Tuesday, October 24, 2006

MY bone day!

Ever since I read my friend Boo's Bone Day, I've been leaving mum clues that I should really get a HUGE bone too!!

See, I copied the pictures off Boo's post, blew them up, and left them on the computer screen 24/7.

It only took mum 9 days to figure out ..........

Anyway, I finally got MY HUGE bone tonight!! They called it a "Dino Bone" at the store. So I guess it's a dinosaur bone...... gee...I thought they were extincted?? Maybe I got the very last piece!

Me working the bone!!

Usually I try not to touch the raw bones with my hands because I don't like to smell all raw.. Unfortunately, the bone was proven too tough to eat hands free....

Here is a video of me working the bone.

***Warning: If the sound of bone grinding gross you out, you don't want to watch this!

Now can you see why my teeth look this way??

I am almost 7, my teeth have never been brushed or cleaned by a professional!!

If this post is freaking you out right now, you might want to read about My Diet, it might calm you down a little.

Last note:

I am SOOO proud of my little buddy Boo, who has taken to the raw diet like a champ!! His mom has noted:

"Boo does seem to be more energetic than the previous few weeks after eating raw meat. And yes, his poop are much smaller than before! "

So go check out Boo's blog and see all the new stuff he's been trying. Oh oh, I see he had some oxtail today!

Hmmmm....... MA-MUUUUUUUM ............... I WANT SOME OXTAIL!!


Anonymous said...

sunshade, your grinding almost make me shiver... ok, i didn't but mom did! she couldn't stand hooman grinding their teeth on spoon too!

you look like you were brushing your teeth more like chewing on it.


i think chiyo is on BIG BONE too! :-)

wet wet licks


Herbie said...

OMG! That bone is Giganti-normous! I want one!!!! My M gives me bones too (she posted a video clip of me chewing them as well before) but they're never that big! What animal is that?

Anyway, how did you manage to get the front canine tooth cleaned? Bones only manage to get my molars cleaned but canines are a little difficult.

I love holding onto the bone with my paws and rippping out the flesh. Yummy~

Fu Fu said...

SUNSHADE! That's a very huge bone you got there. Did you mum dug out a dinosaur??
Glad you seem to be enjoying it. Hee

~ fufu

Toby said...

Sunshade, Mommy chickened out and didn't watch your bone grinding video. **pout** She's no fun!! But wow, that is a HUGE bone!! Im so jealous. Hopefully she'll get the hint from reading your blog!~


Studly Dudley said...

Hey Miss Sunshade

Where did you get your giant bone from? I'm jealous!! I've never had a delicious raw treat like that before.. hmm.. I will have to hint to Mum about it, but she might not let me because I have such sensitive skin. You're lucky you get to eat stinky stuff like tripe.. I think if I had the choice, I don't know if I'd roll in it or eat it!
Kiss kiss!


wally said...

wow, i'm in awe. the video made me salivate. i sometimes get big bones by my teeth are fragile.


umekotyan said...

Good evening.
The bone is bitten hard.
When the bone is taken up, it tries to grip it.
And, teeth became beautiful.

jaffeboy said...

Lovely!!! I hope you get to the marrow pretty quickly thou. I luuuuvvvvv the marrow!!! I usually get MaMa to dig it out before I enjoy the rest of the bone! I love raw meat. Have them every night. Kaylie was a little apprehensive about it at first but now I have to keep my eyes on her when I'm eating. Bitch... Ooops, I mean kids...

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
Were you chewing on that bone up on the bed? Your mom is so nice to let you eat in comfort! :)

I used to be on a raw diet, but never got big pieces of meat like that.

Your teeth look great, by the way!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Great teeth there Miss Sunshade! Love the look of the yummy bone too! I am not allowed raw bones now as the last time a splinter got stuck in my tummy, it cost £380 in vet's bills to put me right!!

We have registered for the Christmas Card Exchange but Jeannie been havin trouble logging into DWB website all week! Seems to be some hoooooman/computer problem - Mucho Luv and licks, Marvin Fandabidozi Hollow Hound xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Sunshade,

We think you would have even more fun with your prehistoric bone if you could join us in Texas for a prehistoric bone chewing jamboree.

Howie, Gena, Liza, Remy, Maggie, Charlize, Bette, Sage, Sean, Mitzi, Zach and Pierre.

P.S. Our Mom says HI to your Mom

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Holy smokes Sunshade! I want a bone for my birthday!!!!!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear Miss Sunshade

That bon is gigantic.

I noticed you said you wanted oxtail.... well if I were you, I will stay out of it

Please go see my post sometime in March this year