Monday, October 16, 2006

My mum needs help.....

Man....I really think my mum needs some professional help.......

You have seen the signages , and now, you are about to see the rest of the collection of an obsessed woman!!

It starts from our front door.....

One of the two wall cabinets in the livingroom..........

These are the only stuffies mum will NOT let me touch, doesn't matter how many times I've tried to let her know how much I really really want them from barking at them from below.

Things scattered across the livingroom wall..............

Close up on some of those things:

My picture with my paw print, painted pink!

An Airedale mirror,

Not exactly sure what this is suppose to be, but it's made out of clay on a tiny frame.

Block mounted picture of me

Another picture of me,

China plate with and adult Airedale and a puppy on it! Mum thinks it's very adorable!

Second livingroom wall cabinet.............

Close up on the things inside:

Now this blue thing with an Airedale head you see below is actually a rock with MY face painted on it!!

The desk clock and the watch were made from my pictures,

Mum made these picture frames while we were at Camp Ruffin'It, a weekend camp for dogs and their people. Yes...those are painted milk bones.....

Some more block mounted pictures of me beside the wall cabinet,

Other things scattered over the house...............

Too early for X-mas? I agree. The weirdest part is, this stocking is there all year round..... Told ya she needs help!!

Pewter image made from my head shot,

This one is a given............

My leash & harness rack. This is supposedly an Airedale, but............... hmmmm...

This thing twirls in the wind,

SOOOO.... wouldn't you agree my mum needs some serious help?? Don't get me wrong, I love my mum very much, but you don't see me decorating my room with weird looking Asian dolls and stuff do you?? Think about how creepy mum would think of that!!!


Boo Casanova said...

oh sunshade, you are so precious to your mom. i wish to have the "welcome" sign with my picture on it though. it is a wonder how your mom managed to find so many thing airedale!

mom was saying she wanted to get a painting of me.

soon, i'll have my own photo in a calendar!!!

licky wet wet licks


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

hello Miss Sunshade! I think your Mom's pretty things are just sooooo coool! And all with your face on, she must be soooooo proud of you.

I have got Jeannie working hard this morning on My Blog......she is attempting to put some links on the sidebar (the air is blue at the moment I am afraid!) is it ok to put a link to your blog if she succeeds in beating the computer into submission? Pretty Please??

Love n Licks, Marvin the Dog. ps just love those pics!

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Sunny,

I'm afraid that is what happens to your person when they are your soul mate. All of a sudden everything looks like you. My mom hasn't gotten quite that bad, she has the little human brothers to decorate the wall with, but she is totally obsessed with herding dogs...primarily shelties. She has this italian charm bracelet that has nothing but pictures of shelties. She has some reproductions of sheltie drawings...

You just sort of take it in stride as your right. You are a SuperDale afterall. As a wonderful companion dog, you get to expect this sort of thing.

M-the-V may feel free to talk as much as you want on my blog. You know I'm rivited to anything you say. I'm sorry to hear your health problems are so bad. Renal issues are horrible. One of my kittie brothers died of renal failure while Mom was on vacation. The young girl who was staying here didn't notice. I don't know how, I tried to show her the problem. But she didn't want to deal with it. Mom has been heartbroken about that for years.

PSS...My birthday is coming up!! I'm going to be 6! (psst it is Nov 1).

e said...

!! We just lost the comment we were about the post. Here goes again.
Sunshade. your mummy loves you! Funny about deorating with Asian dolls. In her childhood, E grew up with weird Japanese dolls that looked like this:
She had no idea why her father thought it was a good idea to decorate a home with such evil, scary looking things! Glad your mum found cuter stuff to decorate with!

p.s. Will you be making a button so we can put the DWB Xmas Card Swap on our blogs??

Fei & E

Urban Smoothie Read said...

OMG!! wat a collection....

u must had spent $$$ on customize those stuff....

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
Yes, I can diagnose your mom as officially crazy...about you!!!! And no wonder, since you are the superest of Super-Dales!! My mom is still working on her collection of black poodle stuff, but still has a ways to go :)

umekotyan said...

Good evening I'm sorry ..comment.. slowing.
It is enclosed by a lot of dogs, and is satisfactory.
And, it is arranged well.


Sam Iam said...

