Saturday, December 23, 2006

Did I miss Fufu & the gang.......

Well a few of us: Boo, Roo, Boy n Baby, Lillie V, Butchy & Snickers, and I were going to visit Santa Paws and the plan was for Fufu to come and pick us up in FufuMOBILE and then we would head over to Zach's place first since he lives at the North Pole to make sure we're on the right track. You can read details about this trip on Fufu's blog.

Anyway, I was so excited about this trip, but I had to work today. Yeah, life's tough sometimes. So I tried very hard to be professional and not get too carried away about this exciting trip during my photo shoot for Old Navy.

However, you know how it goes with models. You do shoot after shoot, and they always want you to tilt your head just a little more for that one last shot, the there is always a last shot. Anyway, we were running very late, and I was very worried that I had missed my ride on the FufuMOBILE.

So as soon as I got off from set, I started running around with my sign asking passersby if they had seen .......


Still no??


I got so tired of running around and was honestly sick that the photographer and director made me work extra hours on the night of the important mission. So I laid down with my sign, and I LET THEM KNOW what I thought about this whole over-time thing!

I waited for a little while longer, but still no sign of FufuMOBILE or any of my buddies. It was also getting dark, so I decided to put on some of the clothes I had brought with me. Zach told us North Pole was gonna be cooooooold, so I brought lots of extra stuff to keep me warm.

First I put on my HOT PINK fleece jumper suit made by my designers - Butchy & Snickers. I thought that HOT PINK was for sure bright enough for Fufu to see me all the way from Singapore.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be bright enough.....

Next, I put on my boots, my ROOTS scarf, my skiing goggles to protect my eyes from the snow, and lastly, what's Christmas without Christmas spirit? So I put on my Santa hat too.

They still didn't come...... So I thought maybe I ought to try a different look, and put on my sun hat.

Well still nothing happened!!! So I thought, maybe I needed to stand out a little more ya know....

Even more??

BUT NOOOOOOOOO!! Nobody came! I think I have either missed the gang, or I might have miscalculated the time difference...

Hey, so if you guys see this message, please make a detour and come pick me up. I'll be dressed as above so you won't miss me ok?? Oh, and anybody that's reading this, you are welcome to join us on the X-mas Eve extravaganza!!

Special Note to Fufu:

Dear Fufu,

I just want to let you know how a little hamsterrier in Singapore brought the holiday spirit half way around the world to Vancouver.

Since our printer at home has been printing scary green stuff and I needed the sign made, mum took me to our local office/printing store to have the picture printed. There was a long line up, lots of last minute cards, posters that people wanted to have made. The manager was there all by himself because who would've thought it would be this busy the day before X-mas Eve. Things were going slow; people in the line up were getting antsy, impatient, and to make things worst, one of the computers they use to pull images up was down. It was just one of those "bad mornings" if you know what I mean.

The woman in line ahead of us was in a hurry, and she took her frustration out on the store manager who was trying his best to help everyone using just one computer. She was being very rude, not nice at all. After she left, it was our turn. The manager of course was not in the best of mood, neither were the people still standing in the long line up. He took mum's disc and put it in the computer.


all of a sudden,

he had a HUGE smile on his face.

Nobody knew what put that big, warm smile on this man's face, or what changed his mood in a split second. But mum and I knew.

The manager brought the printed picture of you, Fufu, in your FufuMOBILE to mum, and he said: "That is really cute, just what I need it. Thank you and Merry Christmas!" He didn't charge us for the print.

Mum turned around and saw all the curious faces in the line up behind us. She thought all those people needed to loosen up, so she turned the paper around and held it up so everyone could see the adorable picture of you and your FufuMOBILE. Then mum yelled out "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!".

It was amazing, the mood in that entire store changed almost instantaneously. People were smiling, saying Merry Christmas back to us, and they were chatting to the people beside them about how cute that hamster in the picture was and how they once had a hamster too and on and on and on.

We left the store feeling really good because caring, giving, and forgiving is what Christmas is all about. Nobody should be chastised during this magical holiday. We should all be HAPPY, and even tho it was just 10 or so people in that store, Fufu, you brought the Christmas spirit to all of them.

Last note:

Lita and Trish are our new Airechicks on the block, go check them out and say HI ok??

I can just see Bogart and Oscar grinning and dancing right at this moment.... LOL!


Anonymous said...

I think FuFu had engine trouble because he didn't make it up this way either.

Mom says to tell your (not evil) Mom this is a great post - she laughed till she cried and Dad thinks we are all insane.

Myeo said...

Hey Sunshade, we are not sure whether we missed Fufu's mobile cos we were dead asleep yesterday nite or maybe we got the date wrong...hmmm

You look real nice in the clothes, big potential of being the next super dog model. Mama loves your denim wear. It maches your goggles very well.

Boy n Baby

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

love, love those pictures Sunshade! My mom is going to have to start measuring me so I can get me some of those. I agree that Fufu is the bestest Hamsterrior around. Now if he could just find a map!


Linda Fleming said...

ROFLMAO!!!! OMG!! This just cracked me up. Way to go, FuFu, for bringing some smiles back into xmas for people you have never met all the way across the world. I tell ya- that is a magical hamster- our FuFu is a very special hamster indeed.
Festive Wags,

Toby said...

What?? Did I miss the memo?? I would love to go cruising in the FuFuMobile too!

Sunshade, if FuFu ever arrives, do you mind swinging by and picking me up too?? I'll try must best to dress up as cool as you...

