Thursday, November 30, 2006

NOVEMBER - a month worth remembering

A lot has happened in the month of November, good and bad, happy and sad. One thing that I do know is, I was WELL FED!!

Let me show you what has happened in November of 2006.

November 1st:

Maxey turned 6, and in celebration of his B-Day, I asked mum to make me a salmon + sweet potato pattie.

Remember that sexy burp of mine??

November 4th:

My pal Zach and his sister Chani turned 2 (Zach) and 6 (Chani). I celebrated their B-Days with a muffin, and ....err.... fried TOFU....

Ummm... and given the choice, I took the TOFU first.... Don't ask me why.

I would like to take this chance and let everybody know that my EVIL mum ate my muffin because she said I picked the TOFU!!! I was saving it for later.....

November 15th:

The boootiful Chiyo and the pretty Fee both turned 1!! Yes, they are no longer 0 year old.

I celebrated with Babybel Cheese.

The red one was regular cow milk cheese, the yellow one was goat cheese. They were wrapped in red/yellow wax thingys. The cheese itself was the normal looking colour.

November 16th:

My EVIL mum (the one that ate my muffin) turned 23. She was so EVIL she left me at home all night by myself and went out with friends!!! She did bring a few snacks back for me from her B-Day dinner but she left her bag on the floor (she's a slob) and went to the washroom...and .... well I think you know what happened after that. So no pictures of fooood.... sowie.

This was one of the pressies she got. The word I was inspecting was "COAT"!! Isn't it neat? At least one of her friends understands LOL!

November 17th:

The lovely Opy turned 10!!! The big ONE - ZERO, I wasn't gonna miss that for anything.

This was my cheese cake, unfortunately, it was too small to fit "10" candles on, so the candles were sleeping next to it.

The shutter speed was way too slow to catch this one..... On bite and gone!

November 20th:

My handsome, ruggedly stud Mackie, turned 6!! I celebrated his B-Day with a chicken souvlaki.

This was me saying "Happy Birfday"

November 21st:

A very sad day for all the hoomans........

My dear friend Daisie Duke was made disease free on this day, and she became doG's little helper. She was 9 months old.

Check out the DWB's The Daisie Chain page in honour of Daisie Duke

November 23rd:

I celebrated my second Thanksgiving. The food itself wasn't that special at all,

but the fact that it was my "second" Thanksgiving made it special.

November 25th - the BIG day:

First, it started snowing, yes, ON my birthday, in November, in Vancouver, I know it's unheard of, but it happened!! Told you Daisie was doG's little helper!!

Then it was this,

and THIS!

November 28th:

My BIG fat Georgie turned "1"!! Can you believe we actually know his B-Day??

Don't ask me why, but his favouritest foods are: parsleys and bananas!

Yes, Georgie loved his platter, and I had a teeny piece of carrot cake.....hmmmmph

Lastly (most days of November..):

The X-mas Card Exchange frenzy......

Hmmmm.... I wonder why that paw print is red??

We are going to be SOOO busy this weekend working on my cards....



Today, I got 3 more X-mas cards! They were from Opy & Charlie, Isabella, and my handsome devil Bogie!!


I'm sure most of you know by now that Bogie and I have a special relationship. So today when I got his card - yes, the testosterone rich card, I....

I... just couldn't resist......

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My pressie from Maggie!!

Ohhhhhh boy, I got another pressie today!!! It was from my friend Maggie, another Aire-girl!

Mum brought home another package, and on the package, it says "FRAGILE". I was sooo excited because I thought I had smelled another Aire-girl!!

Mum kept repeating Sunshade, be gentle, gentle, gentle, gentle, gentle, gentle, gentle X 100, you get my point.

Then she began saying GENTLE, GENTLE, GENTLE, GENTLE, GENTLE, GENTLE, GENTLE, GENTLE, etc, one louder than the next.

And then when I finally got the pressie out of the envelope, mum started SCREAMING!!!

Mum screamed and said "Sunshade, it's FRAGILE!!!". How was I suppose to know what "FRAGILE" mean? Nobody ever taught me that word before, only that "FRAGILE" and "terrier" are almost never put together....

Mum was more relaxed when she saw that it was still in one piece.

However, she kept trying to take it away from me. HELLO?? It was MY pressie?? So of course, I tried to keep it away from her anyway I could...

I tried with my mouth, but the EVIL woman stopped me,

So if I couldn't have it, then NOBODY else could!!!

However, that determined EVIL woman wrestled me aside and TOOK MY PRESSIE!!! I tried my best to take it back...but...

I can't help it, I just LOOOOOOOVE my pressie so much. LOOK, it's a mini-me!!!

Maggie's mom Sue handmade this herself, can you believe it?? Isn't it so cute, so booootiful, LIKE ME???

Oh, and see that green thing the mini-me's holding?? That's my favouritest ball ball, or you can call it a ring. Shhh..... I heard Maggie might be getting one for X-mas too!!

On the back of the ornament carved,

"To Sunshade Love, Maggie"

Along with this wonderful present was a bootiful Aire-card from Sue and Maggie.

See, I even brought it to bed with me!!

