Thursday, October 26, 2006

What is wrong with THIS picture?

Is it the fact that I'm touching nose to nose with Mr. Goatee??


Is it the fact that a carnivore such as myself is imitating Mr. Goatee and trying to eat grass??


Is it the fact that Mr. Goatee has his entire head outside the fence and doesn't seem to be the least bit bothered by my presence??

Ok, I know you might need some time to digest all this, so did mum... Let me fill you in on how we got to this point.

After my rehab today, mum took me to Porter Park, a small park in the suburbs.

We always stop by this park on the way back to Vancouver, and here, I get to do some special socialization.

You see the area the arrow is pointing at? That's actually somebody's back yard. But that's not just any back yard, it is like a small ZOO!!

We haven't been here since my last rehab session in June, so I had some catching up to do.

I don't like this mini horse, and he hates me too. We always run along side of the fence arguing, trying to see who will get scared off first.

Today, I noticed 4 new additions to the zoo. There were four Pygmy goats, and Mr. Goatee was one of them. He was the only one who could careless about my presence when all three others ran for the hill!!

When I got close to Mr. Goatee, I realized the aroma he carried with him was quite familiar, and very pleasant to say the least. However, I didn't associate his aroma with IT just yet.....

We got along great, shared quite a few good nose bumps while mum was feeding him grass. However, it soon got on my nerves that he was eating ALL the grass mum was holding. You see, I have a few simple Sunshade rules:

  • what I think is mine, is MINE

  • what my mum is holding, is MINE

  • what my mum is giving you, is MINE

  • what I don't want to eat, is MINE, you can't eat it either

Mr. Goatee was breaking all the rules, and I just couldn't stand it any longer. So I grabbed onto all the grass in mum's hand, and pulled and pulled until they were all in my mouth. And then, I spat them all onto the ground and walked away.

As soon as mum tried to feed Mr. Goatee again, I went and took all the grass again!!

Finally, mum gave up on trying to feed Mr. Goatee and decided to get some nice photos of me. You all know that under normal circumstances, I hate to be photographed. However, here is another one of Sunshade's rules:

  • if you are getting attention, then I MUST too

Please note: this rule only applies to individuals outside of my pack. Georgie is part of my pack, so what happened with him here doesn't count.

Since Mr. Goatee decided to have himself photographed,

I decided I needed to be in the photos too.

I wanted to be the "star", the model, the one that draws everybody's attention to when they look at the picture. However, Mr. Goatee had his plans.....

He kept stealing my shots by standing up onto the fence ....................

Sometimes, he would stand up and stick his head out just as mum was snapping the shot, and my what was to be a beautiful photo ended up looking like this.................

Another example.......

He made me so frustrated, so finally, I refused to face the camera altogether........... and he.... HE WAS STILL POSING!!!

I got very p$ssed off, and it was then I remembered what that pleasant aroma coming from Mr. Goatee was....... hehe....

So, I did what naturally came to my mind!!!

Mum told me " it is NOT a buffet!" and dragged me to the car. WHAT!! No horsies? No chickens?No duckies? No GOATIES to eat??


Fu Fu said...

Haa Sunshade, What a nice little mini farm. And Mr Goatee was sure rude for stealing your limelight. You should made lamb shank out of him. hee

~ fufu

Charlie said...

Sunshade, sometimes you and Charlie seem so alike that it's just eerie!
- Charlie's mom

Isabella said...

You have the most interesting life, SunShade! Can I come live with you? You get to go to kewl beaches, parks, and now an animal farm! And me? It's s big deal if I get to go the craft store with Linda,
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

hey sunshade, are you sure the first pic wasn't photoshopped?!

btw, that mini horse doesn't look one at all! couldn't tell which is head and which is tail! could this be the halloween spook u r playing on us?

wet wet licks


Sunshade said...

I SWEAR no photoshop here!!! My mum is not that smart yet.........hehe

ps. did I mention Mr. Goatee had grassy breath??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

T-man Angel said...

Mr Goat sounds like he's desperate for attention. That was nice that you allowed him to share a few pics with you. And some of that "yummy" green grass :)

Jay said...

Wahahahaa.... you are so funny that I cannot stop laughing. That goat is outright rude for keep waiting to be in the limelight.


Anonymous said...

Hello, it's me Faya from Switzerland. I can see that you have a lot of friends. Well here is a little about me : I leave in Bienne (near Bern the Capitale). I'am borned the 14th of March 2006. My mom Véronique came to visit me when I was 2 days old and she falled in love THAT day. Oh yes ! It is right that in Switzerland dogs can go to restaurants, in train or buses. Everywhere but not in Supermarkets where you can buy food (Why ????). So Kiss from Switzerland, Faya and Véronique

Deb said...

You live in the coolest place EVER! All the things you get to see that I only get to see on Animal Planet, WOW! That goatee was definitely being a camera hog! Sorry mommy hauled you away from the yummy banquet! Maybe next time!

Your pal,