Sunday, July 29, 2012

You won't believe.......

What happened today.........

Mum took me for a walk at Jericho beach. I went for a swim and then we went to walk in the bunny infested trails. 

 I see so many bunnies (plus I have a giant killer bunny at home) that I don't really bother with them anymore. BUT... not every doggie is like me. We saw a big 80+ pound, non-terrier dog running in and out of the bushes like crazy, owner was no where to be seen. He then stopped, pounced inside a bush. We heard a scream and the next thing we knew, he had killed a bunny and was plucking it, probably to eat. So mum rushed over and told him a louuuuuuud NO. She grabbed his collar to pull him away (thank goodness he wasn't food possessive!). I slowly got to the lifeless bun bun, stretched my neck out to sniff her without getting too close... I always know when an animal is dead... I don't like it...

Anyway, while mum and I were checking out the (dead) bunny and trying to figure out where to put it (so it wouldn't have to be in the open), mum noticed this dog had his head inside the bush again. He looked like he was pulling or chomping on something. Right away, mum thought something was SuperWRONG there, so she went over, pulled him out, and you know what....


Mum screamed and told him DROP. He gulped the poor bunny down. She again yelled NOOOOO to him, and told him to GOO. So he did, but he went back to the dead mama bun bun to try to eat it  again
(I think). I was there though... and I showed him my pearly white if you know what I mean. Good thing he decided to run away to find his irresponsible owner when he realized neither mum nor I was going to let him have anymore bun bun meat.

We checked inside the bush, and there were still two live babies.... mum didn't know what to do since the bunny mom was killed. So we brought them home. A small grey baby and a big brown baby.

We have contacted a bunny rescue and a small animal rescue to see if anything could be done for these babies. They look to be quite young?? 

Mum wouldn't even let me touch them even though I wouldn't hurt them..... I protected their dead mama from being plucked and eaten!

Anyway, I listened to mum and just laid beside the new babies,

I went out to the yard, was hoping to go under my SuperFORT for a dig and rest....... But guess who was under it!!!!!

I told STINKY to go kick him out, STINKY considered, but he said he was scared of Mean Juice. I don't blame him though, he did lose to Juice when he battled him before.....

Fine, being the fearless SuperDALE that I am, I risked my life and went under. He recognized the SueprDALE and hopped away, 

Well, away enough..... you can see he was still under the ramp and stalking me!

Later on, I saw STINKY lost another battle. See, Mean Juice on the left beside the white pen, and STINKY, dead in the yard. 

The bunny rescue didn't get back to us, so we sent up a comfy bed for the babies. They burrow to sleep like this,

Will keep you updated on the baby bun buns!

First Time Back to the Beach

I totally forgot to post this very important post!! These pictures were taken on July 10th, two and a half weeks after my splenectomy surgery. It was my FIRST time back to the beach since the surgery. I had to wait for my staples to come out and then for mum to brave up and take me back.

I picked up where I left off!

I set off for a swim without hesitation,

Brought the tree back,

My duty to save all drowning trees,

I found a special rockie,  (mum: I did a rough clip on her face but hadn't done the scissor work yet.)

My rockie, don't take!!

Don't even think about it!!

I'm watching you from the corner of my eye.....

I knew it!

Mum was trying to get MY rockie!

You're never going to get it!

SuperDALE & her special rockie!

Summer Diary # 5!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lucky to be ALIVE!!

Today was a beautiful day and I feel very lucky to be alive to enjoy it!

I got to go to the beach,

To enjoy with MY mum - the person I live my SuperLIFE for!

I did my usual good deed of saving drowning trees,

One down, 

One more to go!

Tree #2 saved!

Me & my trees. I also saved a special rock too,

My 2012 Summer Diary #6!!

Naturally, I took a nap afterwards,

Time to recharge some SuperZEN for my friends that may need it,

I woke up to the sound of paddleboarders,

I decided that they should have a SuperLIFE-GUARD watching out for them. See the empty paddleboard? One just fell into the water!

Another one fell into the water in the back!!

Now look at this cool dude,

Smoooooooooooth.... Justin Bieber smooth....

Then mum said it was time to go home....... but I love the beach.......

Mum said not to worry as she had a plan for us today. She was telling me her plan in the car, and I listened to her like I always do when she's talking,

She said we were going to go home and wait 'til STINKY came back from his jog with Bikeman Mike, and then she was going to take us to UBC Thunderbird field to eat (her) lunch. We would get to stay at the field for the afternoon because she was bringing her compooter to work over there!!!

Lunch time, 

After lunch, Cirque du STINKY was warming up, and I didn't want the warm up to come near mum!!!

I laid down beside mum as she worked on her compooter,

Oh look... the show is starting.... must I watch this mum??

I put my head on mum's leg to rest,

Guess what Act II was???

What's wrong with him mum??? He cannot be related to me.....

After spending TWO hours at the field watching Cirque du STINKY - The Stoopid, we went to MY pool and had a one hour swim,

After an hour of swim (that's 2 hrs of bike jog + 2 hrs of running around on the field + 1 hr of swim), Circue du STINKY - The ANNOYING was still performing!!!

I finally gave him a SuperGLARE that said I wanted to ride home in peace in the DaleMOBILE!!!

(mum: I am going to patent "Jaffa particles" to sell to battery companies so your future batteries will never ever run out!!!)

Despite Cirque du STINKY shows, I still had a wonderful day with MY mum!!