Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009, HELLO 2010!

I hope you all have had a great New Years Eve with hoomans and doGs that you love!

I spent a wet New Years Eve in the comfort of MY house, on MY cozy bed (with somestinky..).

First, I decided to do some reading,

I got STINKY the "Airedale Terrier Today" book so he can study how to be a proper Airedale and not a landshark,

Since I was already the PERFECT Airedale and there was no room for me to get any better, I grabbed the most recent issue of DogGQ magazine, (you can biggify by clicking on it)

I couldn't help it but smile when I saw a blond Mango,

He wasn't as good looking or muscular as my handsome brindle friend Mango, but if that's all I could get on New Years Eve, then I wasn't gonna complain.


I just couldn't help myself.....

I settled down, and once again went back to my DogGQ,

I found Dennis the Vizsla without his hat,

Ohhhh Dennis the khooool detective/Indiana Jones Vizsla,


My imagination got the better of me again......

(mum: for all of Sunshade's new friends, I introduce to you - Missssss Sunshaaaaaaade! For all of Sunshade's old friends, age hasn't changed her, she's still all there LOL! I know some of you may not agree with me on this, but because Sunshade has never even tried to mount a person or another dog that I personally don't feel the need to stop her from doing this comical act.)

After I recomposed, I came to a page that was supposed to be my handsome friend Tobes, aka Toby LittleDude,

However, the GQ model looked more like my gurrrrlfriend Snowball, who was a gurrrl. I was a little confused,

When I finally took a little break (boy did I need it) and looked over, STINKY was ... well, totally NOT studying on how to be a non-landsharking Airedale!!!

He is so helpless.....

There are more pictures of STINKY slacking off during our study session on his blog for those of you who would like to offer help......

Seeing that he had had enough, and my hips were getting sore from reading the DogGQ... I decided to turn on the TV and see what was going on in the Big Apple,

Of course, what's a movie without the popcorn?

What's the count down without snacks?

We were all set for the count down!


I'm 10, and my reaction was a gazillion times faster than a 3 year old!


gazillion minutes later.....




All gone?

(mum: that's the wrong thing to say Sunshade!!)

Sleep time?

(mum: try again....)

Ok ok....


Hope you all have a great 2010 ahead!!

2010 will be an important year for Canadians, especially Vancouerites because....

The 2010 Winter Olympics......

Is coming to MY city!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

With Christmas........

With all the X-mas cheers,

and X-mas smiles,

Comes craziness.....

and PUBLIC humiliation!

With all the X-mas gatherings....

with the (annoying) loved ones,

Comes embarrassment....... (yes, I was horrendously embarrassed, can you tell? unlike the STINKY-reindeer)

With all the X-mas shredding,

and blur-ness,

Comes GORGEOUS-NESS (of course!), guessed it, even more MAJOR public humiliation.......

Let me describe to you the scene. So not only did my EVIL-mum decided to dress me, STINKY as well as our DaleMOBILE up, she also had the great idea to drive us to the University of British Columbia campus and parked the ReindeerMOBILE in the middle of the road. She proceeded to making STINKY "staaaaaaaay" beside the ReindeerMOBILE while she got me into my "staaaaaaaaaaaaay" position. Of course by the time she got me to my "staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" position, STINKY was running up and down the campus road with the reindeer antlers in his mouth, throwing it up into the air from time to time. So after repeating "staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" for the gazillionth time with me, she called STINKY and once again put him in his "staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" position. Me being the perfect me STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYED.

Now when this was all done, a crowd had built up in front of us. Cars parked to watch live humiliation performance. People awwwwwww-ed and wowwww-ed and giggled. Some even got out of their car and started capturing photos of the live humiliation from left, right, and all angles while my EVIL-mum chanted "staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay".

With all the X-mas activities,

and festivities,

comes...... need I say more? (there were people taking pictures from the left, and right, can you tell?)

With all the (unwanted) X-mas kisses,

Comes lots of (suffering) caroling,

as well as ..... yes, that....

Lastly, with all the X-mas stick picking,

and stick eating,

Comes an unforgettable ......


I hope all of you hoomans and doGs have had a X-mas as memorable as mine.....