Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Juice Day Two

This morning, I checked,

And re-checked,

Nope, he's still not a Guinea Piggie,

I wondered to myself......

If he'll ever be as nice to me as MY Georgie was, or if he'll ever turn into a Guinea Piggie?

Mum put Juice in a pen so he couldn't run away through the holes I'd dug under the fence. She put me in with him too........ told me to guard him (a mean bun bun) from the crows,

I thought he would show some appreciation by dispensing some treats for me,

MY Georgie was the bestest treat dispenser. He used to dispense whenever I nudged his butt!!

But of course, Juice doesn't do that for me...

SIGHHHHH..... I wish I had a Guinea Piggie..... I heard they dispense treats ALL THE TIME and EVERYWHERE too!

I asked mum to please let me "guard" Juice from outside the pen, since I wasn't really being benefited from being inside the pen with him.

Yes, I was GUARDING, can't you tell?

Then trouble came,

To make a long story short, I ate him TWICE because he charged up to Juice's pen. Charging is not the proper way to greet anybun, and I really didn't know what his intentions were. However, after I ate him twice, I could tell from his body language that he had no intention of hurting Juice. So I stopped paying attention to them. Afterall, Juice is not MY Georgie. As long as STINKY isn't trying to eat Juice, then I really don't care what he does to Juice.

This video was taken after I ate STINKY twice, still gave him a slight warning (yes, that's my warning, not my eating. Mum says my eating isn't rated PG 13 for my bloggie),

(mum: it was very interesting to watch this whole thing with Juice unfold. The previous night when we first brought Juice home, I wasn't really sure what to expect from Jaffa. Since he had only spent a very brief time with our late rabbit when he was about 10 weeks old, I wasn't sure if that meant he was socialized with rabbits. So he slept in the x-pen last night. This morning, I decided to have the rabbit in an x-pen out in the yard and let Jaffa "free". I wanted to see what his body language was around the rabbit, so I could get a better idea.

Sunshade watched as Jaffa approached the pen in top speed, but in a stalking motion. Tail hanging half way, head low, eyes focused, mouth closed. I thought to myself ah-oh, I think he might want to kill...... As I was thinking that, out of no where, Sunshade went up to Jaffa and grabbed him by the scuff and pinned him. He cowarded, and she let him go. He got up but proceeded to do the same stalking motion again while circling the pen. Sunshade saw it, and right away got on his back and pinned him down again. I think Sunshade perceived his actions as being threatening too.

After that, Jaffa's body language totally changed. His tail went up, not held in a stiff position, and whenever he sniffed Juice, his tail would wag. His mouth was now open, he panted like a normal dog. The times that Juice went right up against the x-pen, Jaffa gave him a few licks. After a while, Jaffa laid down (in a more submissive position) beside the pen. I knew then there was no kill in Jaffa. Funny enough, the moment I could tell that Jaffa was just "excited" but did not want to harm Juice in anyway, was the moment that Sunshade took her eyes off Jaffa and did not care anymore what he was doing to Juice.

I find it very interesting to watch how Jaffa learned from his mistakes, how Sunshade read his body language the way I had interpreted and acted accordingly. If I had walked Jaffa to the pen in a controlled manner (which we are doing now), Sunshade would not have pinned him. She felt she needed to control him because I wasn't doing a good job being an alpha, and did not have him under control. The reason I let Jaffa approach the rabbit however he wanted do was because I really wanted to get a good read on what his intentions were towards Juice. Can't get a true reading (IMO) if I tried to have him controlled. Now that I know he doesn't want to harm Juice, we are working on the initial excitement when he first sees Juice in the yard. Everything is so much easier when you know you they are not in it to kill :-)

Here I was, keeping an eye on those pesky crows, always looking for food in MY yard!

D-Guy loves Juice, because he paid for him and he named him (he never really petted MY Georgie or showed any affection towards him... HUMMPH!),

He REALLY likes Juice, I mean, REALLY! (Click on the pic to biggify)

Yes........ he took him to work and made him an Executive Assistant......

(mum: Derek works from home.)

He told me to love Juice like I loved MY Georgie,

I told him maybe, if he got me a Guinea Piggie. Otherwise, we'll just co-exist,

You can see more Juice-STINKY drama on STINKY's blog if you want.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I want a GP, but.......

I have been wanting... wait, no.. I have been LONGING for something for the lonnnnnnngest time.

The following pictures show how badly I wanted that something. They were taken on 06-24-2010, TWENTY TEN!!

Mum took me to PJ Pets. I walked by the stinky section (mum: stinky = puppy), never looked back,

I even ignored the K-I-T-T-I-E-S when mum told me to "leave them",

I headed straight towards my target,

Past the big ferret cage with lots of stinky ferrets with their feet sticking out,

And I parked myself in front of the ONE and ONLY thing I wanted,


Okay, so you get the idea,

However, Evil Mum NEVER GOT ME ONE!!!!

