Monday, April 30, 2007

DWB's FLIRT Session

Well, I really had a GREAT time over the weekend. I got to talk to all my buddies/Aire-buddies/boyfriends LIVE, it was just the greatest!!

all for participating, and THANK YOU Opy & Charlie's mom and dad for making this happen!!!!

**Warning: If you have hooman pups reading my blog, or if you are under 1 year old in canine years, this post is not suitable for you. (you asked for it Maggie!)

Now, just to recap (and some of you know this already cause you were there..), the conversation often went like this:

Example 1: (Teximas - my Aussie fling)

Sunshade: heeeeey handsome
the sound of your name, the smell of your scent send my tail into a whirlwind
aww... Texas... I'm trying to behave tonight you know... (this was the following night)
I'm only 7 months old you know..........
Asta, watch and learn girl
Texas gently nibbles MS's ear....
*leaves computer in search of her elephant*

Sunshade: *comes back panting heavily*

(Mr. Teximas put both his parents to work, he made the entire chat room so hot Hot HOT! I like I like...hehe.)

Example 2: (Kingsley - my Spore fling)

Kingsley: heya pretty lady, I'm entered in the fastest dog competition tomorrow
Sunshade: I wish I could be there to support you (mum: Support = distract/flirt)
Kingsley: you will be in my heart, I will do my best for you!
Sunshade: Just picture my muscle butt as you run OK?
Kingsley: that's what I've been doing during my training runs Miss Sunshade!
Sunshade: awww..... please don't make me go find my sheep dog.... he falls over.
Kingsley: I won't fall over Sunshade *winks*
Sunshade: *leaves room in search of her sheep dog*

Sunshade: *comes back panting ever so heavily*

(Told you he falls over Kingsley.......)

Needless to say, MY Kingsley WON the Fastest Dog Competition!!!!!!! And he dedicated his WIN to ME!!!!!!

(mum: *ahem*.. she just left to look for her sheep dog.... Wally's right, no wonder your groin muscle is STRAINED!!)

Oh, and mum took STINKY out of his speech therapy class early on Friday so he could chat with his baby friends like Kaylie Girl and Helios. Well he came in at the same time I was chatting with my BOYZ you know, and he started to talk talk like this this and basically embarrassed me like this this in front of all my BOYZ. I didn't like it one bit so I told him to be quiet, and told everybody that he stunk, you know, just the usual stuff.

Then guess what my good friend Zach said ?!?!?!

He said to STINKY: Jaffa, tell Sunshade to go DOWN stairs.

Now for those of you who are new to my blog, this may seem like nothing, but for those of you who has known me for a while, you know Zach said it because it's got a deeper meaning to it.

I didn't think it was funny at all, but he made everybody in the chat room laugh their heads off, including my EVIL mum....HMMMMMMMMMMMPH!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Communication Problems

STINKY and I have communication problems. Basically, when I want to play with him inside, he acts like a chicken, and when I'm busy sniffing/leaving pee mails outside, he's non-stop biting my face (unless mum stops him).

This is us at home. I do admit, I am more stern with him inside the house than out on neutral territories. I make sure he knows who the boss is inside, but really, I was only trying to get him to chase me. You know my favouritest game - the keep away game, the everybody wants what Miss Sunshade has game, the I feel so special game? So I threw the ball in front of him hoping he would try to go for the ball, and as soon as he makes his move, I was gonna grab the ball and run and the chase would be on.

But NOOOOOOOO... he chickened out! (please ignore mum's embarrassing's my mum, what can I say..)

What can I say, I'm a very vocal girl, I make all kinds of noises (growl, grumble, moan, etc) to let people know what it is I wanted. STINKY mistaken my growls as yet another "lesson" from me. SIGH...

Now, this is us outdoors. Once we stepped outside of our property, he becomes my pack member to protect. I don't allow other dogs to pick on him, and I'm always around when strangers are petting him. I let him get away with almost anything, and he KNOWS it and takes full advantage of my leniency.

