Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Morning To You TOOOO.......

There are two possible scenarios I wake up to everyday. I showed you Scenario 1 previously already, and now......

Scenario 2

(mum: Landsharks run in the family!!!)

Please remind me ...... why I want to wake up again??

Monday, May 24, 2010

Seattle Day 2

SuperDALE note: Before we go into Day 2 of our Seattle trip that happened centuries ago, I would like to say a few things first. I'm SO sorry that I haven't posted for so long, and I'm sorry if I have worried some of you. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that I'll go MIA for 2 years (wasn't my fault!). Mum has been really busy with a lot of hooman stuff so she says, so she hasn't lend me her compooter to blog. However, I promise you that I will get my message across to the best of my SuperDALE ability (ie, opening cupboards and ripping through garbage) to have my regular blogging time back!

Now... Day 2 of our Seattle trip
(You can see Day 1 HERE)

I woke up after a good night sleep, and promptly filled my SuperTUMMY,

After breakie, we waited to check out from the hotel,

Bye-bye La Quinta Inn in Everett, WA (Where the handsome 4B's live!)

After a short drive, we arrived at the familiar land,

Yup, back to the Microsoft turf,

Since everything was already closed by the time we arrived at Microsoft yesterday, D-Guy was determined to see the company store,

As well as the Visitor Center,

Upon entering the Visitor Center,

I saw a giant bing globe,

The Then / Now Display,

Atari / XBOX 360

Typewriter / Microsoft Office

Video recorder / Windows Movie Maker

Television / Microsoft Mediaroom

Cell phone / Smartphone

Camera / Windows Photo Gallery

Walkman / Zune

VCR / Windows Media Center

Library card catalog / Bing

Altair / Today's PC

We continued touring inside the visitor center,

Here's a video of the Microsoft Visitor Center,

D-Guy checked out the Zune,

He stopped by the Windows Phone section,

Then he sat down, and I waited patiently (for a lonnnnnng time),

We went to check out Microsoft Surface,

D-Guy started a game,

He told mum to play with him,

I waited patiently,

Until I couldn't be patient anymore,

They quit the game, and D-Guy found his soulmate aka. his wife,

Fun Fact:
Did you know D-Guy eats and sleeps around this machine at home?

I, once AGAIN, waiiiiiiiiited.......

The Courting began, (and my thoughts on it)

D-Guy moved on to the Microsoft Research Center,

Out of no where, mum had a sudden impulse to show her butt crack,

Then she thought the visitor center was a gym and started doing some weight lifting,

She lifted 75 lbs of SuperWEIGHT,

And I said #%$&@....

My #%$&@ face mysteriously appeared on this monitor. There was a page of individual words that you could choose from to formulate a sentence,

Here you can see our picture and our message appear on the projector around the corner,

We exited the Visitor Center and headed to the Microsoft Company Store,

Some of the merchandise,

Wardrobe of D-Guy's wife,

These are special kind of snuggies, they're MICRO-SOFT snuggies. I guess that means they're extra soft.

HALO 3 section,

I watched as D-Guy walked around the store like a hooman pup in a candy shop,

He didn't get anything though, and we left the store,

We went outside,

And walked towards the YummyTeria because the hoomans got hungry.

Once outside the YummyTeria, you know what THEY DID TO ME - The SuperDALE????

They TIED ME UP to a BENCH...!!!!

I couldn't believe it! Wasn't she worried that someone might steeeeeeeeal me??

(mum: Normally I would never tie Sunshade or Jaffa outside anywhere unless I can get a clear view of them. Sunshade is very good about not going with anyone, and it's pretty tough to make her move if she decides she doesn't want to. Friendly Jaffa on the other hand would happily go with anyone. However, I was comfortable making an exception today due to the security measures at Microsoft. You would need to be with someone who was a Microsoft employee with the swipe card to have access to Microsoft grounds, plus there were security cameras everywhere.)

I missed out on all the yummmmmmmmy stations....

I was in there yesterday when nobuddy was there to cook for me, now that the cooks were working, I was TIED OUTSIDE!

Microsoft's own Pike's Place,

It's their Jamie Oliver station with fresh deli, gourmet foodables. D-Guy aka Kung Fu Panda said he saw a statue of me,

And Kung Fu Panda wanted to take a picture with the "me",

Mum decided to get lunch from Noodle Bowl,

She added lots of fire sauce to her noodles,

D-Guy got and sandwich from Pike's Place, and they came back to me.


I was UN-STOLEN!! They should feel very fortunate.

I had a drink of water first,

Then mum handed me a teeny plate of foodables she picked out from her noodle bowl before she added the fire sauce,


After lunch, we left the expensive land and headed up north on I-5 towards home.

