Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recent Pictures of ME - The Bootiful ME!!

Dearest Friends,

After TWO lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng years, I finally managed to wake myself up in the middle of the night while mum was sound asleep and got on her computer. She has been hogging the computer for TWO lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng years, and I just couldn't bear the thought of my friends forgetting what the booootiful Miss Sunshade looked like, acted like, and more importantly, what my muscle butt looked like!!

So here it is....

This is what I look like in case you have forgotten,

(UBC 01/29/09)

My big happy SMILESSSSSS,

(Ambleside Beach 04/30/09)

(Run Free Pool 05/28/09)

You can see my missing front tooth in this picture. That was my battle scar from going through my fence to go after raccoons few years back.

(Yard 08/11/09)

ME and MY favouritest RING!!!

(Buntzen Lake 07/03/09)

Anywhere where there is water, MY ring is with ME!!!

(Jericho Beach 07/23/09)

I am BOOOTIFUL even at the young age of 9.5 years (all the pictures you see in this post were taken after my 9th B-Day. I will soon be 10, in November!)

These are the ways I act if you have forgotten,

This is how I eat snooooooooow!

(UBC 12/15/08)

This is what beaches do to me - the urges of uncontrollable happiness makes me prance like a stinky. So many people have asked mum if I was a stinky because of the way I was prancing and bouncing around on the beach. (mum: stinky = puppy)

(Ambleside Beach 04/30/09)

This is how I act when I'm NOT at the beach aka. being bored......

(PW High School 04/30/09)

This is how I dare you to come chase me - with my eyes.

Looooooook innnnnntoooooo them, you will feel the pressure. Keep away is MY favouritest game in the whole wide world cause I always win!

(White Rock 07/11/09)

Yes that's sand/mud on my head, I gave myself a mud facial treatment. (mum: don't ask.......LOL)

This is how I sunbath on the beach, (mum: yup, she decided it was time for a nap!)

(Jericho Beach 07/23/09)

This is how I keep myself from being sun burnt! I'm a SuperDALE remember?? Lots of brain!

(Jericho Beach 07/23/09)

These are ways I use to demand to get what I want!

Technique #1:

(Buntzen Lake 07/03/09)

Technique #2:

(Cannon Beach, Oregon, US 09/05/09)


(Home 11/25/08)



(Cannon Beach, Oregon, US 09/05/09)


(Ambleside Beach 04/30/09)

This is how I keep things in order at home.

This is how I keep the alpha b*tch status.

This is how I keep STINKY from taking over.

Can you see MY power through his eyes???

(PW High School 04/30/09)

Remember THE Miss Sunshade now??
(mum: I doubt anyone can forget Miss Personality...hehehe)

GO BACK TO BED MUM!! What's a gurrrrrrrl without attitude anyway?

Last but not least, this is what my MUSCLE BUTTTTTTT looks like!!!

The elegance, see the crossing behind?

(Kits Beach 04/22/09)

From a different perspective,

(Windsor Park, Victoria BC, 10/10/08)

The attention MY muscle butt draws all the time, 24/7,

(Buntzen Lake 07/03/09)

(mum: she...has a tendency to exaggerate things just a little..hehe)

NO, I DON'T! Even you play with my butt all the time, that alone makes up 18/7!

(mum: that's called grooming and tending to your itchies....)

One of those rare occasions where
elegance and masculinity combine so boooootifully together.

(PW High School 04/30/09)

I'm talking about MY butt that is, NOT my butt combined with that ball chewing slobbery ball thief of a monster on the right. Please don't mistaken the meaning of my sentence. (That was a ball The Perfect ME found, and he took it, made it all gross and slimy, so I said forget it, I'm not touching stinky slobber.)

You may think this is a hairy butt instead of muscle butt, but I can assure you that its all Arnold/Sylvester material underneath.

(Buntzen Lake 11/25/08)
BOYZ...you panting yet?

Oh and by the way, this is what my juicy nose looks like,

(Victoria BC, 10/14/08)

BIG and juicy!!

(UBC 05/10/09)

BIG that the Edamame bean shell I spat out got stuck on it.....

(Home 08/04/09)

Yes I peel them, I only eat the beans not the shells. Stinky eats the shells I spit out, and then mum pulls them out of his butt hole when he goes poo poo. It's quite funny really!

Lastly, this is me and MY mummmmmmmmm!

(Sketch done by David Poole, Seaside OR, US, 09/06/09)

I hope by now you have all remembered ME - The BOOOTIFUL Miss Sunshade. If not, I hope I will have more time on the computer soon
(listening mum?) in the future to refresh your memories because behind almost every picture you see above, there is a story, or adventure behind it. I'm sure watching videos of me would help too, and I know all my videos on the blog aren't working anymore (my previous video uploader - Videoegg went out of biz...ate all my videos). We are hoping to fix that problem sometime too in the future.

Until next time MY friends.....

Love nibbles,

Miss Sunshade

ps. mum mentioned she will put some pictures of STINKY on his stinky blog too later. Please remember the mantra of this blog - don't go visit the stinky blog, thank you!