Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You say WHA-AAAAT?

Would the following be the first thing you say....

"Have you ever seen pigs sit?"

If someone showed you this picture??

I'm sure you wouldn't.

But that's what stooooooopid D-Guy said when mum showed him the picture of me. Maybe he was talking about the big butt that was sitting on the white stool, wearing white and grey checkers shirt?

How does this,

Look anything like THIS???

Eating my din din

Well you saw me eat Edamame beans, so why no see me eat my din din too...(since my life is still pretty dull)

I eat a raw diet, and this was MY din din for tonight - raw beef center loin with bone bone!

Yes, both for ME please,

I don't understand why STINKY was sitting there as I obviously said they were both for me. Look at the annoyance on my face, in my eyes,

I however, did let it go as I knew chances of him eating was very slim as he's a super picky eater. I started on mine,

Just making sure that he wasn't eating. Good, he looks like he's about to turn his nose up on the meaty bone bone,

I proceeded to taking MY bone bone out of the styrofoam plate,

Next thing I knew, he was EATING!!!! Out of all the days, he chose TODAY to EAT! (mum: Jaffa is an extremely picky eater, but he does like his bones, especially beef LOL.)

I took my frustration out at MY bone bone,

Just watch me,

My bone bone on the left, see how much more efficient I was than STINKY? Thought it was a good time to switch bone bone, SHARE you know? But Evil-mum said NO!

Then I spotted with my SuperEYES that the hoomans started eating themselves, so I quickly finished MY bone bone,

And took MY spot by the hoomans,

STINKY, of course, missed out,

My first proposition - a snowpea

Sounds good!

Give it to me already!!!

The other propositions weren't that great, so I decided to go back to MY bone bone,

I talked STINKY into switching bone bones, but not only had he eaten all the meat off the bone, he also made the left over bone bone all stinky and gross. I was very hesitant and disgusted to say the least,

So I left his stinky bone there. The left over bone bone was to hard to chew anyway,

I decided to reserve my energy instead of wasting it on a too-hard-to-chew bone bone like stooopid STINKY was doing,

He eventually got my point (it always takes him a while....),

Unfortunately it was too late as the bone bone killed him, RIP dear STINKY.....

(mum: he was SLEEPING Sunshade!!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Blog Welcome Message

You see my current welcome message on the banner at the top of the page?

It says - Welcome Everyone, to the everyday adventures of "Miss Sunshade" - The SuperDALE

I'm considering changing it to - Welcome Everyone, to the everyday BORING life of "Miss Sunshade" - The SuperBORED-DALE

Yes, I basically just lie around all day (NOT on my bed b/c its taken), and watch him lick his privates all day,

Since my life is so boring currently, I thought I'd write about Edamame Beans (yeah, THAT bored...)

Edamame is an immature soybean that's grown in East Asia. It is often used in Asian cuisines, particularly that of the Japanese where it is served as a tasty and healthy appetizer. Most often, they are served steamed or boiled with a sprinkle of salt on top. The beans are inside pods that have a bit of a hairy texture.

The way to eat Edamame (for most hoomans anyway) is to split the bean pod with your fingers and eat the small, green beans inside, shown here,

Here's a live instructional video:

If you have followed the instructional video correctly, you should be left with the pod only,

Here's a closer look,

You can sometimes try getting the beans out by shaking, like so,

Of course, we must not litter. Unless of course, you have a vacuum machine like I do (its that black and tan model behind me) that will clean up after the left over pods.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vet Stem: 48 hrs Post Injection, etc...

48 hours post stem cell injection:

Pretty much nothing has changed. I still haven't gone swimming or gone to the beach, nor have I seen any bunnies. I'm still VERY bored, and I'm about to go out of my SuperMIND.

Mum took me for a car ride today, and I spotted a kitty crossing the street. So mum rolled down the car window, pulled over, and I watched the kitty. I didn't bark, I just watched it like I did with the bunnies. He (looked like a he anyway) moved slowly across the road as if he owned it, and onto the side walk, then he walked very slowly across the front lawn of a house. He reached the front porch of the house, and sat down on the first step. He licked his paws, then he wiped his face with his paws (or did he wipe his face then lick?). Anyway, he did that for 20 minutes, and we stopped there for the entire 20 minutes until he decided to go behind the house and I lost sight of him. Then I was bored again.

How about getting me a Hammie TV mum?? That'll keep me un-bored! (Pictures below were a little while ago, on 10-08-08, and the little guy was not mine, but I liked him. He reminded me of my Mousie (RIP).)

Here is another video that demonstrates how I can be entertained or un-bored. The video was taken 08-29-09. My SuperNOSE is superb, don't take your eyes off the screen!! (listen to mum squeal, and she owns two TERRIERS??)

