Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Favourite Story - The chickenDALE (part 2)

Ok, since you guys all seemed to want a sequel to the original chickenDALE story with a particular video.... I have decided to invite the "chickenDALE" (NOT the SuperDALE ok?) back to finish the rest of the story with that particular video... (be patient....)

If you are just reading this, you may want to read Part 1 of My Favourite Story before reading on.

Since I ....umm ....... I mean the chickenDALE got stuck again upstairs, mum and I took the opportunity to film the whole story.

The chickenDALE's caretaker has tried putting treats down on every step to encourage the chickenDALE to go down. In this case, the treats were of dehydrated chicken - one of the chickenDALE's favourite!

Did the chickenDALE go down??

Did the chickenDALE even look like she cared about those yummy treats?? I personally think the chickenDALE's head was too occupied with how she was going to get down that treats no treats made no difference. Wondering about where those yummy dehydrated chicken treats ended up?? Well I......... oops...nono, the chickenDALE ended up with ALL that freebies!!!

The caretaker also tried putting no skid runners down,

Did the chicken get kicked out of the chickenDALE??

The runners that were put in this video did not have the rubbery non-skid thingy on the bottoms, however, attempts with the non-skid runners before have all failed.

SOOOOO...... the caretaker was the chickenDALE's only hope of ever setting foot on the first floor....

However, the chickenDALE has a very annoying habit. You will see that the doors upstairs were all closed in order for filming to go smoothly. Normally, when the chickenDALE starts whining and indicating she wants to go downstairs, the caretaker would go and try to help her. This doesn't mean the chickenDALE cooperates. The dignity issue that comes with the DALE part of this unique hybrid sets the chickenDALE off running whenever the caretaker tries to pick her up. If the caretaker stops pursuing the chickenDALE, the chickenDALE then goes back to the staircase opening and starts whining again. So what always ends up happening is a big cat and mouse chase between the caretaker and the chickenDALE until the chickenDALE is eventually caught!!


Notice how proficient the caretaker was at putting her "slippers" on in the beginning?? The chickenDALE of course is soooo used to the pampering, she never struggles in her caretakers arms.

Thanks to the chickenDALE, her caretaker never has to work out. Just look at this!!

So, the chickenDALE lives happily ever after!! As for her caretaker, well, the story is not about her...


My thoughts:

First of all, I believe the caretaker should be VERY thankful of the workout opportunity the chickenDALE presents her with everyday. It saves her a lot of time and money from not having to go to the gym.

I also think this chickenDALE just "thinks" that she can't do those stairs. You must understand, this chickenDALE has a very complex mind. She thinks A LOT, often waaaay too much, and sometimes, she is her own worst enemy without knowing ..... just like last time when she held her poop for 6 days.... Well, that's another story for another time!!

As of now, the SuperDALE who is NOT the chickenDALE says Good-Bye and thank you for reading!!


Thank you everyone for participating in the X-mas Card Exchange, it's gonna be so much fun and I can't wait to get my cards!! If you have missed it this year, well, there is always next year!!

The final list of the 58 participants will be sent out after I finish blogging......hehehehe!!


Boo Casanova said...

omDOG! that caretaker sure has a errmm... little moussie hidden there!

okay sunshade, have you tried company the chickenDALE down by her side? maybe that will work instead of you waiting for her down stairs!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am impressed! Thanks so much for the HUGE smile!
Hey great idea Boo! Sunshade and her mum walk downstairs really close together. How about that Sunshade? You trust your mom enough to do that, right? Those steps will not defeat you! You're an Airedale!

Sue and Maggie - who does do stairs but they aren't her favorite thing.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! sunshade your mom sure is POWDERFUL!!! :) hee hee... i can't believe she can carry you down 3 flights of stairs without flinching or putting you down for a rest. HM can't even carry me to and from downstairs single-handed without complaining how sore her arm is! she has LOTS to learn from your mom. maybe i should go eat more and put on some weight to train her muscles :)

hee hee... we belong to the ChickenDogs. i also don't do stairs. i will stop at the top too and whine and give paw until HM scoops me up :p


Anonymous said...

oops!!! i am sorry!!! i meant to say the caretaker is powderful! :p but she does look awfully like your mom... hee why does the chickendale have to make things difficult by running around? :p


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hmmmmm...very thought provoking video. Wish I had stairs.

Bussie Kissies

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Your mom is so beautiful! Everything here is on a single level so I don't have to worry about stairs. Just a question- how do you get up the stairs? If you do up the stairs, it seems to me you could face the way you go up and back up? Also, if the treats were one side and not in the middle, then you could step down sort of sideways.


Simba and Jazzi said...

I think the caretaker looks like she enjoys carrying you down the stairs.

Why walk when someone else can carry you?

Simba x

Charlie said...

Wow, Sunshade, you're.. um I mean that chickenDALE's.. too smart for her own good!
- Charlie

Murphey said...

Hey, whatever works I say! Getting carried has it's benefits, so they might think it's chickenDale, but I think it's SmartDALE. At least that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

murph the dog

Joe Stains said...

thinking a lot is not a bad thing!! one can have such a complex mind it may feel as though its breaking your neck.

or you could be a doofus, like my brother. I believe us thinkers are much better off :)

Anonymous said...

Sunshade, my videos aren't working! I wish I could see the chickenDALE and the caretaker.

BTW, Elaine, the sheep-coat girl, Lambie Pie, is on the ATRA Web site
Look for Lexxy (NOT her real name IMO).

