Thursday, October 05, 2006

ADT but no ADTs??

I don't think people in my neighbourhood are in their right minds. I keep seeing this sign outside people's houses...., and I have been paying special attention to those houses everyday.

Yet, I see no signs of any Airedale Terriers (aka. ADT)

I mean, just look at them, do you see anything that might suggest an Airedale actually lives in one of these houses??

Obviously, no ADT lives in this house since the newspaper is still intacted, not shredded!!

And this one, the blinds are down and still intacted, no nose marks on the window, hence, no ADT!

Now this one is just a given, no brown spots or huge holes on the lawn, the garden is actually growing flowers and not dug up!!

So why do people say they are secured by ADT when they don't actually have ADTs??

Then we have another group of irresponsible people who obviously have some serious guarding animals, and yet, they put no warning signs to warn the unawared parties.

Look at these guys, their synchronized gaze is powerful enough to give any intruder a heart attack!! YET, no warning signs!

You definitely don't want to mess with this guy because he is easily gonna come through that glass!! NO warning signs!

Those mysterious eyes are enough to make any intruders think twice before doing anything stupid...............

I can attest to it!!

See, I kept my distance. Do you see warning signs anywhere?? NOOOOOO

Lastly, there is one house that not only does not have a serious guarding animal, they don't even have a sign that looks serious!! What is THIS suppose to do exactly??

I think I'm the only one in the neighbourhood who hasn't lost her mind yet! I don't lie about my existence:

And I make sure I give sufficient warnings!!


Anonymous said...

errr... are those airedale security for hired for a shih tzu house too? mom wants one too!

licky wet wet licks


Ang said...

we need signage. It's like Mommy wants us to attack someone! Birdie is ferocious - she even tried to bite the lady at the antique store yesterday. We definitely need signage.....

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hmmmmm, we have one of those signs, but it means "Awesome Dog inspiring Terror." And afterall, who would be stupid enough to break into my house?


T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade -
You make your property look so scary! I'm sure you've scared away dozens of intruders. My mom says I'm a dangerous poodle because I growl when I play with my toys. But she has never seen me attack or growl at a person. I think CC-man is much more dangerous.

Jay said...

Wow Sunshade, you have alot of signs to warn people. And they are beautiful signs!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Hey! Miss Sunshade, you are my type of gal! I am lovin your Blog, you seem very similar in your good habits to me, Marvin The Dog. In answer to your question to me about being allowed on the beach here in Scotland - us Dogs are allowed on beaches in certain areas. Most beaches here have a Dog Beach (which is the best beach of course!) and a People Beach (which is a fairly boring beach in my view).

Love your pics, keep on being Miss Sunshade Baby! Love and Licks, Marvin The Dog xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

wow sunshade, those are really cool signs! (the last few) i can't believe they sell these! where did your mom find them? at an airedale specialty shop? wish i had one with one of those wi-fi signs that says "lap-warming spot" or something like that :)

but yes, those ferocious felines ought not to be allowed!


Sunshade said...

Hey guys,

I found those signs on here ( You can click on your breed, and then click "Signs" icon on your right hand side, and you will see all the signs there are!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Chelsea said...

We have signs all over the house saying BEWARE OF DOG.
Little do people know it's a LICKING warning.
I would just lick em to death.

Fu Fu said...

Oh the guard kitties look really scary. I hope i dont ever meet them

~ fufu