That's the Biggest collection...You have the same collection like Elvis.woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oy our moms must be twins! Ours are "Luckys" and there are hundreds and hundreds. When we were moving a year ago, Mommy packed everything up in boxes - we didn't move and most of them are still in boxes, just a choice few here and there....I see you have a stuffy Lucky in your collection, we have the same one.


Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

oh my god sunshade! your mom has sooooooo many things decorated with airedales and of you!!! does she live alone, or does she share it with people? i am guessing she lives alone, or else her roommate has close to no possessions :p hee hee... but don't let them creep you out. instead of being a vain girl yourself, you have your mom to do it for you! :p i must get HM to get some of my pictures up too! :)


Bogart H. Devil said...

Awwwwwwwww your mom LOVES you!!!!!


jaffeboy said...

That is absolutely cool!!! I'm gonna make sure MaMa get a wall paper with me on it. "Wall of fame"?

ave fénix que renace said...

Hi Sunshade! Wow! That's a lot of Airedale stuff! I just got my own WFT stocking for this Christmas. My human is applying for a faculty position in the music school at UBC. I'm a great singer, maybe I'll apply to UBC!
Your friend,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your mama loves you very much Sunshade. I can see why since it isn't hard at all to fall in love with you!

Chelsea said...

And people think My Mama is obsessed....
I have my OWN room painted pink, decorated with poodles everywhere and a big day bed all for me to sleep on during the day...(I sleep in the big bed with mama and papa at night)
Your mom really loves you.

THAT doesn't make her crazy.
I think our moms make up for all the people who treat animals sad as it is.


Anonymous said...

Your Mom is definitely NOT crazy! You're just so beautiful and she loves you so much, she likes to surround herself with your images. You are a lucky girl Miss Sunshade!


Chelsea said...

My Mama still can't find the link to get us signed up for the xmas card exchange.

We have a membership now on dogs with blogs...would you be so gracious to send it again??

Unknown said...

Wow Sunshade!
Your Mama is not crazy, she just has excellent taste!! What a great collection of Airedale things she has. So neat! Our Mama only has a few fox terrier things cause she is almost out of room in the house from her Moose collections. We think we need to steal some of her moose things and bury them outside then she'll have room for more of us, hehehe!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Herbie said...

well... the painted milkbones can be quite handy in an emergency...

the only doggy thing decorating our house is my fur all over the furniture.

Fu Fu said...

Hey Sunshade, That's alot of collection your mum did. I like the thingy that twirls in the wind.

Woh. maybe you could start a collection of your mum for her. Hee

~ fufu

Hana said...

Wowie Zowie!! And I thought my mum was a crazy eskie lady... YOUR mum is a crazy superdale lady, and BIG TIME! Yeah, I think you should start a collection of things that look like your mum.

By the way, you said on a comment on my dog blog that your mum took a pic of you that looked like a ghostly image. Are ya gonna post it?

Joe Stains said...

maybe your mom should get a perm so her hair can look like you!!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hey Sunshade,
My mum and I are soooo envious of the collection that your mum has of you/ your breed!! As I am a mixed (maltese and shih-tzu cross), mum can never find anything.. it's always either maltese OR shih-tzu.. *pouts*.. so she'd kinda given up.
You mum must love you loads.. lucky gal!

Anonymous said...

wah!!.. it's amazing..

i'm like thinking how long it took your mum to collect everything? From before you or after you?

It's such a lovely collection though.

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear Miss Sunshade - my mom is ENVIOUS. I can see light bulbs flashing round her head. She is telling me about her crazy ideas - putting everything bull terrier in the house.

Oh by the way, Buster told me to contact your mom about some X-mas card exchange. How do I go about doing the Xmas card thingy.

Hugs, Scuba

Sunshade said...

Boo: mum used to go to a lot of those stupid doggie shows when she was showing the Bouvier and they have lots of cool stuff. Mum says she'll keep a look out for you for the Shih Tzu welcome sign....but it probably won't be your picture tho. You should have you painted, mum is still working towards my first painting. She lost the last painting again...

Marvin: I really hope your blog problem gets resolved. Computers are so stupid sometimes, and mum almost made me chewed up my computer a while ago!

Dearest Maxey: really, is that what soulmates do?? I better start collecting scary looking Asian dolls...hehe! Hey, I'm a November baby too, and I'll be 7 this Nov.

Oh Fei: I know what Eve is talking about, those dolls ARE super scary looking, not pretty at all in my opinion. Hey, your idea of the X-mas card exchange button is so cool!! Glad Greg will be helping with it!

