Monday, November 30, 2009

My "other" treat machine

So if I paw at the lever of the Treat Machine I got for my birfday,

It drops treats for me,

Now I want to show you my "other" treat machines. These are the original ones and they are a lot tougher and stingier......

That was like 20+ pulls down on the lever for just ONE or TWO at the most pieces of meat! HMMMMMPH!

STINKY, he didn't even have to work and he got a freeeeeee piece!


Secretly ABUSED & TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF............

My dear friends, there is something very important, very sad that I must share with you guys. I know you (and MY rockie) would believe me, and you (and MY rockie) would understand the pain I've had to go through on a regular basis....

Most of you have known me for quite some time now, and my new friends could see from my recent posts that I am quite possessive of my EATABLES as my good friend Wally likes to call them. (I don't go after other dog's eatables, I don't even go near them when they are eating their eatables, so its only fair that I get the same in return.)

But I must tell you my dear friends that the truth is not always what it seems...on blogs at least....

Take yesterday as an example:

The following is an REENACTMENT of the actual events that occurred yesterday

One of mum's B-Day pressies was tickets to Disney on Ice - Worlds of Fantasy

The ice show was yesterday.

I always feel very very Very Very VERY sad when mum has to leave without me because afterall, I'm HER SuperDALE, I should accompany her wherever she goes.

Yesterday was no different, I was very very SuperSAD when I heard the words that I dread the most......

"Sunshade, STINKY, I'll be back!" (mum: I said "Jaffa"!)

Mum always gives us some sort of "treat" before she abandons us. (I think it just makes her feel less guilty) It could be a chewy, a bone, or anything really.

In yesterday's case, she left us each with a piece of these,

However, usually by this time, my depression hits rock bottom to which I could careless about treats or bones or chewies. At one point in the past, everytime I saw mum take out a chewy/bone I would stare right into mum's eyes with a SuperSAD, panicky look because I knew she was gonna leave me. Needless to say, I never touched the treats left for me.

(mum: Sunshade doesn't destroy things, or whine/cry, she just has a sad look in her eyes that can break hearts. I had to start giving her lots of chewies/bones while I was home to break that association of chewies/bones = me being gone or leaving her.)

This was the scene before mum left yesterday, well, sort of,

STINKY had his cheese un-wrapped for him, because... hmmmm.....he did eat a whole 240 tab bottle of Advil pills,

Whereas I, being the SuperDALE with a SuperBRAIN,

had my piece still wrapped in the wrapper.

Now, the following events took place *after* mum had left,

I watched mum leave,

I waited by the back door hoping that mum would be back in just a minute....

By this time, STINKY had already finished his piece of cheese.

I waited on my bed (with MY rockie), praying that mum wouldn't take too long,

I waited by the side door in case mum came back from the side door.....

I was worried about mum, who was gonna protect MY mum??

My mind was occupied with all sorts of scary thoughts about bad things happening to MY mum. Who was gonna protect MY mum from other dogs jumping on her??
Who was gonna protect MY mum when other dogs try to get affection from her and smear their disgusting slobber all over her??
Who was gonna protect MY mum when drunk people were around??

While I was so SuperSAD and SuperWORRIED about MY mum, this was what was happening at the same time,

Remember, MY piece was the one WITH the wrapper, not STINKY's,

Then this happened, while I was still being worried,

And then ....surprise...


MY cheese all gone....

STINKY smirked,

He left evidence on his beard,

I thought that was good evidence that I could show mum when she came back you know?

I mean, just because I was too sad and left MY cheese untouched, it still didn't give him the right to take MY eatable!


When mum finally came home gazillion light years later, I started talking to her about how the table got COMPLETELY turned when she was out and told her to check out STINKY's beard if she didn't believe me.

But she never listened.

She just put my head in a head lock and rubbed my ears between her legs knowing fully well that, I can't really talk clearly when she rubs my ears. After that, she did the same thing with STINKY while calling out his full name - "Jaffa NO BITE" at the same time.

(mum: usually when I come home, I get Sunshade between my legs rubbing/sneezing/making a bunch of Sunshade Noises , while Jaffa landsharking my hands, pants, *ahem* ..bum and rubbing his head against my leg all at the same time.)

