FOR SALE!!!

At least they were un-used ones.....

Poster Gurrrrrl for SquAire Dog Grooming

UPDATE: Website for Squaire Dog Grooming is up - come visit us!

I know I've been posting a lot about all the other handsome/pretty Squaire dogs, but I just want to say that I - Miss Muscle Butt Beauty is the inspiration/poster gurrrrl for Squaire Dog Grooming.

My Muscle Butt was a bit *ahem*.. bushy, you might call it,

Now its nice and MUSCULAR,

Boy do I EVER live up to my fame eh??

Note to self: Use above pic for poster. (mum: we're not making posters just so everyone knows LOL...)

My face looked like this yesterday,

And now I am this - GORGEOUSLY HOT, I know!

My other face looked like this yesterday,

This is what my other face look like now,

Bootiful under the golden sun,

Laughing in the shade,

Miss Sunshade - the poster gurrrl! (Please ignore that scruffy looking dog to the right, we saw him wondering the streets and picked him up. He's up for adoption, preferably to a shark family as he will fit in the best.)

(mum: that "scruffy looking dog" is Jaffa, he mouths sometimes but doesn't "bite", and he certainly is NOT up for adoption!!! )

Few more pictures of MOI- the poster gurrrl,

There's that scruffy stray in the back ground again (well, half of him). Remember, he's up for adoption (I'll pay you tripe if you adopt him!).

Lastly, Squaire Dog business poster DONE!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

D-Guy's Rockie

Remember I kept a heart shaped rockie for mum in my stomach for a long time?

Finally this past April, I decided it was time to give it to mum, so I had some help extracting it from my stomach,

I presented my pressie to mum - A heart shaped rockie with super smooth/rounded edges due to the hard work of my SuperSTOMACH-ACID.

Mum LOVED it, and said she'll treasure it forever. See, she has placed it inside Mini-Sunshade's crate along side Mini-Sunshade and Crystal Sunshade,

I guess D-Guy wanted to do the same, so he decided to keep a rockie in one of his kidneys for mum too!!!

Tomorrow, he's going to take it out and give it to mum like I did. Since no cuts were made to get my heart shaped rockie out of me (mum: taken out by endoscopy.), D-Guy isn't going to get cut either! Somebuddy is going to yell and scream really loud to shock the rockie in his kidney and cause it to EXPLODE! After that, he will pee all the little rockies out to give them to mum. (mum: Derek has a small kidney stone in his right kidney that's too big to pass. He will be having Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) tomorrow to get rid of it. The procedure itself only takes about an hour or so. The hard part comes after the procedure where he will have bear through pain to urinate the fragments out.)

So please everybuddy, can you wish him good luck with the procedure and that he gets better fast so he can start eating meat again so I can get meaty table scraps? (Mum is more of an herbivore whereas D-Guy is a true carnivore)

(mum: Everyone, please STOP giving me rocks/stones!!! Even better, please STOP keeping rocks/stones inside of yourself......)

Can Opener

Have you ever had a can opener that skipped 80% of the can after just a few uses?

Or one that you needed to put so much force and pressure for it to even open anything?

Are you tired of wasting your money on the expensive, unreliable commercial can openers that don't do their job properly?

Opening a can like this should be a pleasant experience (especially with the special contents),

NOW, I have an inexpensive, reliable SOLUTION for YOU!




Just 1/4 of the content!!!

Can Opener For Hire

Please contact: 1-800-can-open

I'll even work ON THE GO!!

Satisfaction guaranteed!! (Or I'll regurgitate the 1/4 can content back out)

(mum: I was utterly speechless when I saw what Sunshade had done. To me, that was a whole new level of food obsession. The Atypical Cushings Disease is sending out signals that's making the body think its always being starved. Therefore, Sunshade goes into frantic food scrounging mode.

Sunshade had her chiro + acupuncture appointment on Wednesday. We saw Dr. Gail Jewell first for chiro adjustments. Gail mentioned upon seeing Sunshade that her stomach looked a lot smaller than 2 weeks ago when she saw her last. So that was good news to me although I knew grooming usually makes Sunshade look like she'd shed a ton of weight. After the chiro appointment, I brought Sunshade to be weighed. Surprisingly, she weighed 70 lbs, down from 74 lbs two weeks ago (ideal weight is about 65 lbs). That was excellent news. Then it was time to see Janice for Sunshade's acupuncture treatment. Janice and I usually talk a little bit about life and how Sunshade's been doing before she starts to put needles in Sunshade. The entire time we were talking, Sunshade was opening one of Janice's drawers. The one that the dehydrated liver treats were being kept. Yes she knows its the middle drawer, and she only goes for that drawer. She hooks her nails to the handle and pulls. Maybe I'll take a video next time we go in. Janice, Sunshade's Auntie Janice totally ADORES Sunshade's smarts. So every time Sunshade opened the drawer, Janice would tell her how smart she was followed by a piece of liver treat. Janice and Jen the vet tech TOTALLY spoil Sunshade. She can do no wrong in their eyes. Finally, the first acupuncture needle went in on top of the head, and Sunshade fell asleep (thank you head meridian). Janice felt Sunshade was doing well with the Atypical Cushings because she had a lot of "spunk". However, I wondered if that spunk was actually food obsession.

After our session with Gail and Janice, I brought Sunshade to the natural pet food store next door to get some treats and 4 cans of Tripet canned tripe. I use the Tripet as enticement for Jaffa on his picky days. I also give Sunshade her lemony fish oil in a spoonful of the canned tripe. Since Derek was going to have the kidney stone removal procedure the next day, he needed to drink a lot of fluids. He doesn't like plain water, so I thought I would go to the grocery store quickly to get some juice. Before leaving the car, I took all the treats I had just bought, everything that I thought was rip-able with me. Basically, I carried what looked like a large bag of groceries into a grocery store. I left the 4 cans of Tripet in the car as it never occurred to me that she would go through all that trouble to "find food". I have left cans with her many times before, she never touched them. Anyway, I came out 10 minutes later to her grinning from ear to ear with a can of chewed up Tripet in between her paws. There were bits and pieces of aluminum lying around her.

The first thought that went through my mind was Thank doG I was only a block away from the vet. I thought for sure the inside of her mouth was going to be a bloody mess. Much to my surprise though, there were no cuts on her tongue or gums. No blood visible. WHEW!

So what do I think? Since Sunshade never scrounged for food, never begged like crazy, never counter surfed, never opened cupboards, never chewed through cans until the last few months, I think the Atypical Cushings might be getting worse...... We haven't re-tested her yet because we wanted to allow enough time for the holistic approach to work (if they do work). I'll give it another 3-4 weeks given her symptoms don't get worse, and then retest. The fact that she lost 4 lbs is monumental as dogs with uncontrolled Cushings/Atypical Cushings don't usually lose weight despite the efforts.

It is hard for me to watch Sunshade always feeling and thinking that she's hungry. I can just imagine how much harder this is on her not understanding why she's feeling this way all the time.... Furthermore, I am becoming a little more worried about the extend she goes to find food and doing things that can potentially cause harm to herself. I never needed to worry about things like this with her before. She had always been a very sensible dog, knew what was ok, what wasn't...... SIGH....)