Saturday, April 28, 2012


Few signs that I'm SuperHEALED!!


I am now voicing my thoughts and opinions daily, and also maintaining my alpha B*ATCH statues,


I am again sniffing out those handsome BOYZ with lovelies, and well... I become my SuperSEXY-SELF, (mum: lovelies = testicles....)


I am once again exercising my MUSCLE BUTT to try to gain back the muscle I had lost through the inactivity over the last few weeks,


I am once again helping with sorting the Airemails,


Mum brought the mails in today and she didn't bother to check them. She left them on a little yellow stool by the door, so I thought I would check them for her.

Well, guess what? A letter came for ME and I opened it!! I read the letter, saw there was a cheque addressed to mum, so I didn't touch the cheque!! The letter was from my friend Shelby, and the last part of the note she wrote:

"these are ones I really like, hope you do too!!"

Well I sure loved them, whatever you call those. Mum asked me what they were, and I told her if she hadn't been so busy working on her poooter, she would have known!!

(mum: ripping up mails is just not Sunshade's thing. So as difficult as it was to think any type of treats could fit in that small flat envelope, I had to ask Shelby's mom. Sure enough, she had included two flat pieces of jerky type of treats. There were about 5+ envelopes in that stash of mail, Sunshade only opened the one that was addressed to her & Jaffa :-) )


Last but not least, look at my SuperWOUND. It's SuperHEALED!!!

(mum: The collage below shows her wound on 04-07 when she was discharged from the ER. The second picture was 04-17 when the wound was closing nicely and no more swelling/redness. Picture above was taken 04-27 where the wound had been completely closed for about 5 days already.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mean Juice's 1st B-Day

It's Mean Juice's FIRST birfday and mum said they should have a bachelor celebration. Fine by me, not like me and my gurrrrrlie piggies need to take crap from him!!

I made sure MY piggie Sesame was OK,

I told STINKY to look after him in case Mean Juice decided to get MEAN!

But guess what happened as soon as I took my SuperEYES off of MY Sesame piggie.....

Mean Juice PULLED HIS HAIRE OUT!!!!!! Mum had to spray water at Mean Juice because STINKY was just standing in the corner, NOT doing anything to protect MY Sesame!! Sesame was making a weird teeth chattering noise after his haire got pulled out. I think he was mad too!

STINKY said he was afraid of Mean Juice too... ARGHHHH! SO frustrating! At least he let MY Sesame hide between his leggies.....

Mum brought out Mean Juice's celebration plate to distract the attack rabbit,

The celebration plate consisted of Corn Pops Cereal, lettuce, carrots, parsley, and Mean Juice's favourite banana. It's good that MY Sesame piggie is an easy going guy. You put food in front of him, he forgets about all his misfortunes.

Here is the bachelor party celebration video,

After the celebration, STINKY came out, so I got worried about MY Sesame piggie again. I went to check on him,

And OMdoG!!! Why was MY Sesame IN Mean Juice's TOILET?!?!? He could't get out!!!!!

I told mum to let me in to save Sesame since no one was trying to help him out of the TOILET!

Guess what happened after this picture was taken? Mean Juice charged at me and tried to pluck MY SuperHAIRE out too. I TOLD him many times before that I don't have a wiry coat like STINKY and Sesame, I have a sheepcoat, which means stripping me would hurt A LOT!!!!!

Happy First Birfday you stooooooooopid rabbit....

Sunday, April 22, 2012


It's Stanley Cup Playoffs time again! Me and D-Guy are PUMPED!! Our team, the Vancouver Canucks are in it!!

You may remember the Vancouver Canucks made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals last year, and unfortunately, lost in Game 7... So we are BACK! Trying again!

Well, we are down 3 games to 1 against the LA Kings in the first round. Look WHO is in the penalty box??? It's JUICE!!!

(mum: some of you may remember, we got our rabbit last year during the playoffs. He came on the night that the Vancouver Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa scored the overtime winning goal that advanced the team to the Stanley Cup Finals. He is known as the tough, agitator that fights a lot. His nick name is "Juice". So yes, Derek decided to name the 8 week old rabbit "Juice". Mean Juice the rabbit has lived up to his name since day one.)