The last picture of you is priceless!! Mommy wasy showing some of her friends that are over...and then they all decided to hog mommy's laptop so they could check out the rest of your blog!!

25 minutes later, they finally let me type this message to you!!

Merry Christmas Sunshade!


Boo Casanova said...

argh sunshade and everybody, i don't think anybody missed fufumobile last night. so don't worry!!! i guess we were in dream land that's why we have no memory about it. :-)

is the first costume by B&S mom too? yeah, i think i saw that in their store.

after reading your side note at the bottom, i feel so "festive"!! :-)

merry x'mas. it's eve here and you have to wait for another day. but dun worry, it will come!

wet wet licks


Bailey/Tasha/Maddie said...

hey sunshade can you tell me where you get your clothes made. I want to get my gang some :)

happy howlidays

Bailey/Tasha/Maddie said...

the pink jumper looks great.. Im gonna have to look into getting a couple of those for my guys :) :) looks soo warm and comfy :)

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

WoW what a fabulous post. I love the pics of you modeling and your note to Fufu is just priceless.

Merry Christmas


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hey Sunshade,
Your pics are always the best and thanks for sharing that nice story.. ma was in a foul mood before she read your story (think she was doing some office work) and it cheerd her up!!
Hey I wanna come with you guys/ gals on the trip too.. I can take over the FuFuMOBILE in case Fu Fu gets tired driving..

Duke said...

Mom was laughing her hiney off and saying how hot you must be in all of these adorable get-ups! and then she started crying and ran to get a tissue. You and your mom are so special to us. We feel so very fortunate to know you. Merry Christmas Eve! We hope you get LOTS more pressies and where did you get that denim coat? I MUST have one too!

Love ya lots,

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Well you got Jeannie weeping too! Weeping with sheer joy she says at your pictures!

Merry Christmas to you Miss Sunshade and your Mama!

We so glad we met up with you and your Mama over the Internet!

Merry Christmas! Have a Happy Holiday love and many Christmas licks

Marvin xxxxxxx

lots of love from Jeannie xxxxxxxx

The Airechicks said...

Miss Sunshade -

You brighten all the gloomy days!!
You're such a talented Model....

I don't think you missed the FuFUmobile - I hear traffic is a nightmare getting to the North Pole.

Thanks for letting the peps know we're here !!!

Love, Hugs & Belly Rubs

Loui (and his mum!) said...

I love you Miss Sunshade!
I am so sure that one day you will be a big star on the dogwalk so move over Kate Moss as Miss Sunshade is coming!! Gotta love all those outfits you have.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from me and my family!

Loui xx

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
I love those goggles! You seem like a natural in them. I'm surprised Fufu didn't make it to Vancouver. He seemed so determined. If he did, he would have found you for sure!

We loved your story about Fufu's picture. We're wishing you and your special mom a very Merry Christmas!!


Ivy said...

tee hee! you are so cute in all that get-up. i dont think i wud ever want to wear so much stuff but you make it look good sunshade!

i luved your story about fufu and the christmas spirit. who knew a hampsterrier cud bring so much happiness to peepol? way to go fufu!

Ivy said...

p.s. i dont know how we cud all fit in that little fufu-mobile but it cudent be much more crowded than me and tank and sly in my dog car so count me in next time there is a fufu ride to be had! i wanna go too!

Charlie said...

What a wonderful story! Merry Christmas, Sunshade!!
- Charlie

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sunshade! I have been pretty down this Christmas Eve, what with one thing or another. But the pictures of you all dressed up and the story about FuFu really helped. I knew I would get cheered up if I visited your blog.
Lots of long-distance love and Merry Christmas to you and your (not) eveil mum.

Joe Stains said...

sunshade that picture of fufu in his car always makes us laugh too! your mom sounds neat, for a human anyway.

Bogart H. Devil said...

Grinning & dancing just as you imagined... both at the pictures of you and the tale of Fufu as well as the addition of a new Airegirl blog...

Love ya gorgeous,

Susie said...

Wow - you had a furry busy day! Meowy Cat-mas!

Sharon said...

You are the greatest sport! I don't Snickers would let me get away with those outfits! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wired for Mackie said...

Very Merry Christmas Miss Sunshade!! I suspect that Fufu knew that everyone would need a lift, so that is why no Fufu mobile came! What a wonderful story!
I have a denim coat like that too, from SnitchyDog Designs (Butchy and Snickers momma's business) but it hasn't been cold enough to really wear it here. No White Christmas for us- urgh!
I hope you and your momma have a wonderful Christmas!

with love, Your Mackie

umekotyan said...

To our regret, fufu was not found though I also had been looking at the thing that it looked for fufu, and the night sky is long.
Did it make a mistake in the date?

From loved ume tyan

Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, Hum... could be the time difference that made you got out so early. (after all Spore is about half a day ahead in time)Well we did found you eventually. haa.. Simba's dad talking device didn't understand the "SuperDALE's House" command. But we spotted you in bright Pink. You were real tired. So we carried the sleeping you in the fufu mobile. Good thing Opy was there to carry you. The rest of the doggies are of smaller size. Great pictures of you.

And I'm so glad that the pic made everyone's day in the print shop. :)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

oh it looks like i missed the trip!!! stupid HM! i couldn't log in for 3 days cos she wasn't home!!! but nevermind, next year if we are in sweden we'll be closer to santa, and i can make HM bring me instead. but i would have so loved a ride in the fufumobile!!! wonderful winter collection you have there, sunshade :)