On the way back, they decided to stop and engage in some VERY BORING activities. I waited by the DaleMOBILE as they got ready,

They assembled MY SuperSTROLLER,

Since it was going to be extremely boring, I was inclined to go into my SuperSTROLLER right away. However, my request was declined immediately. According to Evil-mum, she didn't want me to get in the habit of getting lazy whenever MY SuperSTROLLER was in sight.
Sooo she made me walk......

This is the Premium Outlet in Seattle, WA. Where Canadians come to do the extremely BORING activity (mum: extremely boring activity = shopping. Sunshade HATES shopping!)

D-Guy went to get some paper stuff, and while he was away, I saw a Darwin look alike, except he had lovelies and he was fawn in colour. (mum: lovelies = testicles. Sunshade adores un-neutered males (dogs).) I wanted to say HI to his lovelies, but his dad was in a hurry to go even tho his mom wanted him to meet The Muscle Butt beauty.

D-Guy came back with these. Apparently, they will save them some $$ so they can buy me extra yummies!!

The boring-ness began......

Then I was un-bored, as the stare-off competition commenced. The pedestrian traffic halted as no hooman wanted to set off either opponent.

She broke the silence first by yelling WHA-ROOOOOOOOARRRRRR WOOO LOOOOOKING AT #$%&@ !?!?!

I responded back with YOOOOOOO WERE LOOOOOOOKING AT ME FIRST $#&@!!!!!

Yes, we Airedales are so polite sometimes when we first meet.

Then everything was fine.

Well, I peed in front of her.

Told her with my eyes that I was her elder, and she better respect me, OR ELSE!

This is Lucy, she respected me as did I her. She is 4 years old, and came from a breeder on Vancouver Island. You wanna know something funny? As it turned out, Lucy lives 10 minutes away from us, and her daddy's office is ONE BLOCK away from our house! Her dad was putting our contact # in his phone so maybe a playdate could be set up in the future.

Did you notice Lucy's coat? She has
MY kind of coat known as the sheep coat. See how light her leg colour is, how far the black hair extended down on her thighs, and how dark her ears are even at 4 years old? She will not lose the dark ears, just like my ears that are still dark after 10 years. (mum: I didn't realize how much lighter Sunshade's hair has gotten until I met Lucy.... I guess age is catching up to her... I have included a couple of pictures of Sunshade when she was a year old with her dark, fluffy sheep coat.)

I was un-bored for a short while because of Lucy. However, once we got moving, I was right back to being bored. Finally, mum said I could go into MY SuperSTROLLER!!!

Then the boring-ness officially started,

It began in Adidas store, 50% OFF on selected items,

Socks anyone?

Continued to the Puma store,

I was like whatever, as long as you leave me in MY SuperSTROLLER, you can take your time,

So they did. Apparently, my SuperSTROLLER was too wide to go around in the Puma store, so they "parked" me.

Yes, PARKED...... (mum: Sunshade is a very confident girl. She doesn't panic or get excited/worried/anxious easily, and that makes taking her to a crowded place a piece of cake.)

As mum and the D-Guy were busy boring-ing, I became live entertainment for hooman pups.

Hooman pup stroller vs. SuperSTROLLER. In hind sight, I probably should have put my water bowl out to earn some treat money.

Off we went!

To Reebok..........

To be parked......

We walked by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory,

And mum wanted something. So I was parked,

Mum got an I-SCREAMMMMMM! She shared a little bit with me,

But I wanted moooooooooore,


Look at my happy beard!!

D-Guy and I took a break by the fountain as mum continued the boring-ness on her own,

I again, became the live entertainment for hooman pups,

After mum came back, I decided it was time for me to stretch my leggies,

We went to Vitamin World,

Where mum bought some supplements for me and STINKY, (mum: supplements are SO much cheaper in the US....)

It was time for D-Guy to get a treat, so we walked to the Fudgery,

I was offered the poisonous ice cream, but I politely declined.
I DO NOT like Chocolates remember??

Then I met a Prince

Now I know why Boo is called Boo Casanova!

(mum: even though I did not ask, I am 100% sure the little guy was not neutered based on Sunshade's reaction.

Yes he had his lovelies, and the other dog in the video was a gurlie, I don't play with gurlies.

After my HOT date with the Prince, I needed to cool down (with my coooool XBOX 360 tag attached!),

Might as well take a nap on the cool concrete while mum shopped Guess,

After mum was done at Guess, we headed towards her next destination,

The kitchenware store - to get poultry shears for cutting STINKY's meat into bite sizes *extreme eyeroll*.