Last year, D-Guy made a bunch of designs and logos to put on T-shirts during the Vancouver Cancucks' run for the cup. Well, they didn't get the cup last year. So this year, I made a logo that I hope would bring them the cup this year!!!

The image on the left is Johnny Canuck, one of the Canucks' trademark logos. The image on the right is the Canuckdale :-)

Com'on Canucks!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! 

(We are CURRENTLY tied 1-1 heading into overtime in Game 5. This could be the elimination game for the Vancouver Canucks who finished first overall in the regular season heading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.... They are playing the 8th place team in the Western Conference....)

BTW, you could see me during last year's Stanley Cup run here. I had my one second of fame on our local news!! 
UPDATE: me and D-Guy's hearts have been broken again for the second year in the row...... SIGH.... we lost in overtime and the Canucks are out already....

Not MY Grandpa......

Mum took me to the aireport the day before to pick up someone. I thought it was going to be MY Grandpa again because that's who we always pick up when we go to the aireport.

Sure enough, I saw Grandpa walk towards the car!!!! My first thought was, WOW! Grandpa's lost weight!! 

I was SO excited..... until mum opened the car door.....and the Grandpa look alike did not smell like MY Grandpa.... I was a little disappointed.... I'm sure you all remember how much I LOVE MY Grandpa right??

Well, mum said this was Grandpa's older brother, my Grand-Uncle. He was passing through Vancouver (from Taiwan) for a business trip, and this was his first time meeting ME.

He really liked me, and I let him pet me,

But I just kept thinking to myself, I want MY Grandpa.....

Thank you Grand-Uncle for the lovely pets, but you are not MY Grandpa........

So that means I can't truly enjoy the pets.....

Nor the nice neck rubs......

 Because you're not MY Grandpa.......

 (mum: Sunshade is aloof like that with people she doesn't know. She would prefer they didn't get buddy buddy with her. However, I had put both Sunshade and Jaffa in a sit stay to take the group picture earlier, so my good girl was still obeying my stay command.)  Yea, where was STINKY? He was suppose to be "staying" too!

THIS is MY Grandpa!!!!!

He is the BESTEST!!!

And I love him THIS much!!! (mum: video taken back in October 2011 when my dad visited.)

Thank you Grand-Uncle for visiting me, maybe next time you could bring your brother with you okay???

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Laser Treatment

Well, I am getting better and better everyday. Mum took me to see my Auntie Gail today to have my back adjusted. I had been very sore everywhere since the ER clinic, so a chiropratic adjustment was in order. Then I had to wait for my turn for Auntie Gail's hubby to do laser treatment on me.

I waited with mum, and thought I would play a game of tug with her,

That's a bag of tripe treats I was tugging btw!

My turn to use the SuperCOOL Laser Machine!! It increases cellular activity, which in turn will reduce inflammation and promote healing. You have to enter the weight, hair type in the machine for it to calibrate,

We used it on my wound first to reduce the inflammation,

Then we worked on my sore shoulders and sore back. I could feel the heat penetrating, and it was very relaxing....

I felt really good after the treatment. Once we got home, I told mum to FEEEEEED me!

Yogurt just doesn't cut it any more!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Roade to Recovery from Sepsis

THANK YOU friends for all your e-mails, phone calls, Facebook messages to me and mum. All the prayers and healing thoughts have helped me recover, but I think they've helped mum more, and I thank you for that!

Now I just want to keep you updated on my recovery since I know not everyone is on Facebook. I know a lot of you care about the SuperDALE, so I am going to keep you in the loop!!


MY vet clinic opened on the Tuesday following the Bun Bun long weekend. Mum rushed me in first thing in the morning to get checked by Auntie Sue, my other vet.

Before leaving though, I told mum that she should really serve me breakie in bean bag. I had just started eating the night before, so I don't think breakie in bean bag is too unreasonable of a request.

Ready to eat NOW!

Yum Rotisserie chicken,

Chop chop, I don't have all morning, Auntie Sue and Auntie Jen are waiting for me!

That's more like it!

