Saturday, December 31, 2011

WHAT THE *%$&!!!!!!!

You've GOT to be $%&#*& KIDDING me RIGHT???

Why am I ON-LEASH,

Inside MY OWN HOME!!!!!


(if you don't know what that means, refer to my face)

Here's how the count down went....






$#%&@*% NEW YEAR!

Seriously, WHAT THE $%&# is THIS????

This was NOT the New Years Eve surprise I was hoping for when mum disappeared with STINKY for two days.


Three letters keep popping up in my head:

WT$, WT%, WT#, WT&!!!!!

And you know WHAT?

I'm NOT the ONLY one not appreciating this surprise. Even STINKY didn't want to have ANYTHING to do with the THING!!! (mum: I told Jaffa to "stay" to get a picture, he kept trying to get away.)

That's MY $#%&*#@ food!!!!

Why is The THING eating MY $#%&*#@ food???

How dare it ate MY food!! Now give me that elk tendon, I need to eat to release stress!!

If you are just as @%#$&*% confused and p$ssed as I am, please go visit STINKY's bloggie. He for once is innocent, I can tell he does NOT appreciate this either!!

I went through this 5 years ago, I'm NOT going through this AGAIN!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Guess what mum got D-Guy for Christmas???


A CHICKEN stuffed in a DUCK stuffed in a TURKEY!! That's what D-Guy got for Christmas, HAHAHA!

It was very big, so D-Guy decided to share with his friends. We went to Yuji & Kumiko's place because their place was sort of in the middle of everyone's. This was Yuj admiring the bootiful me,

Kumiko admiring the bootiful me too!

The TURDUCKEN was taking a long time to cook, so I napped while the other guys watched the hockey game.

I woke up from extreme hunger.... I went to the kitchen and asked Yuj if he needed my help to speed things up,

He thanked me but said I still needed to wait a while... I was so hungry, so I went to look for food in mum's baggie,

Kumiko got hungry too, see,

I asked her to share with the perfect me!!

But Evil Mum said NO!


Yuj said it was reaaaaaady!!

D-Guy got the honour to cut up the Turducken, since it was his pressie LOL!


Hurrrrry up D-Guy!

Can I eat yet??

I think this is a good spot, don't you think?

Ok, I'll settle for the seat beside D-Guy, as long as you feed me!

Everybody say Tur-duc-kennnnnn!!

Now feeeeeeed me....

I said PLEASE!

Pretty please....


After din din, the guys played poker,

Remember I played poker too on MY 12th Birthday at River Rock Casino Resort??

But remember either there was a cheater or my hands were rigged to LOSE???

Yea.. I flipped the table a bit...

Well, I just don't take losing very well!

Anyway, it was a great great, SuperYUMMY din din!! Thank you Yuj and Kumiko!!

You want to know what the best part was? The SuperDALE magic worked AGAIN!

It was that night that Yuj and Kumiko decided they were going to get a gurrrrrlie Airedale!!

(mum: Yuj and Kumiko have always really liked Sunshade, but for a while, Yuj didn't really like the terrier look he saw in the breed encyclopedia. He said he didn't like them unless it looked like "Sunshade". I finally had to explain to them that if you want a Sunshade look, you clip the coat. Most of the pictures in the breed books show a stripped coat. So when they sent in their puppy questionnaire, they put they wanted a "curly, soft, sheep coated" girl LOL. The pups were born in January, and will be ready to go in March. They are getting the ONLY girl in the litter, just like how Saphie was the only girl from her litter! I can't wait to get Saphie together with Yuj & Kumiko's pup!)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Walk

Instead of a white Christmas, we had a wet Christmas...

We went to UBC Campus for a walkie,

STINKY found a stickie,

I said what about ME???

I want a stickie too!!!

Yes that'll do!

Give it to me now please!

Thank you very much!

MY stickie, don't even think about it!!!

No, don't want to play with you....


Off I went!

We continued walking,

To our first destination, (mum: "hers".)

Yes, I first aire-scented, and then I checked under the garbage bin to see if there were any critters.

While I was busy being a good terrier, STINKY and D-Guy were busy being ..... not sure what,

I continued to walk towards my next destination while STINKY ran back and forth,

Sometimes he went as far as that!!! (mum: no cars allowed on that part of the campus unless it's UBC service vehicle.)

Every time STINKY went too far, mum and D-Guy would hide from him, but the hiding spots they picked were always so easy that STINKY he would find them in a flash (seriously).

(mum: I think he finds us so fast because he sees his Sunshade looking directly to her right! Maybe you should hide with us next time??)

I'll consider.

I found a rockie,

I wanted someone to pay attention to me and MY special rockie!!

D-Guy tried to get me,

I played Keep-Away,

And I won of course,

STINKY started training for his Cirque du Soleil try out,

Anyway, almost to my second destination. Guess where I was going?

Yup, to the GARBAGE!!!

This one was a hit, a squirrelie ran out and into those hedges,

Third destination...

(mum: yes, the route of our Christmas walk went from garbage bin to garbage bin to the next garbage bin... lol. She knows where each is located, and she has to check them out for any rats/mice/squirrels and even raccoons.)

Walking towards the next destination,

Here we are, and guess what I see?

Another hit!!

Then we headed to one of my favouritest spots on campus,

The ivy mountain!

It's STINKY's favouritest places too b/c he's been following me for the last 5 years,

Let the game begin!!

THROWWWWW the pine cone into the ivies!!!

This is a game me and mum invented when she was going to school here back in 2001. I was only 2 years old then. 10 years later, we still come back to the same spot to play the same game. STINKY was introduced to MY game, and after 5 years, he finally got the hang of it!

Then D-Guy wanted to go home because we had been out for 2 hours already. But I wanted to go LEFT, there were more garbage bins that way.....

I wanted to go RIGHT, more garbage bins that way.......

Stoopid D-Guy said NO!!! Humph!

When it's just me and mum, she always gives in to my pleading faces and turn a planned 1 hour walk into 3 hours, but D-Guy, he just walks off!!!!!

Hope you've all had a great Christmas with lots of garbage bins to check!!

If you would like to see some AWESOME X-mas lights me and STINKY saw, please scroll down to the post below, or click here.