Yes, that's me waiting patiently outside without having to be tied up.

I am a GOOOOOOD gurrrrrl! I don't get worried or anxious, I don't bother anybody, I don't wander off, I don't walk away with anyone, I just wait for mum. If the door is opened tho, I would totally wander in to look for mum...hehehe!

My SuperREWARD - chicken strip. No its ok, you don't have to use the new poultry shear to cut it up, I can eat a whole piece just fine by myself!

Nothing is too big for a SuperMOUF!!

Then it was SuperSTROLLER time,

We moved toward the hooman's next target store,

I snoozed a little on the way there,

The SONY store. Those hoomans asked mum if I was the dog they saw earlier? I bet it was Lucy that they saw!

After SONY store, mum wanted to go to a gurrrrrlie clothing store that had a horrible smell (mum: the horrible smell was actually the perfume fragrance they had inside). So me and the D-Guy opted to stay outside and wait,

Then of course, I missed another chance to earn some treat money!!

The boring-ness soon started up again. See that sad doggie in the mirror??

D-Guy liked sporty stores a lot, so we visited all them. NIKE was the last sporty store (Thank doG!),

Look! It says Canada on the shirts (because 70% shoppers there are from Canada LOL!!)

I had seen so many of the same things, I was really starting to get SuperBORED.....

Mum took me to the shoe section,

She asked me which pair of shoes were good, and I picked a pair for her,

Waited for her to try them on, but she decided not to get them. HUMMMPH!

It was getting late, so mum and the D-Guy decided to each go to their last store and call it a day. I was so relieved, I didn't even mind being parked outside, yet again. D-Guy was in the Entire Store 40% Off store,

And mum was in the disgusting smelling store across, (mum: Crabtree & Evelyn. Sunshade doesn't like anything with strong fragrances.)

Just as mum was lining up to pay for the yucky things she was about to buy (mum: hand soap!!!!), she saw I was being ambushed by a pack of hooman pups,

She quickly put down the yucky merchandises (thank doG!) and came to my side.

Not that I would get mean or anything, mum just prefers to be around to supervise when hooman pups are involved. I guess that's a good idea because some hooman pups aren't used to doggies and they might be too rough with us. So having mum there she can make sure they're gentle with me and teach them how to properly pet a doggie. These hooman pup's mommy allowed them to pet me without first asking mum (who was not around), and umm..... unfortunately, that isn't always the best idea when approaching a strange doggie. They should always ask for permission before touching the dog. Just because a dog looks friendly, it doesn't mean that he or she actually wants to be touched all over by 6 strange hands!

Lucky for them, I'm pretty good about being petted, I don't usually acknowledge the petting, but I don't get mean about it!

Now this hooman pup was sooooo cute (says mum), she kept saying "let me out, let me out" cause she wanted to pet me too like her big sissy and brother got to do. Poor little hooman pup, her mommy was talking to another person and didn't help her..... I wasn't about to help her either as I had had enough of the hooman pups for today (refer to my facial expression).

FINALLY! It was time to leave boring-land towards MY DaleMOBILE,

I got out of the SuperSTROLLER,

and went for a pee,

I watched as they took MY SuperSTROLLER away to begin the disassembling process,

While mum was taking down the SuperSTROLLER, I found something to do (with D-Guy's approval),

After she finished disassembling the SuperSTROLLER, Evil-mum decided to take the pouch (with chicken jerky yummies in them) away!!! Look at the confusion on my face.... D-Guy let me O-K-A-Y???

Fine! I'll drink some ice water instead, HUMPH!

Then I located MY din din, and I fed myself din din,

Of course, Evil-mum had to come take MY din din away, (mum: there were still quite a bit left, way more than her usual dinner portion. Tough luck for Miss Piggy LOL!)

She told me it wasn't an All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet (like the one she and the D-guy had WITHOUT me),

And she insisted on feeding me bit by bit.....

After din din, they loaded me and everything else into the DaleMOBILE. While I was in the DaleMOBILE, I thought I might be able to dig out some more foodies,

No luck tho, Evil-mum packed them to ensure that I couldn't get to them. That's my frustrated face,

We started our drive back home,

I miraculously survived the trip without being crushed,

Since it was the end of the long weekend, there were a lot of cars at the border,

I had a wait for a long time,

And I really don't like waiting,

Patience is not my strong suit..... (although I didn't mean to show my teef to the car next to us, I needed to sneeze unfortunately)

When we came home, mum went to pick STINKY up from his wife Lola's house. He brought pressies for me!!!! He must have missed me too much.

(mum: those were presents from Lola's mom Sunshade!)