Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life with the STINKIES....

This is what my everyday life looks like with the STINKIES......

They have stunk up MY yard, and TAKEN OVER MY yard!!

Look at the poor poor me, the only place I had to get some decent air was ........

Don't you just feel sorry for me???? Don't you? DON'T YOU?? DON'T YOU??????

(mum: I didn't realize this when I took the video, I thought she was digging (yes, she sometimes goes under the ramp to DIG!!)

Anyway, what Miss Sunshade was really doing was eating all the kibbles that had fallen under the ramp earlier. I fed Qila and Jaffa outside that morning. Jaffa ate his raw food, and Qila didn't finish her Innova EVO kibbles. The crows got a hold of the plastic bowl with the left over kibbles in it and spilled kibbles all over the ramp. I cleaned most of it up, but some had fallen through the spaces in between the slats, and THAT'S WHAT MISS SUNSHADE WAS DOING under the ramp!!!!!

NOT because her yard stinks!!)

MUM, this is MY BLOG!!!!!! Get your own blog...GEEZUS!

Well, at least I was doing something productive .... such as eating, you know? The STINKIES never do anything productive or helpful, they are either doing this,

Or this.

Time better spent in the yard in MY opinion would be either ... *ahem* ..looking for food, or this:

(mum: AHEM!!!)

Those STINKIES, still have so much to learn about life, and about how to be good terriers.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My house STINKS!!!!!

I had a great weekend over in Victoria. Grandpa took me to many of my puppyhood places to visit. I even went to Oak Bay Marina to watch the seals (mum: as in bark and try to eat pieces of raw fish thrown for the seals.). Maybe if the camera isn't occupied by the STINK monsters next time, I can show you how I watch the seals!

However, all good things must come to an end......

Grandpa and I came back from our weekend trip to a STINKY house....

I could smell it even before I got in the house. Do you see STINKY # 1 waiting for me??? He was getting ready to do his famous land shark attacks.

Grandpa was wiping my feet here (because my EVIL mum is annoying, even grandpa agrees with me, but he still wipes my feet just so she can be quiet).

So I came inside , and not only was I greeted by an enthusiastic land shark aka. STINKY # 1, I could barely breath....

(mum: Qila was in the crate because I didn't want the pups to overwhelm Sunshade, and Qila is usually the braver one that's right in Sunshade's face LOL!)

I sniffed MY STINKY house carefully, every inch of it. Thank doG mum had the sense to move my big bed, and the tunnel out of the STINKIES' way (mum: tunnel was moved to prevent the pups from going onto the sofa bed.)

I sniffed the STINKY bed, the STINKY toys, the STINKY kitchen, and I HAD HAD ENOUGH!

So when the land shark decided to take a bite at my boooootiful ear, I let him know not to mess with a grumpy Aunty Shark!!

The STINK inside the house was just too much for me, so I decided to go downstairs to check out MY Georgie and get away from the STINK and the STINKIES (or the land shark).

(mum: Sunshade goes downstairs everyday to check out her Georgie. Sometimes she will lie down beside the cage and be down there for 1+ hour, sometimes it's just a quick 5 min check up to make sure he's alright and she comes right back up.)

Finally, I succumbed to the STINKINESS....... (mum: my drama queen LOL)

(mum: Jaffa really missed Sunshade. It was the first time she's ever been away from him, so he just stayed as close to Sunshade as she would let him and followed her around.)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Vancouver Sun article

Grandpa took me to Victoria today to visit some friends. I grew up in Victoria, lived there until I was a year and a half. Since I needed a break from the STINKIES, and I LOVE Victoria so much, grandpa decided to take me with him! (I'll be away all weekend, and mum has the camera for the STINKIES, so you won't get to see me....)

Anyway, via the grape vine, I heard........

This was the front page of today's Vancouver Sun - our local newspaper.

See that little section with the pretty little Shih Tzu?? Well my name's in the article about pets and their owners!!!!

Mum got a call from a lady yesterday who asked her some questions regarding me and STINKY. Mum thought they were just conducting a survey and didn't think much of it. Today, while she was walking the STINKIES, two separate hoomans told mum that we were in the Vancouver Sun.

Or here are the scanned pages:

Hehe... mum's
particular friend is shaking his head after he read today's paper HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Something to wag my tail about..

Yesterday, right after we brought home the new STINKY (SIGH...), mum took me to this place, yet again.

That's right, it is YVR - Vancouver International Aireport. Look at how many people there were, but I was a good girl. As usual, I drew a lot of attention because of my teddy bear look.

So WHO is coming this time?? Is it MY Veronica again???

HMMMMMM...... I wondered, but mummy started asking me "BA-BA ne??", and I knew then, exactly WHO I was there to pick up!!

Yup, that's MY grandpa!!!!! "BA-BA" means dad in Mandarin, even tho he's my grandpa, I know him as "BA-BA" because that's what mum calls him. The "ne" in the end just made it a question. So if you translate it, mum asked me "where is dad??" (even tho he's really my grandpa..).

I was way too excited, so I couldn't help it by to let the world know that MY grandpa was here to see ME!!