Amanda & Pacco: well mum didn't get them all at once. These are the things she's collected over the last 7 years. Some were found in garage sales believe it or not!

T-man: hehe...I second our diagnosis!! YES I am the superest SuperDALE, thanks my friend.

Ume tyan: hey there, thanks for visiting my blog again! Glad you think the things are arranged nicely because I swear my mum just threw them in!!

Sam: REALLY? I'm comparable to the KING?? WOW!

Buster: Our moms have the same name, they are both crazy collectors for our breed, what else do they have in common? Your Lucky sounds like your mama's very special girl (of course, you are her special boy)!!

Chiyo: yuppers, mum and I live alone. Nevermind about mum's crazy decorations, you think anyone would be able to put up with ME??

Bogie: hey handsome! I *think* mum loves me too!

Jaffe: Wall of Fame sounds great!! Maybe you should start by tearing the wall apart?? That could be part of Wall of Fame couldn't it?

Lenny: hey pal, I really hope your hooman gets the position at UBC. I love the ivy bush outside the music building, I'm always digging for pine cones there!!

Zach: Thanks, but please, try not to encourage mum.....

Anonymous: hi there, thanks for leaving a comment, and I'm glad you think I'm so lovable!! MUAH! More love to you!

Chelsea: wow you have a whole room painted pink for you?? Ok, maybe crazy is the normal for our moms!! I have already left the link on your blog, hopefully I'll get your info soon!!

Hi Ann: Thank you so much, you think I'm beautiful too?? I know mum thinks so, that's why she's a little crazy.....about me as T-man put it!

Butchy & Snickers: hey guys, I think your idea of chewing up some of that Moosie stuff is great, because.........shhhh....I think more is coming...hehe! YOu didn't hear it from me ok?

Herbie: HAHAHAHAHA you got that right, at least I won't starve to death during an earth quake! Wow, your house must be so warm with your fur decoration!!

Fufu: please, I'm not THAT crazy about my mum, plus I think a collection of her would FREAK HER OUT!!

Hana: I see that we both suffer from crazy mums... OH well, I guess they just love us TOO much. I'll send you the link of the ghostly photo on your blog, just don't faint or anything ok?

Joe and Tanner: sure do come up with some neat ideas. Should mum dye her hair partially blond too?? She has black hair to begin with.

Huskee: that's why you need to have things made from your pictures!! A painting perhaps? I think you look more Shih Tzu -ish than Maltese, and I love your colouring (I think I've said this way too many times)!

Kingsley: Hi pal, thanks for visiting. Mum started collecting after she got me. It took her 7 years to collect al that, little by little. I'm glad you think the collection is nice, but please dont' tell me mum....

Hey Scuba: Uh oh....your mom is gonna turn crazy like mine too, watch out!! I'm gonna post the link to the X-mas exchange on your blog ok?? Thanks for visiting by the way!!


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Your mumma just loves you Miss Sunshade - that's all :-)


Charlie said...

Dog, is your mom crazy... ABOUT YOU!! That's the best kind of crazy!
- Charlie

Deb said...

Wow Sunshade! I thought my momma had a lot of dachsie stuff, but I think you're mom's in 1st place and mine is in 2nd. Momma wants as much as your mom has, but it comes a piece at a time, little by little and just like my momma your mom will keep buying and buying until there's no room left and we end up sleeping in dog houses. Oh, I perish the thought! They must be stopped! We'll have to get together and figure something out and fast!

Your pal,

Freda said...

Hey Sunshade,

As it was barked before, where's your collection of Mum stuff. We've got to see that! You love her as much as she loves you. Where are you hidin' all that stuff?

And how do you not break things as you tear around the house? I have to be careful with my tail. It's a little longer than yours.

Neato stuff, your mum has.


MJ's doghouse said...

my name is sunshades mom and I am a collectablholic....the first step is to admit she has a problem...poor embarrassing...maybe you should start collectin dead stuff....and she will get the idea

Bailey/Tasha/Maddie said...

WOW you have alot of stuff

Can you message me on my blog at let me know where you got the paw print picture from .. i would love to get my dogs one :)

Anonymous said...

Yup... I must agree with you... about the serious help part... there's alcoholics out there with drinks.. then there's you with the dog stuff... I'm scared... and stop laffing like that on the phone.. halloween is coming !

MJ said...

Seriously possessed!