(okay, I gotta warn you, you're just basically watching us walking, it might get boring...)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Didn't get my e-mail?

My mum is known to mess things up, so if you by any chance didn't get me e-mail with the secret chat location, I apologize. Since I can't be at my computer 24/7, I asked those of you who did not get your e-mail notification from me to e-mail Greg, our webmaster for the chat location.


Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Why I call him STINKY

Why do I call him STINKY??

Well it's simple, he STINKS. He has always stunk, since day one. (mum: according to Sunshade that is) He had that weird milky/stinky smell for a while and I hated it. Even tho that milky/stinky smell is gone, I still think he STINKS!

Here is a video to show you what I mean:

All the toys on my bed are mine, ones I play with, ones mum has to keep away from STINKY because once he touches them, I say bye bye to the toys unless they are washed thoroughly. The brown doggie toy mum picked up towards the end of the video was STINKY's. Watch my face, I made a "poo-poo" face, which is the face I make when I accidentally smell doggie poopies. I was looking away from it because it STUNK, of course, I walked away from that stinky toy of STINKY's.

Anyway, so mum took me to a store today, and told me I could pick ONE thing to buy. It didn't matter how much the thing was, mum said she would get it for me, but she told me to think it through before making my decision.

I thought about it long and hard. I wanted to get chewies, but I remembered all the chewies we had in the treat drawer. Mum only gives those to me when she feels like it. So buying more chewies would just give mum that much more power, so I decided against it. I wanted raw bones too, but then I realized, that was what mum's plastic cards were for. Even if I didn't pick raw bones, she would buy them for me anyway since it's part of my diet, so that would be a waste of my opportunity. I thought maybe toys would be good, but then, I knew STINKY would try to get it and once he touches it, the toy has no value to me anymore. I walked around the store, trying to see if they had Guinea Piggies. I've wanted one of those for the longest time. (mum: She stares at the Guinea Pigs whenever we are in a pet store.) Too bad this store didn't sell live stocks.

Since there were nothing I found suitable to buy on impulse, I decided to use my Aire-Brain a little and started thinking about something practical.

I ended up picking this:

(see, they actually make things like this, it's not just ME!)

It is an Aire Freshener for dog

(mum: okay guys, if you enlarge the first photo, it actually says "Air Freshener ....... for dog lovers". Miss I'm So Smart cropped the "lovers" part out.)

I read the labels carefully,

It says it can be used anywhere in the family room where STINKY leaves his stinky scent. And then the label got all mushy and sentimental about love and stuff, so I ignored that part.

It sounded worth a try, so I told mum that was what I wanted to get.

The first thing I did as soon as I got home was to test this Aire Freshener out. I decided the best place to hang it is close to the source,

I let it hang for a couple of minutes, and then I used my nose,

I was impressed.

My living room now smells much better!!!

I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with a STINKY at home! I wonder if the company needs a sales rep?

(mum: DRAMA QUEEN!!!!)

Teximas/Kingsley/Bussie - TOO MUCH!

DWB's Wine, Cheese & FLIRT session proven way too much....

Teximas and Kingsley tired me out physically...

Whereas Bussie... he tired me out mentally.... I just don't get him...




DWB's Wine, Cheese & CHAT Pawty

Short Notice:

The much anticipated DWB's Wine, Cheese & CHAT Pawty officially starts TONIGHT!!!

Anyone who is NOT listed on the participant list will not get the secret location of the chat room. So please e-mail me at if you haven't already. Make sure you include your blog link so we know you are not a spammer!

The secret location will be sent out to your e-mails shortly, please contact me if your name is listed on the participants list, but you did not receive an e-mail.

Lastly, please be discrete about the location of this chat room as we don't want spammers messing things up!!!

My back right leg is quivering worse than you can ever imagine because I'm SOOOOO excited. If you are a terrorist, you know what I mean ;-)


Monday, April 23, 2007

I got groomed....