Now go get me a straw for that chicken juice,

When I arrived at the clinic, the first thing Auntie Sue said to mum was "poor baby, she's really not feeling well is she?". She checked me all over and she said my elbows, my shoulders, my back were all so SuperSORE, and I still had a low grade fever, so she went all out with her acupuncture needles to try to make me feel all better.

She said it should bring my fever down too,

Auntie Kate, my other vet tech came to hook me up to IV to continue my fluid therapy. (mum: She was being pumped full of sedative at the ER, we were trying to help flush her organs out. The vet, and all the techs were all furious at the use of Acepromazin on Sunshade, and the way she was dosed.)

At around lunch time, mum thought all my wonderful Aunties deserve some treats,

While mum went to buy treats, MY Auntie Jen sat with me,

Mum bought me an eggie for lunch,

I ate it and mum was happy,

(mum: This was the update I put on Facebook for Tuesday (04-10-12):

As many of you know, I brought Sunshade in to our own vet clinic to have her examined and evaluated by Sue, the attending vet at our clinic. Other than Jen and me, everyone else at the clinic thought Sunshade looked pretty out of it. She was walking, but very gimpy. She was looking around, but not woofing and bossy like her normal self. So Sue freaked out a little bit, she didn't expect Sunshade to be this weak. The receptionist also came up to me and tentatively asked "so she is looking good???". To them, the way Sunshade looked was so much weaker/worse than how she is normally. Only Jen and I knew Sunshade was actually "improving" given the condition she was in prior to today.

Sunshade had been having a low grade fever (39.4ish) for the last day or so. When Sue did acupuncture on Sunshade today, she did a point that would help with fever. Prior to acup treatment, Sunshade was at 39.4. Three hours after Sunshade's acupuncture treatment, her temperature was back to normal at 38.8!! She wasn't on anything other than IV.

We stayed at the clinic until 5pm. Sue sent us home with another liter of fluids to get into Sunshade. She also wants to recheck Sunshade tomorrow (Wednesday), once she gets all the blood results back from today.

I just took Sunshade's temperature, and she is holding steady at just under 39. Normal is 38-39. Hopefully, there will be yet more improvement tomorrow!

She ate breakfast, lunch, dinner no problem. Had a stool that was a bit soft.

While I was at agility with Jaffa, Sunshade apparently walked D-Guy to Bosley's pet store again. Unfortunately, they were closed and we had one disappointed girrrrlie. It's great that she's feeling well enough to walk :-)

THANK YOU for continuing to pray for Sunshade. She will come around, i know it!!)


I ate my breakie and we headed out the door to go see my Auntie Jen and Auntie Sue again. Before leaving, I grabbed a rockie on my way down!!

(mum: Another GOOD sign - she grabbed a rock on her way down the ramp when we left the house to go to the vet!!!

All those rocks lined up on the rails were hand picked by Sunshade from various places. She would carry them back to the car and well....yes I put them in the car... Just don't have the heart to not bring them home with us lol.....

Anyway, her ritual is that everytime she walks down that ramp, she has to grab a rock on the way down. A lot of the times she would just chill in the yard with a desirable rock in front of her, or she would drop it on the way out the gate to go for a walk. Every few days she would run out of rocks to take and I have to go hunt down every single rock and put them back ob the rails.

She stopped doing that when she got sick, didn't do it yesterday, but did it just now!!!! Very happy :-))

Once we arrived at MY clinic, I had a talk with my Auntie Jen. I LOVE my Auntie Jen!!!

I was hooked on IV again,

I told mum that since I've been soooo SuperPERFECT....

I really should get a big treat!!

Starbucks Oat Bar all gone.....

By the end of the day, I was doing so SuperAWESOME that my catheter was able to finally came out!!

Auntie Jen giving me a nice face rub for being soooooo good,

No more home IV means no more x-pen means I get to sleep on the big bed!!

(mum: Facebook update for Wednesday (04-11-12):

Sunshade and I came home not long ago from another day at our vet clinic. Sunshade had one last day of IV before the catheter came out. All her blood results are excellent. Kidneys and liver functions were fantabulous. She had another acupuncture session since the session she had yesterday helped so much. Like I had said before, the low grade fever that she had had for the last couple of days went away within three hours of the acupuncture session. Her sore joints were moving so much better. The leg swelling was completely gone too by the end of the day yesterday.