Studly Dudley said...

Miss ChickenDALE,

Okay.. while Sunshade is not around to get jealous.. I must say this:

You are so beautiful.. I have a hard time figuring out who is really more gorgeous, you or Miss Sunshade. It makes me dizzy just to think about it! You look like a big, beautiful teddy bear, with those fluffy feet and that adorkable face. Maybe you can both be my girlfriend.. I HOPE!!
And remember, I would carry you down on my back if you wanted me to.. I would be your bull-camel! I no longer have "humps" though.. I know Sunshade likes "humps".. mine got removed a looong time ago, but it's okay for you, right, Miss chickenDALE??

By the way, your caretaker (who looks SUSPICIOUSLY like Sunshade's mum!) is really buff. You're doing a good job keeping her in shape.


Chelsea said...

Your Mama's got some great biceps. My Mama carries me all over the place and she doesn't realize it is actually ME doing HER the favor. She has nice biceps too.
Without us, they'd have gobble gobble turkey arms.

Sheesh. And they act like it's them doing us a favor


Anonymous said...

hee hee sunshade why is the caretaker calling out your name in the first video? it should be "come chicken! come on! good chicken"

by the way i think your mom is very pretty! even at home in slacks she looks good, i'm sure she looks even better outside! HM looks like crap at home :p and not much better outside :p


Isabella said...

Aww.... I could tell you were really scared of those steps. It's not fun being scared of something, is it? Your caretaker must really love you lots to carry you down the steps all the time.
Big Wags,

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hi Ms Sunshade

My mom's email address for the Xmas card exchange is:

Don't we love being carried around


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Miss Sunshade - you always make me laugh :-) You are the best !


T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
I loved the sequel! What a dilemma for the chickenDALE and the caretaker. Maybe you should help them out since I'm sure YOU can run down those stairs with no problem!! :)

My Uncle Sammi is kind of a chicken too about running across the kitchen linoleum. I guess he's a chickenAUZER (hee hee!)


Toby said...

Wow, your Mommy is Super Woman!!

Sunshade said...

Boo: you will see!!

Sue and Maggie: I know I'm an Airedale, so I put my brain to work...hehehe, you will know what I mean. I have no problems with any other stairways, in fact, I fly down most of them. However, it's this one that I want mum to carry me!!

Oh Chiyo: mum told me to thank you for all your nice compliments. She is blushing now *rolling my eyes*. However, I must tell you that I'm the real guy magnet. Whenever mum and I are out, I'm always the one the guys (both 2 & 4 legged) seem interested. They ask me my name, they pet me, they want to know how old I am, they want to know ME not mum!!!!

Buster: we should trade houses, I love the ranch style houses!!

C-K-C: hmmm....I'm gonna think about your suggest - back down the stairs in the position that I come up the stairs in. Or go down the stairs side ways. You are so clever, now I just have to figure out exactly where to put my feet..

Compcat: thanks for your suggestion. I'll make sure the caretaker reads it LOL.

Simba: You read my mind little buddy. That is exactly how I feel!!

Charlie: yes the "chickenDALE" can sometimes be too smart for her own good...

Oh my Murph: Oh no...SHHHH.... please don't expose my plan, please please...

Joe: TOTALLY! I think us thinkers gives us the advantage of seeing things in the hoomans perspective. I would rather think too much than be a doofus (no offence Tanner).

Zach: umm..... the chickenDALE hasn't had to stay upstairs all day yet, but, my answer to your question would be YES, even if the chickenDALE gets hungry...

Ellen: I dunno why you can't play the videos.... OH NO, I'm not gonna let mum read this - if she sees "sheep coat" put together with "Airedale", I'm afraid she would get in the car and drive over RIGHT NOW!!!

Dear Dudley: I will definitely give you a shout next time chickenDALE needs help. She could totally use the help of a bull-camel. Unfortunately tho... I do believe the chickenDALE likes "humps".

Butchy & Snickers: CONGRATS Snickers for beating Butchy!! Ok, your plan is DEFINITELY gonna work, you know me so well. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I might not be able to differentiate the treats from the doggie, and I might end up eating bothe the treats and the dog.....

Chelsea: You are SOOO right, they act like they're doing all the work! Have then even thought about what they would be like if we weren't there to keep them in shape??

Isabella: that was the chickenDALE NOT the SuperDALE. But yes, the chickenDALE has her plans..

Scuba: Thanks, we have sent the list!!

Opy: I do it for you because you look so cute laughing!!

T-man: Yup, I can fly down any stairs no problem!! I really should show the chickenDALE how it's done. Maybe I will?? chickenAUZER sounds great!! Will that be Uncle Sammie's nick name now?

Toby: yes, the caretaker is very Super....


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

just wanted to add this, you are sooooooooo coooooool Miss Sunshade

Blushing love and licks

Marvin The Scotsman. Such sweet pics!

Hana said...

That was amazing to see your mom carry 64 pounds of Sun.... I mean chickenDale being carried all the way down the stairs. I think your mom should be in the Guinesses Book of World Records!! I still gotta read your part 3!

What would happen if your mom carried the chickenDale halfway down and then plopped chickenDale on the stairs midway?

umekotyan said...

It feels horror in this stairs why.
ChickenDALE is said so.
Therefore, the arm is strengthened though it doesn't train.

Duke said...

We took a walk down memory lane, Sunshade! Hopefully by now you're flying up and down those stairs!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch