Monday, November 26, 2007

My "Cake"

Ever since mum saw Princess Snowball's birfday cake, she's been wanting to make one for my birfday. Just look at the boooootiful Princess Snowball and her YUMMMMMM-MMMMMY cake!!

However, with all that's been going on lately, mum didn't have time to look for a hollow cake mold like Snowball's,

So she's had to improvise. She made these instead,

Mum made STINKY his own plate too, but he can't have it until his gastric ulcers get better.

Here are the ingredients used as fillings.

Chopped up some garlic, and added some frozen veggies,


Added in the meat to be cooked with the veggies,

When they were done, they were put on paper towels to soak up the oil. Here we had chicken, and beef.

Steamed some potatoes and yams,

Mashed up the potatoes/yam, and added a bit of unsalted butter,

Lined the bottom of the cookie cutter with mashed potatoes,

Added in the meat/veggie filling,

Packed the cookie cutter with more mashed potatoes,


This was STINKY's,

Mum used canned salmon,

Together with yam,

And made them with the flower mold,

All done! Just needed the decorations.

For the decorations, mum used Bologna, pepperoni sticks and blue berries.

Lastly, mum made a little man for STINKY to eat with his special Gastro canned food as filling so he could eat it.

STINKY can only eat a little bit of food at a time, so he's only gonna get one little man.

Sigh... I feel for ya STINKY........ Can I ummm.... eat your plate for you then???

(mum: NOOOO! I'm freezing them and he can eat them when he's better!)

Mum.. I think you should have made,


Don't you think?? As that is my FULL name.

(mum: nice try Sunshade!)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My 8th B-Day Celebration

I turned 8 today!!

It's MY 8th B-Day today, today is the 8th year I've been born, I am 2920 days old, I am 70070 hours old (+/- a few)!!

And I was reaaaaaaally hungry!! Mum wouldn't stop taking pictures, and I wanted to EEEEEEEAT! So I told her so!

But EVIL mum said NOT YET! Because... this year is a little different...

You see, I used to celebrate my birfdays this way

With all my Aire-Stuffies, and nodoggie else!

I like it this way because I don't have to worry about somedoggie else eating my food, I don't have to share, and I won't try to EAT somedoggie else.

But I guess..... all good things must come to an end......

And I guess....... I'm stuck with a STINKY from now on.... for like... ever and EVER!

(mum: I took Jaffa off his IV for a bit so he could join in on the fun. He was looking a little worried because I made him sit in the "danger zone"..LOL if you know what I mean.)


We were set free to eeeeeeeat!

Mum took STINKY's big plate away because he couldn't have those just yet. He is still on a special kind of food and meds for his gastric ulcers that he got from eating those AdEvil pills. He is also only allowed to eat a little bit of food every 3 hours. Boy I felt bad for him! So mum gave him the special one she made with his canned food inside as filling.

He INHALED it in less than 3 seconds. I am NOT joking!! (mum: my shutter speed was apparently too slow!)

It was sooooo good, and there was SOOOOOOO much! It makes me happy to see lots of food you know what I mean??

The yam and salmon patties were good too,

I took a moment to admire the bootifully made patties,

Aren't they bootiful??? (mum: You usually do that BEFORE you start eating....hehe)

I kept eating, and eating, you know, just the usual,

OH, and did I mention? It was sooooooooo super duper GOOOOOOOOOD!

I kept my eyes on a certain shark that was hovering around MY birfday food,


You just never know when he's gonna.......

Slowly...... moving.......

And before you know it.........

(mum: Jaffa was HILARIOUS!!!! He kept his eyes on Sunshade while he was making his move. He was using me as a shield LOL. As soon as he saw Sunshade bending down after a piece she had dropped on the floor, he took full advantage!!)


See, that's all there was left.......... poor me.... poor birfday gurl.....

(mum: SUNSHADE!!!! I have evidence here why that was all that's left! OH, and everydoggie/body, watch Miss Sunshade's facial expression, especially around the muzzle region. If she weren't so hairy, you would have seen her beautiful Aire-teeth!)

Mum... you need your OWN BLOG, I swear.

(mum: Jaffa really shouldn't have been eating those because of his tummy, but I didn't have the heart to stop him, especially he worked hard to get that close!!)

After MY plate of food was finished, I had a little "chat" with STINKY about his unspeakable, indescribable behaviour around MY plate of MY birfday fooooood.

I know it might appear as tho I was smooching him and stuff, but really, I wasn't! I don't do smooches! (mum: but Sunshade.... I swear I saw you sniffing him while wagging your tail.... as if you were *ahem*.. flirting....HEHEHE!)


After our little chat, I went to clean my face. I'm a clean gurrrrl you know? I always clean my face after I eat!

I was feeling a little full, a little heavy (in the stomach that is), so I decided to exercise a little before opening my pressies. I demanded STINKY's humpy toy that was put up high (he used to hump this one, and then he started humping STINKY #2, so mum put it away),

Now look at that STINKY..... does he look sick to you AT ALL????? He said he was doing a birfday dance for me .... I guess land sharking here and there was part of the routine.....

(mum: I think Sunshade was too full to move LOL. If I didn't know better, I would have almost believed that Jaffa's blood result was that of another dog, much sicker. His physical appearance does NOT correspond to his blood results.)

I have a question for all my friends out there. Do you guys agree or disagree that we should be able to have *all* the stuffies we want, ESPECIALLY ones that look like us??

Mum lets me have any stuffy I want EXCEPT those Aire-stuffies. That is just sooooooo unfair don't you think?? They are made looking like us because they are obviously meant for US!!

Then, the UNTHINKABLE happened...... (from dancing too hard??)


Seriously, who pees at birfday pawties?????

(mum: his first accident since 4 months old.. I think because he was on IV all day until just before the celebration, he was having to go quite frequent. Plus all the running around probably didn't help either.)

OMG!! Do you know how absolutely terrifying and petrifying pee and poop (mum: the dog kind that is....) are to me??????? See, I ran to the furthest end of the room to get away...

(mum: she was pawing the door, trying to get out LOL!)

Thank doG mum cleaned it up fast.

I decided to go down to see if MY Georgie came back. Since it's my birfday you know??

Hmmmm..... he wasn't there.

I don't know where Georgie went, he's been missing for a while now. I hope he comes back because I miss him.

(mum: sigh...... yea... we'll post about that later.... She still goes down there everyday to see if he's come back.....)

Even tho I didn't get to go for a birfday romp today, I guess all that food kind of made it up. I'm SOOOO full....

My lovely pressies will come in another post! Stay tuned!