The wound is healing well from the inside out. However, Sue decided that with an infection that went systemic, she would like Sunshade to be on another 7 days of antibiotics on top of what the ER had prescribed. Sue is a holistic vet, when a holistic vet is pumping your dog with antibiotics, you know how serious the condition is. Our clinic finally had to get the wound Culture & Sensitivity report directly from the lab because the ER never sent us the report even though we had asked for it. Then report came back showing that the bug was sensitive to both of the antibiotics that were prescribed by the ER. This meant that Sunshade really only needed to be on one antibiotic. So once she's finished this 7 day round, we will drop one of the abx to make things easier for her tummy and continue with the other one for at least 7 days. Will need to be re-evaluated then to see if more is needed.

Sunshade was cheeky as ever at the clinic today :-) She was sticking her head in between the staffs' legs to demand ear rubs, and then onto all the different treat drawers throughout the clinic, barks in front of them until someone comes and FEEDS her! Physically, she still isn't 100% yet, but mentally, she is pretty darn close!

I will continue to update Sunshade's wound progress, but I imagine the updates won't come nearly as frequent as it had been over the last 6 days. I am looking forward to catching up on some sleep, and of course, catch up with the rest of you :-)

Thank you again to my big FAMILY (including all you blog readers too) for coming back day after day for updates, and sending prayers, love, and healing thoughts to us. I think most of you have realized that we have something truly special going on here, and I'm so grateful to be the beneficiary this time. I know I would do the same for other family members if and when they are needing the support. ((((BIG GROUP HUG))) )


Auntie Helen came to visit me, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? (look at my face)

Helen does Reiki, so she came to do Reiki on me to make me feel better. I said how about a treat first? Look at my SuperPAW on Helen's leggie!

She said no, and I said YEAH!!

And I WON,

While Helen was treating, I asked Helen's son Shawn if he wanted to try and take MY Truman away?

Mum decided to see if I would eat some food since I didn't really want to eat anything today.

Surrrrrrre I'll take spoon feeding!

Then I took over,

And finished the entire bowl!!!

After eating, I did what a true lady would do following a meal, I wiped my SuperMOUTH!

(mum: Facebook update Thursday (04-12-12):

Well, Sunshade had a hard night last night. Not sure why. She kept waking up every hour, hour and a half panting and whining. Every time she did that, I would take her out to the yard to pee, and then bring her back in to settle her down. Same thing would start again an hour or so after. I took her temperature the second time it happened, and it was 38.9, which is borderline normal, but still normal. She also drank a ton of water in the middle of the night too, which was VERY unusual. She's never drinks any water in the middle of the night!

Morning came, she didn't want to eat the special cooked food that she normally would go nuts for. She ate it fine last night after coming home from the vet. Tried giving her some of her favourite treats, turned most of them down with the exception of a small piece of dehydrated liver. Took her temp again, it was still 38.9. Checked her wound, looked great, wasn't more red or warmer.

Called our clinic to give them an update. Jen, our tech called me back to say to put her back on pain meds. We had taken her off them all day yesterday because she was feeling and acting so bright. She and the vet Sue wondered if Sunshade's body was adjusting to not having IV to help flush everything. She had been on IV for 6 days. Maybe weaning her off the IV would have been a bit better. Anyway, Jen told me to keep taking her temperature, give her the pain meds, keep an eye on the wound, and lots of rest. Before we hung up, she told me "You've got my number at home, and I'm not going anywere!"... poor Jen.....

In the evening, my friend Helen, who is a Reiki practitioner came over to give Sunshade a treatment. Just before Helen arrived, I offered Sunshade some food, she turned it down. As soon as Helen walked in the door, Sunshade started throwing her Truman (dale stuffy) around, went to treat drawer to bark for treats. Mid-way through treatment, I offered her food again, and she started eating it off the spoon. Then she licked the bowl clean, and went to wipe her face along the doggie bed after she was done eating. All of a sudden her energy and appetite was back upon seeing Helen?? Maybe she was just so bored and tired of me and being stuck at home with me???

I took her out to the yard for a pee just earlier, and she walked me to her hole and started digging. Of course, that meant she had to get a rinse down!)