As if my life wasn't boring enough because of my muscle strain, I got groomed yesterday AND today (you all know how much I hate to be groomed right??). Mum clipped me yesterday, and today was the scissor work.

(I had one groomed leg in this photo, the rest still un-groomed)

Yes, I spent 3 hours on the grooming table while STINKY taunted me, (mum: you had breaks in between)

He taunted me from every direction, any way he could.....

He taunted me again and again by basically having a lot of fun by himself, and that was just totally ... WRONG!

See, this is a blown up picture of STINKY from the picture above. What was he doing looking at me with his butt up in the air?? Of course, I looked away, I was too smart for his trap.

I tried to distract myself (from STINKY's taunting) by looking up at the sky.

I like to watch planes go by. I know the words "PLANE PLANE"; whenever mum says those words, I automatically look up to the sky and try to find the air plane.

I laid down for a bit, still trying to ignore whatever STINKY was doing,

but I saw he took my PINE CONE!!!

Once again, that was just WRONG! It's MY pine cone!

Finally, when mum finished butchering, she wanted pictures (of course...), do you see how pleased I looked???

What's worse was that mum wanted to take a picture of me and STINKY together. She told us both to "STAY", which we both did, but STINKY wouldn't look at the camera!!!

He obviously didn't understand the way mum works. The longer it takes her to get a good picture, the longer we would have to sit there posing!!!

I warned that stoooopid STINKY, I wanted him to pose nicely so we could be set free.

I gave him a stern "Sunshade LOOK", (comes from the corner of my eye)

And his face turned this way... take a good look,


(mum: which totally defeated the purpose of your warning LOL. That's Jaffa's submissive face BTW)

Finally, STINKY got my message and mum was satisfied... WHEW!

SIGH... story of my sad life......

(mum: what a drama queen!!)

Last note:


The list of the DWB's Wine, Cheese & CHAT Pawty has been updated, click HERE to check out all the participants so far.

If you haven't signed up, HURRRRRRRRY and e-mail me with your blog URL:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Update on my Iliopsoas muscle strain - JUSTICE PLEASE!

Remember I told you about my very very very mildly strained Iliopsoas muscle (groin muscle), that only mum noticed because she thought my gait was different? No, I wasn't limping. "She" is paranoid!

You know, the very very very mild muscle strain that my rehab vet Dr. Bowra didn't even notice at first until he gave me a nice good-bye rub down and I yelped?

You know, the very very very very mild muscle strain that mum has decided to keep me leash bound (and sneaking out to the beach with STINKY without ME!!! Yes, I KNOW everything)??

You know, the very very very very very mild muscle strain that EVERYBODY thinks I'm fine except mum???

See, just watch my gait, do you see ANYTHING wrong????

Did I have any problem meeting that dog? Did I have problem lifting my leg at the tree and marking it? Did I have any problem covering up my marking spot by kicking back? (I sometimes sort of walk slanted because of the position of the leash)

Watch again, um.... the video is pretty self explanatory. Yes, that's MY grass.

Again, did I have problems marking MY grass and covering it up? (mum: you totally missed the spot)

Lastly, did I have any problem flirting with this handsome fella?? His mum made a comment saying "your dog really looks like a DOLL....." Took mum's un-Airedale brain a while to figure that one out, and she gave a lame response about me having lots of hair hence, looking like a doll. (I think that's what she was trying to say anyway, you just never know about those un-Airedale brains)

So REALLY, WHY should I have to be on-leash when I'm obviously fine?????

(mum: Her gait is NOT RIGHT!! Hehe..

But really, her muscle is still sore, I can tell from her reaction when I massage it. However, like all Airedales, Sunshade is EXTREMELY stoic. She would rather take the pain, have her fun and suffer later. This is why I have to be strict with her right now, so she'd be ready for her summer fun. It is a mild strain, so it shouldn't take long to heal as long as I can be strict...... I have to admit it is VERY hard to only take her out for short/controlled leash walks and then leaving her home by herself and taking Jaffa out to the beach/etc....)

