Thursday, August 29, 2013

It is THAT time AGAIN......

Well, everything started out great today. Mum was really busy running around for some reason, but when she was done, she took me to a park for a walk. Well, STINKY and STINKY #3 came too. STINKY #3 has been staying with us the last 4 (lonnnnnng) weeks. (mum: ugh! STINKY #3 is Saphie, Miss Sunshade's great niece, Jaffa's niece!)

Anyway, I was so happy that we were going for a walk, I galloped all the way across the field. However, as soon as I turned the corner, I came to a halting stop. 

I was SuperSHOCKED at the despicable sight.

Mum did it AGAIN!!!!!

I don't know what I did to deserve all this AGAIN.... Look at the SuperSHOCK on my bootiful face,

She did it in April, and that wasn't enough, she had to do it AGAIN! (mum: our last Airedale get together was in April 2013.)

 Guess WHO was happy?

Yup, that's him. Annoying STINKY,

I had to claim my tree. Letting every stinky know me, the alpha, the matriarch was here.

(mum: I groom all these dogs except three, and Sunshade has met every single one of these dogs before. They all know to stay away from the alpha b*tch haha!)

This is Taj, I like him because he isn't annoying. He lies around a lot like me since he is 11 yrs old now.

This is Taj and my girlfriend Faye. Mum and Faye's pawrents went to school together, so they have known each other for a long time. They met me 8 yrs ago, and then they learned of a 2 yr old Airedale that needed a new home. So they adopted her and named her Faye!! Faye stays with us when her pawrents go away, and STINKY stays with them when we go away. She is 9 years old now..... She and Taj both have radar ears!

The ONLY dog I loved was Seamus, the SuperHANDSOME Irish Terrier. I fell in love with him the moment we met,

I have always always SuperLOVED him, but he broke my heart last time I saw him..... Just watch the video below,

So look at what he and STINKY did the moment they spotted one another......

They started bromancing, right in front of my SuperFACE.....

TJ intruded on their bromance,

Serves STINKY right for stealing my Seamus!!

This was the less than 2 yr old group,

Jacinto, Spencer, and Phoebe,

This is Hank, he is a year old,

This is Phoebe, she is also a year old,

This is STINKY #3 (whom I've had to put up with for the last 18 months), she is 18 months old. (mum: This is Saphie, Jaffa's niece, Sunshade's great niece.)

STINKY, Hank, and Jesse at the bar,

Craziness all over,

I found a shady area and promptly removed myself from the sea of black and tans,

Look at STINKY following somedog he thought was me,

That's Milo, he is a sheepcoat like me. We have black ears forever. He is 8 yr old,

If you would like to learn more about what a "sheepcoat" is in Airedales, please click on the link below,

There were treats for hoomans and the SuperDALE,

Sign for the stinkies,

Now look at these hooman kookies Faye's SuperTALENTED mom made! They were made from three models,

Model one - Faye,

Model two - STINKY,  (notice the tongue)

STINKY and his kookie,

Model three - SuperME aka. SuperSHEEPIE,

Me and my kookie,

2.5 yr old Gisele and her kookie,

Look at STINKY, trying to help himself to food,

Btw, whats the safest place to keep your belongings with a bunch of black and tans lurking around?

Like I said,

Hoomans chilling,

This is STINKY #4 (whom I have also had to put up with for the last 18 month), she is 18 months old. (mum: this is my friends' young dale, Hana. She comes over every weekend when my friends are busy at work.)

She doesn't like hugs, can you tell??

This is STINKY (on the right) & STINKY #2. They are brother and sisters that I have had to put up with for almost 7 Yrrrrrs....

Look at them, 7 yrs ago,

STINKY #2, (mum: This is Stella, Jaffa's sister! She is the gentlest, sweetest Airedale I know. I can't believe how fast time has flown by... they were just "pups" not long ago....)

This is Dickens (the Wire) hugging Gisele,

He really liked her,

This is Peekabou, she is a year younger than me. She is almost 13 yrs old,

Of course.... they had to do a group photo..... You can click into the photos to get a better view. That's me and STINKY in the front because mum couldn't hold us since she was taking the picture. So she put us in a stay away from the rest of the dogs. 

This is my can we go nowwwww face. That's STINKY's sexy face,

Finally, we came back home! 

And guess what?

There were left overs!!

I asked mum if I could have some... I even showed her how badly I wanted them. My wish was represented by the bread crumb on my nostril,

 I showed her my cute face,

 I showed her my desperate face,

I showed her my bossy face, 

I danced for her, 

 I sang for her,

Basically, I showed her from all directions what I wanted,

And Evil Mum still wouldn't give me the whole plate!!!

She only gave me a few teeeeeny pieces of ham.... Look at my starving face.... This is what I get after having to put up with all the stinkies earlier today???

Video of the craziness, courtesy of Jacinto Airedale's hoomans. Pay attention to footage from the group photo. Mum put STINKY and the perfect me in sit/down-stay so she could go take photos. Look at how far STINKY stretched his "stay". I was so SuperPERFECT that I fell asleep.