Friday, October 20, 2006

Canada's Mia Hamm

See the resemblance??

Mia Hamm at 15

(Youngest player in history ever to play for the US national team)

Sunshade Hu at 7

(Has the potential to be the youngest player ever to make Team Canada)

Mum says team Canada really needs an all around player, and that the scouts will be looking for new talents in the spring.

So I decided to get some practice in,

Look at some of my moves, and look at Mia Hamm's moves!!

Here is me in ACTION!!

I personally think my moves are comparable to Mia Hamm's. Therefore, I should be captain of Team Canada, so we would actually have a chance at the world level!! Of course, if I were to become the captain, I would change a couple of rules:

  1. Ball hogging via mouth is allowed
  2. Paw balls are allowed

This is what Mia Hamm looks like after a good game,

This is what I look like after a good practice.............

I know I know, no resemblance here........

So, what do you think? Am I not Canada's Mia Hamm??


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Too bad you emulate Mia Hamm, Shannon MacMillan was born and raised in Syosset, Long Island, New York same as my Mom.

Nice moves!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

sunshade, you have all the moves! with you, i guess canada should be able to qualify for the next world cup?

dad is a long time fan of manchester united team and mama watches football and know all about it too but she's a tennis fanatic though.

your mom sure take good photo of all your headers!

wet wet wet licks


Unknown said...

Saw u link at buster's blog...luv the football video...the song really capture the mood...

Joe Stains said...

you have some serious moves!! I think you should definitely be captain!!

Toby said...

Sunshade, you are such a great soccer player!~ I'm gonna ask mommy to get me a soccer ball too...but do they come in a smaller size?


T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
I had no idea you were so multi-talented! With your sports ability and acting skills, you will be a media sensation! Of course you already are, seeing how many admirers you have on your blog :)

I love the still shots of you with the ball. They'd make great calendar photos (hint, hint!)


Studly Dudley said...

You're such a good soccer player, Sunshade.. how are you at volleyball? cuz Sunshade + short shorts + knee socks = one happy Dudley.. WOOF! Plus you're getting a wet-suit?? You're an all-around athlete!


ps - We should make a club.. MSHOW.. Mum Stay Home On Weekends!

Charlie said...

You ARE! You are DEFINITELY Canada's Mia Hamm! I love soccer and you DO soccer!!
- Charlie

Sunshade said...

Buster: maybe I should work on some of Shannon MacMillan's moves too. I'm sure that would increase my chance at being picked!!

Butchy & Snickers: hehehe... I'll definitely need a soccer jersey with a big C on it when I get drafted!! I can't wait to get my wet suit..... everytime I'm at the beach, I'm thinking about my boootiful red wet suit!!

Booboo: I love summer sports, but my mum is weird, she watches figure skating and hockey..... I think that's a Canadian thing LOL.

PoenyStormRider: hey thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you liked my practice video and the music. Wait 'til you see me at the world cup!!

Hey Joe: hey, thanks for the support! I should be the captain since I have two extra legs!!

Zach: NO KIDDING!! The answer is right infront of them and yet they dont' see it..

Toby: hey little man, you would look so cute playing soccer. Yeah, they have litter soccer balls too, infact, I have a really small one. Just the right size for you I think!

Oh T-man: you are making me blush here with all your compliments. I'm glad you liked my photos, and unfortunately, mum has already sent a picture in for the calendar. Hopefully you will like the pic!!

Dudley: I don't play volleyball, but I do play tennis (as in tennis balls). So will short mini white tennis skirt make the Studly Dudley happy?? MSHOW sounds great!! I needed that tonight again!!! She left me home AGAIN!

Charlie: Do you play soccer too?? Maybe you should try out for the US men's team??


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

umekotyan said...

It is terrible. Soccer is mastered.
The pose is decided, too and it is good-looking.

Urban Smoothie Read said...

sunshade is a real football star....

Anonymous said...

sunshade! awesome poses! hehe.. your mom's a great camera-woman too :) come on, let's form your own doggy soccer team! don't wait for the hoomans to let you join theirs, they'll take their own sweet time. and you're too good for them anyway :) i play a mean game of ball too :) with lots of yips and zooming... just that i never have enough space at home.

by the way, HM wants to say thanks a million to your mom for the recipes! she printed them out and she can make out most of the words, so your mom won't have to re-scan them. i know how nasty machines can be! they refuse to do their work and yet have the cheek to beep at you!!! anyway, she's gonna get going on some of the recipes, they look so yummy! :) but since i have a sensitive tummy i think she'll have to cut down on the oil and sardines :(