I gotta say, after receiving my pressies yesterday, and then reading about the pine cones on Bogie's post, and NOW THIS - I feel like the luckiest girl right now!!

THANK YOU Maggie and Sue so very very much! Both mum and I LOVE it!!



My friend Maggie along with the 6 months old Aire-pup Oscar are brand new bloggers!! Please go visit their blogs and say HI ok??
Please also visit Faya, the boootiful Aire-girl from Switzerland

More SNOW!!!

We got a fresh layer of snow today, and it hasn't stopped snowing yet!!!

Mum put the PINK fleece jumper suit she got from my designers, Butchy & Snickers, on me so I wouldn't get wet or cold from the snow.

I didn't mind it one bit, in fact, I think I look HOT in it!! (Bogie, Mackie, Dudley, wouldn't you guys say so *wink*)

Not only do I look good in it, the suit itself is amazing. I can lie on the snow and eat as much snow as I want and still not get cold... (umm... that makes some sense I think...)

I can roll around in the snow or do as many face rubs as my big heart desires, and still not be cold.

I can even wear snow as decorative ornaments, and still stay dry inside.

I can look a little "not all there" and yet still look good because of my jumper suit!! (yes, that makes perfect sense!!)

However, I did learn that after 2 hours of lying in a snow hole, unless you are a husky, anybody would get cold even with the jumper suit on.....

So it is best at this point to ask to be let in the warm house. But do remember to do a final roll in order to bring in as much snow as possible.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The American Airedale

Today, mum got a phone message from Susan Metcalf, editor of The American Airedale magazine. I think mum said they would like to run my un-locking car story in the next issue or something. Susan asked mum to e-mail her our address and also she is going to e-mail mum the page to okay before publishing it.

I, of course am very excited, except for one thing. The story they have is told from mum's point of view......... instead of mine.... SIGH...

Well, if you would like to read the story from my point of view with a video demonstrating "how" I un-lock my car door, just visit the link below:

A Special Day!!

Well today started out like any other ordinary day.

I dug a new hole.

Marked my my trees, poles, branches, snowballs, leaves, bags, garbage's, paper bags, soda cans, and etc.

Rolled around on the icy snow.

Had my nap on the snow.

Stole mum's right hand glove so her hand would get too cold to be snapping pictures.

And I did my usual roll just before getting into the house to make sure I bring as much snow inside as possible.

Oh and I made sure I cooled my tongue off. That is a precious tongue, it won me the photo of the month award!! (this picture is a close up of the last one, you know with the butt up and all)

However, everything changed when mum heard a msg on our phone from our next door neighbour. Our neighbour left a message saying:

"Hi Elaine, it's Malcolm here. We have here a lot of your mails, actually, none of them are for you. They are all for Sunshade. You can come and pick them up anytime."

Oh boy, more mails for me??

They were from:

1. Daisie Duke, Lillie, Kendra, Jordan, and Amy
2. Simba
3. Butchy & Snickers
4. Chiyo
5. Boo
6. Grandpa - YUP! (mum: hahahahahahahaha)
7. Dory & Liza

Some of them were from the X-mas Card Exchange:

I LOVED them all!! Thank you Butchy & Snickers (and your parents LOL), Boo, Simba, and Dory & Liza! I think mum is officially freaking out by receiving all these cards as we are far from done our cards... Told you she got too ambitious, and she can't finish them the way she had imagined...

There were also "3" B-day cards/presents!! Wow wow wow, that's like celebrating my B-Day all over again!!

First card was from my dear grandpa, you know, the one who bought me, the one who technically owns me since I was registered under his name (mum was too young), the one who paid for all my expensive surgeries because I was his dog (mum: hehehehe), the one who flew all the way here from Taiwan to look after me while mum was away, and the one who forgot I'm not bilingual.......

This is what the card looks like outside.

This magnet came with the card.

The second card was from the bootiful Chiyo.

See the bear breaking the fence?? Chiyo said that's like me breaking down my fence to go after the raccoons, and digging big holes.

Oh and you know that present? This is what's inside the present!! Chiyo knew how I love them Mousies!!

Not only was Chiyo very literary,

She was also very talented. Look at the cross stitching name patch she made for me!!! I LOVED IT!!!

The 3rd card and present came from Daisie Duke, Lillie, Kendra, Jordan and Amy!! I think this present was sent before Daisie went to the bridge because I could smell her scent on it.

This is the card from Daisie, Lillie, Amy, and my favoritest hooman pups Kendra & Jordan!!

And are you guys ready for this? This is my present made by Amy with Daisie's help.

(Daisie and I used to write e-mails to each other and she almost spoiled my surprise, but her mum Amy took over before she told me what it was...hehehe)

It's a scrap book for me to put my pictures on, and it's all PINK!!! My favoritest colour!!

And look, there are pockets for me to put things in. I was gonna put my pine cones in there, but mum said NOOOOO..... it's for flat things like pictures and certificates..... HMMMPH..

Thank you Amy, the hooman pups Kendra & Jordan, Lillie, and of course Angel Daisie!!!

Isn't this a special day??

I gotta admit tho, all those card reading and present opening got me quite tired sooo......

I feel asleep on my X-mas Cards....AND B-day cards.....