Friday, January 17, 2014

Finally.... last of the bunch.....

FINALLY! It was the last of the stinkies' birthdays.

I absolutely CANNOT stand having to sit beside them again.... UGHHH... can't you tell??

Please pay special attention to my facial expression and body language in the following photos.  Need I be more clear?

So I once again got dragged to a stinky pawty full of stinkies because it was STINKY #4's birthday. It marked TWO YEARS of  me putting up with her (plus three other stinkies),

Weird I don't recognize that word behind STINKY #4, (mum: That's because her name isn't "STINKY #4"!!)

Anyway, I was forced to put on a smile. From left to right, that's STINKY, STINKY #4 & STINKY #3. (STINKY #2 is STINKY's sister, and she wasn't there)

(mum: L to R - Miss Bossypants, 7 yr old Jaffa, 2 yr old Hana birthday girl, and 2 yr old Saphie) 

Forced to pretend that I was looking forward to sharing foodables with them stinkies,

Forced to smile again with foodables in front of me,

Apparently, "STINKY #4" means flower in Japanese, hence the minced pork shaped into a flower. (mum: Just to clarify..... "Ha-na" means flower in Japanese.)

We were released to eat, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Those pigs inhaled their pork flowers before I even made up my mind whether or not I wanted to eat mine. Somehow I didn't think I should be eating the same things the stinkies were eating.

I further examined my pork flower,

And finally decided that I had nothing to lose,

STINKY started eating STINKY #4's pie with her while STINKY #3 watched, (mum: Saphie is very respectful.)

I slowly finished my pork flower,

After the meal, it was crazy-sitinky-time,

And I wanted to have nothing to do with it, 

So I removed myself,

Of course, the craziest one would be the one that I live with,

I just wanted to leave.......

The day finally ended, and I got to go home with only one STINKY, which was better than three......

So I celebrated STINKY #3's birthday back in November, (mum: L to R - Saphie, Jaffa & Sunshade. Saphie's birthday, she turned 2.)

Then I celebrated STINKY's 7th birthday again in November,

Then I had MY SuperBIRTHDAY that I have yet to blog about.......  And now I have just finished STINKY #4's.

 WHEW!!!!! A big sigh of relief!!

Now I leave you with the bestest video featuring STINKY, STINKY #3 & STINKY #4, (click on link below)