I even tried to tell mum that if I had eaten MY cheese, this is what she would have expected to see,

And she would have expected to find this lying around somewhere,

(yes, because a smart gurrrrl like me knows what's edible, what's not)

But did she find the wrapper when she came home yesterday?


(mum: I totally forgot that I should look for the plastic wrapper when I came home yesterday... Bad mummy..)

She said I was making "Sunshade Noises", when I was trying to tell her what had happened!!!!

So this morning, when I saw this on the table,

I got myself ready before our walk,

My mind was set,

I was determined (yes, with the Airedale determination) to find EVIDENCE to prove to mum what STINKY is actually like when she's gone!

Mum asked me why I was bringing a camera to me and STINKY's walk,

I told her that we should just get moving,

and she will soon find out...!!!

Off I went,



Evidence all bagged and ready to be examined!

Mum finally believed me this time because....... yes, she pulled the plastic wrapper out of STINKY's bum hole when he went poo.

(Please note: we did a test with STINKY while we were reenacting. He will lick but will not eat an empty wrapper. However, if the cheese was still well wrapped in the wrapper like how it was left for me yesterday, he would try to chew and swallow the entire thing. Like I said, my SuperBRAIN is a little different than his.)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, yesterday after mum came home, while she was giving us some lovin' (I was trying to "talk" don't forget), STINKY squatted beside me and mum.


Mum saw that and SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMED. It startled STINKY (and me and the entire neighbourhood), so he stopped squatting. Mum took him out to MY yard right away, and guess what?

His bum hole EXPLODED! Not once, but TWICE!!!!

That's one too many cheese I say - another piece of EVIDENCE of the abuse behind mum's back.

Note to mum:

Dear mum,

I hope you understand by now how much pain and abuse I have been through all those times that you abandoned me. I hope you now know how many millions of times I have been taken advantage of by STINKY while you were gone.

I would also like you to understand how hurtful and frustrating (yes, that's a frustrated face)

it is when I try to tell you about what STINKY had done (like stealing your Tim Horton's bagel off the kitchen counter and eating it all WITHOUT SHARING), that you don't seem to listen.

So I hope in the future, when I tell you STINKY had eaten both of the short rib pieces you had left us,

that you would believe me. Because if I had eaten it, you would have seen this,

NOT this, (as in nothing left)

I hope in the future, you will not leave me and STINKY alone, and take me with you WHEREVER you go.

Your Dogter Sunshade

(mum: Sunshade sometimes gets VERY sad when I have to leave her alone. She is very bonded to me, to the point where she becomes a whole different dog when she's sad that I'm not around. She basically "shuts down". I remember couple years ago, a new doggie daycare opened up not too far away from where I live. It was a clean environment with different play areas so they could group dogs into suitable play groups. The staff there was great too. Jaffa has always loved (still loves) to play with dogs. He would pick playing with dogs over anything. So I thought I would let him go to the new doggie daycare couple days a week. I decided to let Sunshade go too to hopefully make some friends because she didn't pay much attention to dogs anymore.

Two hours after dropping Sunshade and Jaffa off at the daycare, I got a call from the daycare staff. She told me on the phone that she felt it was best for me to pick Sunshade up because Sunshade had curled up in a corner with her head towards the corner for the last two hours. She said she tried to tempt Sunshade with baby voices, lots of pets, treats to get her out of the corner. Unfortunately, Sunshade ignored the treats, never acknowledged the petting/high pitch happy voices. She also tried putting different dogs in with Sunshade to see if they could bring her out of the corner. Some dogs apparently started barking and nipping at her in an attempt to get her to play, but she just took the barking and the nipping and stayed in the corner. The normal Sunshade would NOT have taken dogs being disrespectful. The daycare staff eventually had to separate the playful dogs from Sunshade because they wouldn't leave her alone, and she wouldn't tell them off. They tried putting Jaffa in with her, but she ignored him too and he wanted to play with dogs in the other play area LOL.