WHY WHY WHY?? Can somebody talk some sense into my mum?? I had already had my K-laser treatments (3/17/07) which had similar effects as acupuncture.

These protective goggles were for hoomans to wear to protect their eyes from the laser. Of course, mum just had to put a pair of them on me and my comfort buddy

Getting the laser treatment.

A close up, (yes, mum shaved my perfectly shaped belly, so my hair won't get in the way. Yes, my belly is perfect.)

These are photos of me and Tiffany.

We've known each other since 2003, and she's watched me recovered from my two TPLO's, and she LOVES me (who wouldn't anyway?)!!!

I had my re-check couple weeks ago, and Dr. Bowra again told mum that the strain is SOOOOO mild (yes, he said it with 5 "O's"), most people don't pick up on this type of injury, but of course, her sharp eyes did. He said usually when people don't notice the mild muscle strain, dogs are still allowed to run around freely without being too lame afterwards. But he said, knowing mum, he knew mum wouldn't be happy if this turned into a nagging injury. So he suggested to do controlled, leash walks, and slowly strengthen the muscle by increasing the walking time by 10-15% each week. Basically, his suggestion was to calm MUM's mind. All my vets know my mum soooo well... I wanna cry...

Anyway.. I gotta tough it out for a couple more weeks...

Sigh... I never thought life of an Airedale could be so tough at times..... (mum: what about life of an Airedale MUM??? I gotta see your sad eyes and watch you sulk everyday!!!)

Friday, April 13, 2007

The DWB's Wine, Cheese & CHAT Pawty!!!!!


April 25th 2007, will be the ONE YEAR Anniversary of Dogs With Blogs - the wonderful online community started by Brooke and Greg (Opy & Charlie's parents).

I personally feel so honoured to be a member of this AMAZING / CARING group of hoomans and PUPS (mum made me put hoomans before PUPS, I would have put it the other way around).

Soooooo what better way to celebrate this special occassion... than.....

YES, as the pround Events Co-ordinator of the DWB's Team, I announce you:

The Dogs With Blogs Wine, Cheese & CHAT Pawty

Date: Friday - Sunday, April 27/28/29th, 2007 (depending on which time zone you are in)

Time: Starting Friday/Saturday, April 27th/28th

Duration: 48 hours (oh oh OHHHHH... that's 48 hours of live flirting for ME!!!!) (mum: OMG... *speechless*)

Location: SECRET!!! (will be given out around the time the CHAT is to start, so we don't get crazy spammers)

All You Can Eat: DEFINITELY!!

(don't worry, I don't eat grapes, I was going for the CHEEEEEEESE!!)

What to do if you are interested:

  • Please put "DWB's Pawty" in the subject line
  • I will send out a bulk e-mail shortly before the CHAT is scheduled to begin so you know exactly where to come for the live flirting ..... err.. I mean CHAT session!!!!!
I expect to see all you boyz... *AHEM* .. members there!!!!!

***Oh oh oh, we would REALLY appreciate it for those of you that aren't camera shy to send photos of yourselves/mom and dad's with wine and cheese and computer etc, so we can make a collage to commemorate the event.

You can e-mail your photos to

Lastly, all you PUPular pups out there, please SPREAD THE WORD!!! Put the Wine & Cheese banner/button on your blogs!!


To check the list of participants so far, please click HERE and scroll down. The list will be updated as more pups join.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Can you guess???

Let's play a game!!

