Monday, August 27, 2012

Something's there!!!

Something is under this log!!!

It's THERE!!!

I know it!!!

My hard work, 

But mum made me leave before I got to it.....

Alright, hunting somewhere else then!

Looking....... Jericho beach, so many SuperCRITTERS!!


From time to time, STINKY tries to tug with me, 

But he can never win because one look from my SuperEYES, he lets go, 

I don't even know why he even bothers. He broke MY stickie btw!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fido Casting Call - VOTE FOR ME???

Fido Casting Call is back!!! Could you please vote for me??? The dog with most votes will be featured in their next ad!

I am currently ranked #12 out of 6000+ dogs!! It's doable!!!

All you have to do is vote for me every day until September 10th. *I think* you need to have a Facebook account in order to vote. With every vote, $1 is donated towards the Guide Dog's Association, so it's a win win situation!

Click here to my voting page (remember to sign into your FB account first)!! If you really like me, you can get your friends to vote for me too :-)


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy Buntzen Lake

Mum took me to Buntzen Lake today because we hadn't gone in a LONNNNNNG time! I was so excited in the car on the way to the lake. Once we got there, I couldn't wait to GOOO!

However, once we got to the Dog Beach....... there were so many dogs..... too many for my sensitive SuperNOSE.....

(mum: at Buntzen Lake, there is a dog beach side, and then there is a people side. Sunshade always tries to go to the people beach because she gets totally disgusted by the smell at the dog beach. The lake gets especially crowded during the summer months so you do smell doggie stuff there.)

So I took my ring and headed towards the gate leaving the beach to the lake trail. The aire is much fresher in the trails,

Crossing over to the other side, towards the gate with the blue sign on it,

You coming mum?

So we walked along the trail to our secret spot where the water is fresh and clean!! The arrows show where the beach was; red arrow is the length of the dog beach, and the blue arrow is the length of the hooman beach. I think SuperDALE should be allowed on the hooman end!!!

Fresh water for me to swim in!!

Do you know why this is our secret spot???

Because it's kinda hard to get to....!

You would have to walk in water!!

I love this spot because almost no doggie ever comes here, so they don't leave their scent here!

Oh did you find a SuperSTICK mum?? May I have it??

Well, I tried asking nicely..... must try another method,


What do you want me to do in order to get the SuperSTICK???

Ok, I'm S-I-T-T-I-N-G now!!!!!


Saving my tree!!!

I saved it successfully,

One less drowning tree.....

Now I want my ring!!

Yes, that ring,

Throw it!!

GOT IT!!! Look at my face, I SuperGOT-IT!!!

Got it again!

When I had had enough of swimming, I gave mum this look. It meant I was ready to go,

So we walked the trail back towards the beach,

When we got to the gate to the beach, I wanted to by-pass the beach so I didn't have to smell smelly stuff again. But mum saw this girl from outside the gate, and she just HAD to go in to see her and talk to her owner. Mum said her name was Mia, and she was 6 years old. Mum wanted me to go say HI,

I said no thanks and stood far far FAR away, (mum: she could not have made it any clearer that she DID NOT want to spend another second at the dog beach! She stood the entire time I talked to Mia's owner.)

When  mum finally stopped yapping, she said she needed to go to the washroom, which is on the hooman side. I said LET'S GO LET'S GO!!!!

I SuperLOVE the hooman side. It's so clean, I don't have to hop from side to side to avoid landmines, and I can roach!! But I had to wait for mum to go potty though...

You see how good I am? Mum doesn't need to tie me up because I won't go with anyone. I sniff every person that comes out to make sure mum doesn't get away. I trust my SuperNOSE more than my eyes!!

After Buntzen Lake, it was rush hour, so mum and I went to a high school/park to wait out the traffic. She kinda laid on my SuperLEG, and I was trying to politely move away.......

Drying off.......

Felt great to snooze in the shade on a hot day, 

Showing off my special-ness. SuperPAW!


SuperEYE!! (Can you tell what colour is mum's iPhone???)

Then out of no where, a naked man came to talk to mum! I told him to GOOOOO AWAY, and GOOOOO SIT AT THE TOP OF THE HILL AWAAAAAAY from MY mum!!! 

I don't like people approaching mum when she's in a vulnerable position (ie. sitting, lying down, back towards them). So I always run up and block them with my SuperBODY, sometimes with a low growl, and make sure they go the other direction. I kept my eye on the naked man until he got all the way to the top of the hill. At least talk to MY mum with your shirt on!!

(mum: Sunshade is the best body guard, and she does it in a way that if you were the person in question, you would know that she wasn't coming up to you to bite you, but at the same time, you'd GET that she was trying to send you a message. As long as you respect her message, which in this case was to not come any closer to me, then she would be perfectly ok leaving you alone. BTW, guy wasn't completely naked, he had shorts on lol.) 

After the naked man left, mum decided to do some exercise climbing the hill. She thought I wouldn't know because I was sound asleep in the shade by the tree........ But nope, I got up and watched her. 

I watched (in the shade) as she did her exercise. My SuperEYES are always on MY mum!!! Isn't this a beautiful park/high school???

Friday, August 10, 2012

hot Hot HOT!!!

We went for a walk this morning and it was hot Hot HOT!!! The more bootiful silhouette is mine!

I walked our usual route of AROUND the outside of the tennis courts..... except... mum and STINKY strayed away....... See, I was outside of the courts, standing in the shade,

Mum continued to play with STINKY (without me can you believe it???)

I said come out NOW!!!!!

Neither of them listened, so I had to walk ALLLLL the way into the court to get them!

Of course, that was my mistake because I got stuck doing this!

Then it just got way too hot, so we played ball like this.....

Beauty & The Beast

The Beast......... he is so attractive.....