Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm trying to tell you something!

I know I had my dinner, and then late night snack of yellow cottage cheese blend.......

But it's time for a late late night snack!!!

How much clearer do I need to be???

Finally, you get what I'm talking about!

Next, do you know what I want NOW??? (mum: take a wild guess LOL!!)

Monday, February 25, 2013

SuperHELPFUL is me

I have been hearing mum mumbling about underground sprinkler and two years ago, she said something about STINKY's bowl mysterious disappearance. 

So I thought I would help her this morning. I called out to mum! 

I asked her to come SEE what I found!!! 

LOOK mum!!

I found STINKY's bowl from two years ago. You can feed him again now!

I also found the underground sprinkler system for you mum!!

Am I the bestest doghter or what??? Now where is my treat??

(mum: That was poor Jaffa's bowl that went missing mysteriously. I'm not sure how it got there, but someone must have helped! Sunshade started digging at 8 weeks old, but only had a yard for about a month before we moved to a place where she didn't have yard access. She didn't have a yard until she was 6, when we moved to this place. She started digging right away then. At first I would fill holes, seed and grow grass. However, new holes would soon appear next to the barricade. When she got sick at 10, she didn't dig much anymore. I thought that was just part of her getting older. However, ever since controlling her illnesses, she's been back doing what she had always loved to do. She is not doing it out of boredom (the yard gate could be wide open and she wouldn't leave her yard without me). She just LOVES to dig and lie in her holes. I have given up on the yard, whatever makes her happy is good enough for me ... LOL.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Watch out Tiger!!!

Mum and I came across a golf course that had NOBUDDY on it on this glorious day,

So we decided to go explore this bootiful golf course,

Of course, you can't go to a golf course without doing some golfing right?? I started using my SuperNOSIE to look for a golf ball.


Found one!

Now, off I go find some putting greens, 

Shall we start??

Thinking about my strategy,

Heeeeeeere comes the SuperMOVE!!!

Annnnnnd, it's a HOLE IN ONE!! Tiger Woods better watch out!!

My celebration SuperDANCE!

My celebration SuperROACH!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Open up!

Last night, I took mum to a pet store that I hadn't gone to for a lonnnnnnnnng time. BUT..... it was so very closed.... I was SuperDISAPPOINTED...... 

I think pet stores should be open at 10:20pm don't you think? People have 7/11 when they get hungry, what about us??

Anyway, I asked mum how much longer I had to wait for them to open. She said only 11 hours!

So we waited 11 hours!!!


Buffet time!!!

Choices choices......

Alright, I've made up my SuperMIND! Hurry up and pay the lady mum!

Umm... I don't need a bag.... I'll just carry it......

I said.......... I DON'T NEED A BAGGIE!!!!!

Okay... I've calmed down now ok?


Gotta go find my car!

Marked my post on the way,  

Almost back to the car!!

I see the car mum!!

Ok, I found the car for you, can I eat now?

Mum was telling me that I should wait until STINKY came home from his bike run and eat together. Otherwise, I would be watching him eat his......

I said just GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!

I'll deal with the consequences of eating my chewy first later

After I swallowed enjoyed my salmon skin roll, we went for a walk!! I found a tube slide to play the Pine-Cone-Down-the-Slide game!!

I'm SuperREADY mum!!

Here it comes!!!

Then I spotted something...... I don't understand why I'm always put back on the stoopid leash whenever I see these creatures?

It ran away as I got closer....... but..... you can't beat the SuperNOSIE....

I SuperFOUND Garfield!!!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Bestest Grandpa!

Every year when grandpa comes, I take him to our sacred spot during our bedtime walk. This is a ritual that I do with grandpa only. I know Evil mum would never give in to it, so I don't bother trying with her. (Evil mum: Sacred spot = Fresh Slice Pizza lol....)

The owner of this sacred spot is nice, he recognizes me and grandpa and he always lets me in when there's no one else eating inside. Grandpa and I choosing, 

Grandpa asking me what flavour I wanted, 

I said I wanted Hawaiian, Pesto Chicken, and Meat-Lover!!

Grandpa asking me to waiiiiiiiit......

Hurry hurrrrrry!

 Seriously, I've waited long enough!!

One bite for grandpa......

My turn!

One bite for Sunshade.........

Two bites for Sunshade.........

Hurry up with the third bite for Sunshade!!

Fourth bite for Sunshade......... (mum: good thing she grew out of her wheat allergy the way my dad was feeding her! I would normally never allow this as that's way too much carb for a cancer girl. However, my dad visits once a year, if that, so this is such a rare occasion for the two of them. They seem so happy eating their pizzas together that I just can't say no to it! Sunshade, being the smarty pants that she is, knows when my dad is here, she could walk him to the pizza place. She doesn't take me if it was just me and her!)

Hey, waiting for the fifth bite!

Fifth bite for Sunshade........

Sixth bite for Sunshade!!! No it wasn't a kiss, I just wanted to help him with that huge piece he had sticking out of his mouf!

And then no more pizza..... I asked grandpa how about round two???

He said sure, Evil mum screamed NO..... I don't understand her....