I LOOOOVE my grandpa, and grandpa LOVES me too!! He gives the bestest rubs!

Grandpa got me for mum as her 16th B-Day pressie, and I gotta admit, that was a pretty smart move! This was me and MY grandpa on my first day home. I was just 7 weeks old in the picture with my ears glued.

Me and MY grandpa when I was 16 weeks old.

Here are pictures of MY grandpa and some FAT baby, taken 23 years ago...

Look at that FAT baby, spitting milk on MY grandpa and all,

Geez... and to say that I'm fat???

Anyway, I'm so happy MY grandpa is here! Finally, after all the STINKIES, there's something for me to wag my tail about!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long Weekend Trip (Day 2)

So this morning, we woke up and drove to a place I've been before.. in fact, I was born there.... and so was STINKY.....

Where this happened,

(Leeeeeeeeeeeave MY mum's feet ALOOOOOOOOONE you STINKIES!!!!!)

And this,

And this,

And then this,

And then
THIS!! (no, I'm NOT in the picture just so you know!)



And I'm not in the mood to talk about it or blog about it, if you want to know what my CRAZY / EVIL mum did, go read STINKY's post.


Long Weekend Trip (Day 1)

It's Victoria Day long weekend here, and mum planned a little trip to take us on. Mum and her friend made an AireMOBILE!!

The middle row of seats were folded and stored underneath the floor, so STINKY and I could have lots of space for our beds. The last row of seats was covered by my blankies, and I sometimes laid on there, cause I'm THE Queen!

Being high up also allowed me to keep a check on what was going on outside.

When I get tired of being in the back, I told my well behaved mum to "Go to the back" and "Lie Down" and "STAAAY", so I could ride SHOT GUN!

We stopped mid-way because, well, Miss Sunshade was *ahem*.. HUNGRY, see my hungry face??

Apparently, it's normal for females my age (7 dog years or 49 hooman years) to have sudden cravings. So I'm considered completely normal.

I was so hungry to the point where I just wasn't thinking straight anymore. I started demanding food uncontrollably....

Anyway, I ALWAYS get my way. The hoomans stopped at Wendy's and got STINKY and I each a baked potato (sour cream & chives flavour to be exact) to eat. I told mum to put FULL cream on mine!!

STINKY only got half cream because mum was worried it might be too rich for him.
(Update: he was fine, steel stomachs run in the family!)

That STINKY, he only ate about half of his baked potato. Being a good girl, I hated to see food go to waste, so I cleaned the rest of his baked potato up for him. This is the bestest diet I've ever been on!!!

After I finished my baked potato AND STINKY's left over one, I went on Wendy's Fries Patrol,

Bummer, I got a total of "3" pieces of fries.... what kind of paying job was that??

We crossed the Canada/US border, drove a little bit more, and came to this ferry terminal,

We were taking the Kingston, WA ferry?? Ah oh... this is bringing back memories...

I walked around the terminal while we waited for the ferry to come,

Time to go on the ferry!

AireMOBILE making its way into the ferry tummy,

The ferry ride was only about half an hour, and once we got to Kingston, WA, we drove another two hours to here,

So... we went back to me and STINKY's birth place - Port Angeles, WA....

Okay... it's not that I don't like my birth place, I have nothing against it and it is a lovely town. However, the last two times we were there, a new STINKY came back with us each time:

Sooo, was this time gonna be different??

Much to my surprise, we didn't go to my breeder Jan's house! We came here,

(HEY! WHAT are you looking at? The hotel sign right??)

To the beach in front of the Red Lion Hotel where STINKY and I were allowed to run around,

This was the best picture mum got of us in action, you see me?? I'm the prettier one!

Here is us in ACTION!

After our beach romp, we walked around a bit more,

(yup, that's MY sign in case you didn't notice!)

I LOVE to walk on docks, it's always been this way, so I took mum and STINKY down a long ramp,

To walk around the docks,

It was STINKY's first time walking on docks. He wasn't sure about the long ramp with see through railings and water on either side, but he trusted me and followed me no problem. That's Red Lion Hotel behind us, across the water.

(mum: you can really tell Jaffa feels safe when he's with Sunshade. Anything he sees Sunshade doing, he will give it a good try.)

Mum let me off leash because I love to look over edges of the dock and enjoy the view/smell of the evening water. STINKY wasn't too sure about looking over the edge, but he looked anyway. Mum had him on leash because he's still doesn't have full control of his limbs (and jaws for that matter!!) yet.

Then I took mum and STINKY to check out the play ground. I love play grounds, they are all designed for ME to play you know?

I had to check every inch of the play ground out!!!

(mum: the puppy testing the breeder did on Sunshade at 7 weeks of age showed her to be a very curious pup. Well, the test result holds true even 'til today, 7 years later!

If you click on the page, Sunshade's results are highlighted. She was marked "point on the nose", and the word underneath her name was "curious". She retrieved "readily", and today, she still loves to retrieve and is an excellent retriever, especially in water!)

It was a long day, and finally, we settled into our hotel room. I was very please there was no "extra STINKY" this time, just me and the original STINKY!