Sunday, November 25, 2012

13th Birfday Outing

Guess what day it is today????

It's my 13th SuperBIRFDAY!!!

Can you imagine? I was born 13 years ago!

Mum told me this morning that I didn't need to take any of my pills today. Usually, I have to take some pills on empty stomach an hour before breakie.

(mum: Sunshade is on a schedule of cancer fighting/preventing nutraceuticles as well as supplements for her various ailments throughout the day, but not on this special day :-))

She said I only have to worry about eating yummy foodables today. Here I was, waiting for my birfday breakie to be unwrapped,

And served!

My favouritest - whole chicken neck and back!! 

I don't get to eat whole chicken necks + backs that often anymore because mum says it is very high in phosphorous, which is not great for my compromised kidneys. (BTW, my kidneys have been said to be compromised since I was 3 years old, that's 10 years ago. Obviously, they are NOT compromised right???)

(mum: just for clarification sake, raw bones are high in phosphorous, which is a mineral that can be hard on compromised kidneys, or dogs in kidney failure. It is NOT in anyway harmful to healthy kidneys. Please don't be alarmed if you feed your healthy dogs raw bones. Sunshade has never been in kidney failure *knock on wood*, but she does have kidneys that don't work at 100%, so I have always had to feed bones to her in moderation compared to most raw fed dogs. She does love her chicken/turkey necks and backs, so I still give them to her from time to time to keep her happy.)

Is it time to eat yet??

Can I eat my BIRFDAY breakie yet??

Hey lady, how many photos can you take of the SuperDALE and a dead carcass??






After breakie, I went for a morning walk at a park I had never been to before! I love to go to new places!!

Left my SuperMARK!

Then I met a little friendly Cairn Terrier friend. His yard was adjacent to the park fence,

We said a nice hello, and I was on my way,

But who knew, he had a BODYGUARD!!!

She came charging as soon as she saw me, and both her and my ex-Cairn friend started barking and snarling at me!!

Well, I told them IT'S MY BIRFDAY SO BACK OFF!!!!! 

SuperDALE puts up with no SuperCRAP!!

(mum: what is it with Airedales!!! An Airedale and a Cairn, no problems, nice sniffs and tail wags. In comes a second dale, and all three goes nuts!)

Mum had to lift me by my harness away from the fence. She told me 13 year olds should be mellowing out now and not try to take on dogs still in their prime.

So what if I'm 13? I'm cute and IT'S MY BIRFDAY, how could they not get the memo???

I can do whatever I want,

 Whenever I want,

Wherever I want!

But most importantly, I can do NO WRONG! You got that???

Anyway, off my soap now. I found a stickie btw,

I had a good snooze on the way home, 

In the afternoon, mum decided to take me up to the mountain to play in snow, 

Last year on my 12th Birfday, we went to the beach!! See the snowy mountain tops behind me?

This year, mum thought we would do snow!! (mum: only in Vancouver can you go from sunny beach to snowy mountain all within 1 hour of driving :-))

We started our walk,

The mountain report said they got fresh snow overnight, so we thought we would get some powder. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the fresh power had melted and it was mainly icy, crunchy snow. November is still quite early for snow season.

I had to leave my SuperMARK along the trail of course, 

Icy steps.......

No problem for the SuperDALE!

Hurry up mum!!

Hmmmmm.... what should we do now??

How 'bout a snowball??

Carry on then,

Up the hill,

Follow me mum, let's take a detour on this crunchy, icy, hard to walk on snow!!

Through the trees,

 This way mum, I think I saw some cougar paw prints! Let's go find big kitties!!

Don't be afraid mum, I'll protect you like I always do,

Ok, you can throw a snowball at me,

Keeping an eye out for intruders,

Aire-scenting for intruders,

 All of a sudden, my beard got itchy.......

This is what happens when you're a lady with a beard......

Ahhhhh... feels so good....

I had some popsicles, 

Then I wanted to PLAY!!

Told mum to PLAY WITH ME!!!

So she did!!

Here comes a crunchy snow chunk,

Oops, that almost went straight down the hatch...

Brain freeze......

I took a moment to get in touch with my inner wolf. It was a good HOWWWWWWWL.....

Then I got a little bored, 

So I expressed my boredom to mum,

I told her I wanted to get moving!!!

So we did,

We got to the top of the trail where the Hollyburn lodge was located. The cross country skiing trail runs right next to the lodge, and people sometimes stop by to have a hot drink.

I watched the cross country skiers go by,

Posed for mum,

Snowman in the background,

One last snow chunk!

Then mum said we had to start heading back because the sun was setting.

I said do I have to??

Mum said yes, Bigfoot's coming!!


Oh $%&#!!


Making sure Bigfoot is not coming out from the forest!


Going..... Going.......

 And GONE!

Do you think Bigfoot can spot me???

We did manage to make it back to the SuperMOBILE safely! Below is a short video of my 13th birfday outing,

When we got home, it was time for birfday din din! I usually have a celebration on my birfday, but because mum wanted Miss Kathy to take some photos, so we did it a couple days earlier with the cake. You will get to see those pictures after Miss Kathy goes through them.

So tonight, we just had a second, mini celebration eating "noodles". It's a Chinese tradition to eat noodles on one's birfday because noodles are long, they signify "Longevity".  So mum got some weird noodles, 

(mum: they are weird because you are allergic to wheat and I try to do gluten free as much as possible!)

She made those weird noodles with tomato, garlic sauce with Feta cheese,

Then, the ritual of having gazillion pictures taken before I get to actually eat began.....


Gotta be......

Kidding me......


You done now?

Hi, birfday gurrrrl here.....

To make matters worse, she wanted STINKY to sit next to me and my foodables!!! I was NOT pleased!

STINKY turned 6 this month. The six signifies how many years I had been tortured btw!!

Time to eat!!!