After hearing all that, I got in my car as fast as I could and arrived at the day care few minutes later. I remember feeling so guilty and horrible about what I had put her through in the last two hours. Upon walking in the daycare, sure enough, I spotted Sunshade all curled up in the far corner of one of the play areas. I called her name, and as soon as she heard my voice, she sprung to her feet and came running towards the gate. She couldn't wait for the play area gate to be open and was vocalizing her excitement excessively. When a young dog jumped the gate to get to me and proceeded to jumping all over me, Sunshade rushed over, put herself in between and kept the young bouncy dog away. The daycare staff commented "wow...she is a complete different dog from 2 minutes ago!"

It was deemed then that daycare situation was more stressful than good for Sunshade. Jaffa continued going until I was advised to not continue take him to the doggie daycare as it would worsen his dog obsession.)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Treat Machine face

This is the face I make, the position I sit in when MY treat machine is taken away from me......

(mum: She seriously sat there like that for at least 20 mins after I took her treat machine away. Since she has mastered it well, I have limit her to only 10 pumps per day until I can find something less fattening to replace the kibbles.)

A few of my friends have asked me where mum got my treat machine from. My "Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine" was purchased online from from ValleyVet. Mum froogled it and it had the best price + shipping.

Wow, maybe we can have like a Treat Machine Club or something???

Friday, November 27, 2009

Progress on the Treat Machine

Before you watch the video in this post, you might want to watch the video from my "10th B-Day Pressies" post to see the progression.

So now only 2 days after receiving MY cooooooolest birfday pressie, I have mastered it!!

(mum: I have only been giving Sunshade about 10 mins on the treat machine for the last two days. Can't have her eating too much..... But she does now know that it is the lever that dispenses the treats, not just hitting the machine randomly. Now that she has mastered it, I need to look for other things in placement of the kibbles. She can't eat her regular raw food, and a bunch of kibbles everyday!!)

10th B-Day Posts

Thank you to all my friends for the nice birfday wishes!! I had a great 10th Birfday, and I slept on a very full tummy.

There were so many pictures to sort through, videos to upload that I just finished all of the posts. Here are the links to all of them, and it might make more sense if you read them in the following order...

Special thanks to Maggie & Mitch, The Airechicks, Scruffy/Lacy & BabyStan, Joe & DOOFUS Stains, Noah, Tobes, Mango, GooberStan and Lorenza!

Sorry we haven't had a lot of time to read blogs, but I will try very hard to get more computer time to visit all of you guys.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to those of you in the US!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

10th B-Day Pressies

Here are my pressies for turning 10!!

Now this is a funny pig stuffie I tell ya... HAHA!

It has a BOTTLE inside,

It can be refilled with other bottles so it continues to be annoying. Funny mum got me this, as I recall it was my b-day pressie to STINKY on his most recent birfday!

He got one too, a Mr. Buffalo,

Now look at THIS!!


It is a machine I have to work MY SuperSELF to get treats out. More fooooooood for ME!

Mum filled the treat machine with Orijen 6 Fish kibble,

(mum: Sunshade has been on a raw, grain-free diet since she was 2. Jaffa was raised on raw since he was 8 weeks old. I do prefer raw over any other types of food for them, but Jaffa has become very picky that I have had to alternate between raw and the Orijen grain free kibble.)

The D-Guy said he was a Dog Whisperer, so he could teach me how to use my new treat machine,

This was his attempt,

BTW, I wasn't lazy! I'm never lazy when it comes to food. I was just a little..toooo fullllll from MY buffet and MY cake earlier!

Then the D-Guy felt I could do it myself, and he abandoned me....

So I practiced on my own, again and again, try after try,

(mum: she really worked so hard for a few minutes!)

Finally, I think I'm getting it!!!

Watch me in action!

(mum: This video was taken less than 10 minutes after the initial introduction to the treat machine. Sunshade got frustrated from time to time as you will see, but she did start to associate "paw hitting the machine" with "treats being dispensed". She has yet to figure out that pressing down the end of the lever is what releases the kibbles. So you see her in this video randomly hitting the treat machine with her paw, and looking down to see if treats came out (around 1:13 to 1:30 mark). I don't think it will take too long before the smart girl figures out the lever.)

(mum: This is a great tool for dogs that love to inhale their kibbles!! They would have to work for it.)