Monday, March 10, 2014


Definition of Centenarian:

Yup, that would be ME!

You see, I have a public Facebook page that anyone can access even if you don't have a FB account. So I had a SuperFAN from the UK who wrote mum back on Friday that March 10th, 2014 was going to be my "100th" Birthday in Dog Year! 

I turned 14 years old on November 25th, 2013, which made me 98 in dog years. Two more dog years makes me 100!

1 human year or 365 days = 7 dog years

1 dog year = ~ 52.1 days

2 dog years = ~ 104.3 days = 14.9/15 weeks

14.9/15 weeks from November 25th = March 9/10th, 2014 

Needless to say, I owe this SuperFAN a big THANK YOU as I would not have been able to celebrate this special day had he not said anything!

Here's my THANK...........

YOUUUUUUUUU......... to you my SuperFAN!

I had Pizza.........

And Red Velvet cupcakes for my celebration! (I don't like sweet stuff so no cupcakes for me, but mum says it looks pretty)

Of course, whenever I hear the word "celebration", that actually is just another meaning for sit still & have a million pictures taken,

Usually by the time that Evil Mum's done taking pictures, I have lost my appetite already. 

Then I had to sing myself a Happy Birthday.......

~ Happy Birthday

~ To Youuuuuuuu

~ Happy Birthday

~ To Youuuuuuuuuuu

~ Happy Birthday 

~ Dear 

~ Sunnnnnnnnn-shaaaaaaaade 
(with vibrato)

~ Happy Birthday

(vibrato again)

Finally, I got to eat! 

Mum said to eat like a girl, so I did, 

But then I realized this eating like a gurrrrl thing was way too over rated, especially when I already cock my leg to pee. 

 Bye-bye gurrrrliness,

 Sooo good!!!

Then somehow mum thought this was a good time to play tug-of-war,

Go away!!!

Leeeeeeeeeave my pizza alone!

Evil Mum insisted on playing tug! 

Arrrrrgh! This was not the time nor object to be playing tug with!

And then some SuperBAD magic happened and there was only this little piece of pepperoni left on my table.  

What did you do to MY pizza???

My yummy pizza disappeared..... Oh well, at least I won the tug of war.

I'm glad my SuperFAN reminded mum, so I got to celebrate this special milestone!

Thank you all for celebrating this special day with me. If I have done my math correctly, my 101st birthday will be in about 7.5 weeks time ;-) (mum: NOT happening lol!)

Time for a nap now!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Finally.... last of the bunch.....

FINALLY! It was the last of the stinkies' birthdays.

I absolutely CANNOT stand having to sit beside them again.... UGHHH... can't you tell??

Please pay special attention to my facial expression and body language in the following photos.  Need I be more clear?

So I once again got dragged to a stinky pawty full of stinkies because it was STINKY #4's birthday. It marked TWO YEARS of  me putting up with her (plus three other stinkies),

Weird I don't recognize that word behind STINKY #4, (mum: That's because her name isn't "STINKY #4"!!)

Anyway, I was forced to put on a smile. From left to right, that's STINKY, STINKY #4 & STINKY #3. (STINKY #2 is STINKY's sister, and she wasn't there)

(mum: L to R - Miss Bossypants, 7 yr old Jaffa, 2 yr old Hana birthday girl, and 2 yr old Saphie) 

Forced to pretend that I was looking forward to sharing foodables with them stinkies,

Forced to smile again with foodables in front of me,

Apparently, "STINKY #4" means flower in Japanese, hence the minced pork shaped into a flower. (mum: Just to clarify..... "Ha-na" means flower in Japanese.)

We were released to eat, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Those pigs inhaled their pork flowers before I even made up my mind whether or not I wanted to eat mine. Somehow I didn't think I should be eating the same things the stinkies were eating.

I further examined my pork flower,

And finally decided that I had nothing to lose,

STINKY started eating STINKY #4's pie with her while STINKY #3 watched, (mum: Saphie is very respectful.)

I slowly finished my pork flower,

After the meal, it was crazy-sitinky-time,

And I wanted to have nothing to do with it, 

So I removed myself,

Of course, the craziest one would be the one that I live with,

I just wanted to leave.......

The day finally ended, and I got to go home with only one STINKY, which was better than three......

So I celebrated STINKY #3's birthday back in November, (mum: L to R - Saphie, Jaffa & Sunshade. Saphie's birthday, she turned 2.)

Then I celebrated STINKY's 7th birthday again in November,

Then I had MY SuperBIRTHDAY that I have yet to blog about.......  And now I have just finished STINKY #4's.

 WHEW!!!!! A big sigh of relief!!

Now I leave you with the bestest video featuring STINKY, STINKY #3 & STINKY #4, (click on link below)