Saturday, March 19, 2011

SuperDALE under the SuperMOON

Astrologists predicted that on Saturday, March 19th, 2011, the moon will reach a point in its orbit that is closest to the Earth in 18 years. At its peak, the moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual, thus the term SuperMOON.

Tonight before bed, D-Guy and mum decided to take me and STINKY to a park where there was a clear view of the SuperMOON!!!

The SuperDALE with The SuperMOON, how fitting was that?

Ok, I know the SuperMOON doesn't look too super in the picture (mum: or in real life LOL!!), but it was certainly a lot brighter than usual,

D-Guy started using his eyePhone to draw pictures. He drew a double heart here,

And a heart on top of my boootiful head,

Mum wrote my name, except she took too long so write so the camera didn't catch the last letter...... it was a special setting that took 7 seconds to take a pic,

STINKY didn't want to have his pictures taken with the SuperMOON. I guess he knew he wasn't The SuperDALE! (mum: Jaffa was afraid of the red light on the camera for some reason, and also the light from the iPhone....)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Launching the Squaire Dog Grooming Website

Finally, after 100+ hours, design and re-design and re-re-design, it's DONE!

Please have a look and let us know what you think!! You might also want to go to the Contact Form and type in some random address and click SEND. D-Guy, who is a game designer made something COOOOOOOL!

Oh yeah, and I told mum that part of the proceeds has to go to Airedale Rescue to help my fellow Airedales in need!!!!!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

D-Guy's Dream

This was a conversation between mum and D-Guy this morning. I overheard it while I was sleep-ing in-ing on the master bedroom bed.

D-Guy: I had the coolest dream, I was fighting!

mum: In what?

D-Guy: In a WARRRR!

There were these bad guys that came to the village we lived in.

You told me to walk Sunshade to safety while you stayed and fought.

You had put this weird white towel looking, armour thing on her that's supposed to be invincible.

While we were walking up this hill, I saw that the bad guys had come in already.

mum: was Sunshade ok?

D-Guy: yea yea, but I was thinking I needed to get her to safety quickly so I could go back and help you fight.

mum: that's good she was fine.

D-Guy: So we walked through this dried up river, and there were a bunch of dead whales lying around.

They must have been there for quite some time because their meat were falling off the bones and dissolving.

It was very gross to walk through.

mum: did Sunshade eat the rotten whale meat?

D-Guy: No.

D-Guy: oh and it really hurt when you accidentally walk on the bones that were sticking out.

D-Guy: Anyway, at the end of the river, there was a train.

A bad guy......

Wait, no,

A good guy (yea that's right - he mumbled), got off the train.

He had this special power where he could do mind control,

And he made everyone think that the bad guys were coming when they weren't actually.

mum: So he's a "bad" guy.

D-Guy: yea, but he doesn't know he's bad, so he thinks he's good.

mum: I see......

D-Guy: And that's the end of it, you woke me up after that.

mum: where was Jaffa?

D-Guy: hmmm.... I don't recall seeing him.

He was probably with you, fighting the bad guys.

(mum: This is what happens when you love the TV series, The Mentalist. And you decided your girlfriend MUST watch Star Wars because it's a must see for all human being. So you made her watch it before bed, but you fall asleep watching it before she did and she had to hit pause and close the lap top for you.)