Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What a Day!!

I went to see Auntie Janice in the afternoon for my acupuncture session. Mum and Auntie Janice thought it would be neat to show exactly how fast I fall asleep as soon as the first needles were put in. You will also see Auntie Janice hooking the electric current to the needles to provide stronger stimulation to the acupoints.

So here it is: Pay special attention to my eyes as I fought to stay awake, it didn't take that long before I was ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

MY clinic is located in North Vancouver, which is about a half an hour to forty minute drive from our house. Due to the distance, I don't usually get to go to N. Van unless I have meetings with Auntie Janice. It is such a shame because N. Van has so many fun parks, trails, and of course, the Seymour River for us dawgs to play our hearts out. So of course, when I do get the chance to be in N. Van, I make sure mum takes me somewhere fun!!

After my acupuncture treatment today, mum took me to my favorite place in N. Van (excluding MY clinic that is) - the
Seymour River Park!! The water is getting a little cold because of the yucky weather ahead, but that didn't keep me out of the water.

I have a tendency to be a little bit greedy. I want my ball, but I also want my rock/stick, so my solution is usually - hang on to the ball with my dear life, and go stand over or on the rock/stick so that nobody else can get it!!! You know, I don't know why, but I think everybody else wants MY stuff.....sigh.

Then the most annoying thing happened, mum started snapping away with that annoying silver box in her hand. She didn't throw rocks for me anymore, she took my ball and told me I had to let her take a few good pictures. Up until today, I had been very patient whenever mum got into her trigger happy mode, but I just couldn't stand it anymore! NOT today!! I had to make my voice heard:






I really thought that was gonna work for sure you know, but NOOOO..... Mum said because I wasn't being polite, so as my punishment, I had to sit through more photos!!! Oh my doG.......... just look at my face, can you blame me for not smiling??

I promised mum that I would not be rude to her again on this walk, and we continued our walk up the trail, to the grassy area.

The grass in this area is usually very tall, and I like to bunny-hop over these tall grasses to find rocks that mum threw. Unfortunately for me, the park ranger had cut the grass down. I was soo disappointed.... (I know I don't seem that disappointed in the picture, but I really was!)

Is this a funny picture or what? Nono, not the fact that a "terrorist" is "pointing", but ........ WHERE IS MY NECK?? Is my face really that long and rectangular??

I was still a little disappointed about the tall grasses being cut down when I met the 2 year old, Louie.... Ohhhh how my body still trembles when I say his name. His smoldering eyes, perfect physique, and respectful manners had me mesmerized. I was in love!!

However, Louie on the other hand, seemed to think his orange ball was sexier than the Airedale babe in front of him.... *humpt*

Oh well, at least I tried: (the memory card kept running out of memory, so mum only got short short videos)

Not only is Louie a well accomplished Canadian Champion, he also has his own personal chef who makes Calli's Cuisine for him! The chef just happens to be his breeder, now how lucky is this guy really?

**Louie looks a lot like the smoldering quarterback - Sam I Am, don't you think??

After my little flirt session with Louie, it was time to go home. I didn't complain much today since I had had a long day, and quite honestly, I was getting a little hungry thinking about the big fat beef rib sitting in the fridge. Little did I know, it wasn't gonna be for another "3" hours before I actually got to taste the rib!!

I'm sure you've all heard the saying "Like mother, like dogter". Well, no matter how much I would love to think that's true, I can't, just can't, not after tonight! I have the looks, the figures, and most importantly, I actually use my brain!

Mum had no idea what she was gonna do at the end of the day when she took this video right before letting me out of the car at Seymour River. It is a video of me un-locking my car door:

The first click sound you hear in the video is the car door being locked by mum via the remote. Then if you pay attention, you will see me pawing the area mum was pointing at and ultimately pulling the latch (you can kind of hear it), un-locking the door and popping the door. My reward was being let out of the car to play.

You have no idea how many times my un-locking door skill came to mum's rescue and how much $$ it saved her from having to call tow trucks. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could have done tonight to help mum......

As we made our way to the car from the park, mum decided to open the trunk first to put my ball in the toy box before putting me in the car. So being the smart hooman that she is, she somehow thought it was a good idea to put the key down in the trunk while she put my stuff in the toy box. My smart mum then proceeded to shutting the trunk while she reached into her pocket for the car key.

"Hey, where did the key go??" she wondered......

Thanks doG it didn't take the smart hooman long to figure out where she had left the key. So, she called her friend Dave, and asked him to go to our house for the spare key, and come all the way to the middle of no where. Needless to say, it took over an hour and a half before Dave got there because it was rush hour time!!

Mum took Dave for dinner as a THANK YOU for doing us a huge favor, and I had to stay in the car while they filled their tummies.....

Who was the REAL victim here??

BTW, do you believe in ghosts or guardian angels?? hehe...I was looking at my pictures and I came across this one.....

WOW... look at the shape of his head..... that's one gorgeous looking ghost Airedale.... just in time for Halloween!!


Jay said...

Hey, you are just like me. I fall asleep after the needle is injected when I have my daily drips!

J jokes that I am like having a spa session.

Oh yeah, that looks like a scary ghost!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Sunshade, You're so brave on the acupuncture session. Does it hurt? And Louie does seem like a nice doggie.
Plus I think you're super clever to know how to unlock car doors. :)
So did you have dinner when you get home eventually?

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

wah....u got so many nice outing...
pacco onli had once every few months..

Sam I Am said...

"Oh what a feeling" being treated with Acupuncture.I think your human has positive thinking. woof-woof
Louie is Absolutely handsome.I'm glad you got to spend the afternoon with Louie,Thats what I call a breakout session!!sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Deb said...

What a day you had! That acupuncture thing was really cool! I hope Mommy at least brought you out a little doggy bag to tied you over til you got home! That looked like such a neat park and Louie was very handsome! You lucky girl you!

Your pal,

P.S. If you click refresh when you're at my site you can see the other posts. Not sure why it's doing that.

Chelsea said...

Your human mom is so hip getting you acupuncture. My Mama is really into holistic stuff and naturopathic nutrition so she's giving your mom two thumbs up.

I am just salivating at the thought of the big honking treat you must get for putting up with all those needles


Anonymous said...

hey sunshade, how i envy all your outing! all i got is play time with cousins and park walk!

you know what i do when the hooman shove the camera in front of me? i'll turn away. normally that works and they'll keep calling "boo, here... boo, here" hehe!

oh, i hope you enjoy your beef rib nontheless!

licky wet wet licks


Cairo The Boxer said...

You look very zen getting acupunture. I must say you are one of the braves dogs! YOu like the water and you don't mind the vet! I sure would like to be your friend

Herbie said...

you've got such beautifoooo places to walk! I only get to go to the park. A lot of places here are not that dog friendly. :(

and poor you, waiting to be rescued, and on a hungry tummy no less! I'll absolutely faint if I have to wait that long for dinner!

T-man Angel said...

That Louie needs to get a pair of glasses. He's missing the company of a fine lady!

I hope your ghost comes back for Halloween :)

MJ's doghouse said...

wow you sure look like you were having fun sunshade...what does that lady stick needles into you for? it doesnt look very fun...but man...if you get to go to the park after..i guess it is okay...

Anonymous said...

Wow Sunshade you are a larger gurl than I though an Airedale was. Not that thats a fugley thang. Just didn't know thats all. Anyways I really dugged the video so cool with the heart and music. Tell me how did you get so techie you foxie flirt you. Bella PS: Yes he does look a lot like Sam.