Here are videos of me meeting dogs. Can you guess which dogs are un-neutered males?? (You can also try to figure out which dogs are neutered males/females/stinkies)

Here are some hints that might help you determine:

Un-neutered Males: I have a special connection with un-neutered males. I LOVE them. I FLIRT big time. I take one sniff at their testosterone rich bodies, my tail starts wagging at a 100 miles/hour, almost non-stop. Most of the time, I hop happily around them, sometimes, I do play bows. (mum: she if often too forward and gets ignored by the male LOL)

Neutered Males: I like them ok, but I don't love them. I will somewhat wag my tail, and stand still for them to sniff. I almost never try to engage in plays with them, no play bows, no happy hops, no invites. I stand tall, act dignified, and then I'm off.

Females: I ALWAYS look very majestic and dignified. I take one sniff, tail almost never wags, ignore her completely (or if you are rude to me, I will be rude back), and walk away. Sometimes, I will look at her from the corner of my eyes - the famous "don't mess with me Sunshade LOOK". NEVER EVER play!

Stinkies (mum: pups): I don't even bother to look at them. Generally I get very annoyed. If one decides to jump on me, well, you will get one hella lesson from me!

Are you READY????

Here are the videos:

Video # 1

Video # 2

(This is SOLO, the Giant Schnauzer - aka. MBIS/BISS/Am/Can Ch. Aerdenhout's Make It So. He won Best of Breed at the 2007 Westminster Kennel Club show. So yes, he was the Giant Schnauzer you saw in the Working Group ring. SOLO was the only pup in the litter, bred by his mom Janine Starink who is also his owner and handler. He is the most decorated Giant Schnauzer in breed history, and he lives right here in Tsawwassen, BC, ANNNNNND.... he is MY boyfriend.)

Video # 3

Video # 4

Video # 5

Video # 6

Video # 7

Video # 8

Video # 9

Video # 10

The correct answers ARRRRRRRRE:

1 - Neutered
2 - Un-neutered - MY Solo!!!
3 - Female
4 - a STINKY - 5 months old Dane
5 - Un-neutered
6 - both Un-neutered (see, I'm not shallow at all, I don't care about looks and sizes)
7 - Neutered Lab, female Cocker
8 - Un-neutered
9 - MY STINKY - Jaffa @ 10 weeks
10 - Un-neutered

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eat WHAT on Easter???

Mum had her Easter din din, and decided to feed me my din din. Most of you know I eat a BARF diet. Because of the nature of my diet, I get lots of varieties in the types of meat I get.

So tonight, when I saw mum take out all these rolls of meat, I thought WOW!!!!

Until I saw this...............

That crazy woman wanted me to eat RABBIT on Easter?!?!?!

SERIOUSLY, how can I eat anything that smells like MY Georgie?? Especially on Easter???

(mum: sorry, camera ran out of memory)

I, of course, refused to touch the Georgie meat!!


However, it wasn't always like this. I used to eat any kind of meat mum gave me, yes, even RABBIT meat.

When it comes to meat, I'm not a picky girl, I eat any kind of meat. This all changed when mum got Georgie. I never tried to be mean to Georgie even tho I, as an Airedale, was bred to kill critters like Georgie. Don't get me wrong, I have killed and will kill critters I meet outside if I come in contact with them. But I refuse to hurt anything that is considered part of my pack. So after mum got Georgie, I decided to become a "Non-Rabbitarian", because I just couldn't stand the thought of eating anything that smells remotely close to my Georgie.

So now, I will eat most types of meat EXCEPT rabbit meat.

(mum: isn't she an interesting girl??)

Anyway, after my Easter Non-Rabbitarian din din, mum decided to take some photos of me, Georgie, and STINKY together for Easter.

However, not only did STINKY eat all the left over Georgie meat, he started biting at Georgie as if Georgie was one of his stuffies!!!!!! Neither mum nor I was happy about STINKY's behaviour, soooo....

Did I tell you my Georgie is a big 20 lb boy??

He kept wanting to go in between my legs, so I kept moving away cause I didn't want to step on him.......

I love my Georgie, and I know he loves me too because he always treats me by pooping in my face. YUMMY!!!

I will NEVER eat you or your kind Georgie!