Thursday, July 29, 2010

Show Off Face Off!

Since STINKY has decided to show off his hyper-ness (mum: I would call it "agility"!) on his blog, I thought I would show off my IQ on my blog!

This took place during our morning walk this morning. Since the tennis courts were unoccupied, we went in to exercise our brains (well, I did).

This was me, The SuperDALE's first attempt,

Now this was STINKY,

BTW, remember my Whose Teefies Are These post? Most of you were right to guess that me, The Perfect me had the clean set of teefies. The dirty set of teefies belong to the one and only STINKY! Well STINKY has done a post to try and change the public impression of Dirty-STINKY.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Friend Sam

Dear friends, I would like to introduce to you my new friend - Sam. He is a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel cross, lives with his litter brother Owen, and two Sheltie siblings Tuvia and Jetta.

From left to right, Jetta, Owen, Tuvia, and Sam,

Couple months ago, Sam had an accident at home that resulted in a ruptured disc in his back. He lost the use of his hind leggies, and his mommy and daddy had to help him go to the bathroom. Sam sees my Auntie Janice too, and she gave his daddy my bloggie URL and they left me a comment. Ever since then mum has been in touch with Sam's family and we hear about his weekly improvements (GO Sam GO!). Sam now walks around in his Sam-Mobile and is absolutely loving it. He is such a happy, yet brave spirited boy!

Even though Sam is continuing to improve, this is still (has been) a daunting experience for his mommy and daddy (who love him SOOO much). Sam's daddy has started a blog for Sam documenting the accident, the treatments and therapies Sam is receiving in the hopes that it might be helpful for others facing the same ordeal. Can you guys drop by and offer some words of support?