(mum: Sunshade's obsession towards small animals go through stages, she is now in the Guinea Pig stage having gone through the hamster and rabbit stages.)

Fast forward to a year later (today). After my acupuncture appointment, mum took me to a pet store. I once again picked out the Guinea Piggies from the rest of the small animal windows,

I once again told mum how much I really wanted to have MY own Guinea Piggie.....


Look at what she got me..........

Does this look like a Guinea Piggie to you?

It looks more like a mini-Georgie don't you think?

At first, I thought MY Georgie was BACK!!! So I went to say HI to him,

But I soon realize he was NOTHING like MY SuperGENTLE Georgie.....

I asked mum why didn't she get me a guinea piggie......

And moreover, why did she get me a MEAN bun bun?

He totally hurt the SuperDALE's feelings.....

And the SuperDALE normally takes no crap from anyone you know?

D-Guy comforted me.... maybe he'll get me a guinea piggie and make the mean bun bun nice?

D-Guy named him, because he wanted to. So the mean bun bun's name is Juice. Remember in my Stanley Cup Playoff post, I wrote about a Canucks Defenceman Kevin Bieksa whose nick name was Juice?

Well the mean bun bun came 10 minutes before Kevin Bieksa scored the overtime goal that advanced the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals. So D-Guy thought "Juice" was going to bring them good luck (proven very wrong, should have known!!!).

Kevin Bieksa is known for his ruthlessness, and yup, that's definitely Juice. Like how Georgie was Father Teresa. (mum: Sunshade, Gandhi would have been a better analogy...)

So this is Juice.....

I guess....

I'll just wait here until either I get a guinea piggie or Juice decides to be nice to me,

Even though Juice was mean to me, I still protect him from STINKY and got mad at STINKY when I wasn't sure what he was trying to do. You can see it on STINKY's bloggie.

(mum: Sunshade pinned Jaffa twice because, well, Jaffa didn't really have any previous experience with small animals, so he was acting a little fixated with LOTS of uncontrolled excitement.

If you are wondering why we got Juice. Well, it's because Derek had been telling me that maybe I should get Sunshade a guinea pig seeing how fascinated she was by them. I thought, guinea pigs, rabbits, same thing. Since I really liked Georgie, our late Flemish Giant rabbit, I thought if I was going to get another small animal, I wanted another Georgie. I had assumed that once the rabbit is home, Sunshade will become just as interested. Boy was I wrong.... I really should have known. Sunshade is very specific. She LOVED her Georgie, but that doesn't mean she will love any other rabbit. Just like how she loved her old car, and would protect it, but could careless about our new car, even after 4 years. Anyway, so now I have a rabbit (that Sunshade doesn't care for) that will grow to be 20 lbs! He was 7 weeks old in those photos.

The Tupperware container is his temporary home as I'm trying to litter box train him, so I don't want to give him too much more space than the litter box. I'm not rabbit trainer, so I don't if this is the proper way to litter train a rabbit... It worked with Georgie though....)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Things That Matter To Me

Things That Matter To Me, the list goes like this........

My bestest friends Maggie (& Mitch) and her mom Sue. The girls are celebrating their birthdays today. Maggie turns 13 and Sue 21!!!


Hope you have a great one today, and then many many more together!!!
We love you guys!

Continuing on with the list....

My mum. The one that I grew up with, the one that grew up with me.

My eyes. The ones that are always trying to say - I can see into your soul, can you see mine?

My photogeniousity. The ability to become a photogenic genius even when I'm only half groomed,

(mum: I have only done a rough clip on her. Her face, edges of the ears, and leg furnishings still need to be scissored and blended. )

My tennis ball. The one that I can gnaw on,

My impeccable skill. The skill I use to catch tennis balls,

My perfect roaching. The one I do with my tennis ball in my beautiful mouth,

My protective instinct. The one I use to keep mum safe from bee stings.

And last but not least....

errrr nevermind, I inserted the wrong photo.....

(mum: let me write it for you Sunshade!!

My nephew. The one that empowers me. The one that loves me no matter what. The one that would always let me win. The one that would always let me eat treats first. The one that would always give me welcome kisses when I've been away. The one that would always tell me when intruders are in MY yard.)

It's more like - The one that always smears gooey white sticky slobber over my eyes while landsharking my beautiful face at the same time.

Add more like - The one that always barks and makes a huge scene, scaring all the squirrelies and critters away before I even have the chance to SEE them.

Or - The one that always makes the skunks fart in his face (3 times in a week is the current record), and yet still charges right up to them whenever he sees them.

BTW, I got sprayed ONCE 7 years ago, when I killed a skunk. That was the last time I got sprayed. Ever since then, whenever I see one or catches the scent of one, I start make huffing and puffing sounds because I still remember how that one farted right in MY FACE (mum: before you killed him.... in the yard... by the back door...), but I make sure I do HUGE circles around it, way way way out of the shooting range!!

This is the face I have thinking about STINKY being on my "Things That Matter To Me" list,