(mum: This is why the University of British Columbia campus is one of Sunshade's favourite places to go for a walk. I knew something was inside those ivy's by Sunshade's reaction, but actually seeing it run out still made me a little squirmish. Sunshade's prey drive comes out when the critter runs, but if it stops, she doesn't escalate into preying mode.)

So are you gonna get me a hammie TV or maybe another Gerogie (RIP)?? I'm giving you ideas here to make both of our lives a little easier you know?

My plan of instigating in plays with STINKY hasn't done any good as he is still here instead of there - at his gurrrrlfriend's house.

(mum: I wish I had *ahem* I mean, Sunshade had started her blog back when she had her two TPLO knee surgeries so I could look back and see how we actually got through 3 months of inactivity TWICE while keeping our sanity in check. She was also a lot younger back then at only 3.5 years old. In the last week or so, she has become a super demanding brainiac who's obviously lacking and needing more mental stimulation. Not that she was ever ok with the world not being all about her, but still....not as bad!)

Not only is STINKY here, mum has been paying TONS of attention to him. Today, she decided to fix his weird looking head so he didn't look like a dork with huge head and small body (picture below is NOT the bootiful me),

(mum: I had been hand stripping Jaffa in stages for a few weeks now. Everything else was done and the only thing left was his head.)

So she stripped his head, and this is what he looks like now.

(mum: That was part of the process, he certainly did not look like that when he was all done Sunshade! You can see Jaffa with his new hAire-do on his blog.)

Mum took forever to groom ONE head. I had to wait for them to finish on top of being SuperBORED!

It was time to get moving,

Then I saw the mess ONE stinky head had left,

Must I be the responsible one who dictates everything???

Finally, we made it to the door, but not before we had to pose for pictures,

Can you see my eyes saying "I-WANT-TO-GO-RIGHT-NOW!"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Vet Stem: 24 hours Post Injection

You all know, STINKY was away at his gurrrrlfriend's house since Monday because of my Vet-Stem procedure. Well I had the last of that procedure - the injection, done Thursday around noon time. By the end of the afternoon on Thursday, STINKY was home already.

Hellooooo, what happened to Sunshade needs to rest so the stem cells will work??? Or Sunshade can't be bothered so her belly tuck stitches wont' rip?? All that was out the window by Thursday afternoon because mum said she "missed him" and she wanted to "see" how he does with me. Why would she miss him anyway when she's got me?

And what's to see? Him annoying me?? (FYI, Mum's "hey hey hey" in the video was NOT because she was worried that I was gonna get mad at STINKY, she was worried about me hurting my tummy stitches and also the stem cells that were just injected into me 24 hours ago.)

So I can't play, I can't go out in the yard, and I have to stay INSIDE and put up with STINKY's annoyance!!!

Might as well just put me BACK in the x-pen,

While, he, the hyper one gets the comfy bed and free roam of the house! HMMMPH!

(mum: I have no idea why, but Sunshade has been going into the x-pen on her own and staying in there ever since Jaffa came home. Maybe she thinks she can get away from him in there??)

So tell me mum, WHAT CAN I DOOOOO THEN?????

Mum then whipped out some paper from her purse and told me to read it,

I was like YEAH YEAH OKAY SURE.....

The paper basically told me to sleep for 4 weeks, so I started.

It didn't say anything about running in my dreams I don't think? I mean, as long as I don't do what
this dog did while running in his sleep, I think I'm pretty safe.

I woke up, and I had a new plan. Maybe if "I" instigate and make STINKY all hyper, then maybe mum will send him to his gurrrrlfriend's house again?

(mum: It had only been a day since the stem cells were injected into Sunshade when those videos were taken. I would love to say that the stem cells were working already at 24 hours post injection. However, what you saw in the videos above were things that Sunshade was able to do regularly prior to the Vet Stem procedure. She just had quite a bit of pent up energy from not being able to go on walks that she directed the energy towards playing with Jaffa.

Most of the dogs who have this procedure done are in pretty dire conditions where they can't even walk or are constantly limping heavily, etc. Sunshade however wasn't one of those desperate cases. She had a couple of bad episodes, but her quality of life had been pretty good the majority of the time prior to the procedure. I chose to have the procedure done now because:

  1. Hopefully she won't ever have to live through those couple of bad episodes again
  2. Hopefully, preventing her from ever having to be in so much pain that it becomes a dire or desperate situation
  3. Since Vet-Stem can now culture stem cells (meaning you only need to harvest the fat once) for the life time of the dog, it made more sense to me to have Sunshade go under anesthesia now than maybe 2 years from now.)

For anyone who is interested to learn more about this cutting edge procedure, here are some videos:

Vet-Stem News Release

Hunter the Golden Retriever & Stem Cell Therapy

Success Story (watch the before and after)

They are now testing using adult stem cells to treat spinal injuries, heart, liver and kidney disease in dogs. Perhaps in a couple of those years, this procedure could be used to help dogs with organ/spinal diseases. Isn't it exciting??