Monday, January 15, 2007

I ate STINKY's chicken neck

Okay..... I really don't know what came over me, but not only did I touch something STINKY had touched, I ate it. Remember I told you he stunk, so I won't touch anything he's touched including my toys, and food??

Well today, mum decided to give him his first ever chicken neck. Mum gave me my turkey neck at the same time.

I finished my turkey neck in no time flat, and yet, STINKY didn't know what to do with his chicken neck. Geee... this guy... I wanted more chicken necks/backs from the package mum had bought for STINKY, but my EVIL mum said NO! So I decided to go visit Georgie instead. I have to go see him everyday you know, even tho I usually only stay there for less than 5 mins.

So while mum was changing Georgie's litter/food/water, I went back upstairs. I sniffed the chicken neck that was lying on the blankie, and decided to plug my nose and eat it. It made more sense for the neck to be in my tummy than STINKY's anyway.

Mum made a huge deal about it cause she thinks that means I don't dislike STINKY as much. BUUUUT, she didn't see me plugging my nose (do you know how hard it is to swallow when your nostrils are plugged??). I still think he stinks!


After din din, I saw mum took out something from a paper bag. The bag had two golden arches on, YIPPEE, my favouritest - chicken McNuggets!! It was mum's din din, but I went and gave her my please look with drool coming down at the rate of 1 drop of drool/sec.

That didn't work at first because mum said McNuggets were unhealthy for me... So I made my ears stand up just to show how much I really needed it.

That did the trick!!!!

This is me with my begging eyes. Notice how mum gave me the FIRST piece, and then she gave STINKY one, then the LAST piece came to me?? I'm the BOSS, so I have the first and last say.

I thought about growling at STINKY because he was getting MY nugget, but honestly, that would've been a waste of energy. He wasn't even trying to get my nugget. Something's wrong with that pup man, but suits me. Mum seemed very happy after our little treat session.

(mum: this is a big improvement towards how she is treating Jaffa. Sunshade is very possessive when food is involved. I never bring treats with me when we go on walks. Jaffa, of course, is being a very respectable pup, has been since day one.)


This morning, mum took STINKY and me for a leash walk around a nice, clean neighbourhood (no pitbull attack this time). Usually, I prefer to be at a park or beach so I can run around off leash. However, since this was not a neighbourhood I go very often, it was okay. I'm a curious girl, I like new places.

Mum wanted to start teaching STINKY about stopping at curbs. She says this could save his life some day. I was trained to "WAIT" at every curb, until mum gives me the "OK" to go. Mum started out giving me the command "wait" everytime we hit a curb on leash, and she waits until I "stopped" moving before giving me the "OK" command. Now that I'm so used to it, I automatically wait at all curbs even without the command. Believe it or not, even when I'm on leash, I have to stop and wait at each curb before I'm allowed to cross the road. Anyway, this is what mum is hoping to teach STINKY.

ps. we picked a quiet street around a park to take this video. Mum made sure it was safe before doing this. I was put right back on leash after I crossed the road.

Today was STINKY's first day using a leash, and OMG he did terrible! Stumbling across from far left, all the way behind mum to far right, then all the way in front of mum to far left. He would stop and bite on the leash and start tugging. Sheesh! (mum: right... you never bit on your leash, and you never shook your leash as if you were trying to kill it, right??)

It was quite interesting watching mum juggling my big retractable leash, STINKY's leash, poopies, and her camera. I swear that woman sometimes has more than two arms.

Anyway, when STINKY wasn't busy trying to wrap the leash around mum, he was trying to sneak sniffs,

and basically just "got in the way". I was busy trying to see who had left a pee mail and getting ready to leave my msg, and STINKY just had to stumble into the same hedge.

We walked along some more, and came to a teeny park. Mum picked STINKY up and let me off leash to sniff around. And then, came Shannon, a 9 year old Airedale. She and I said hello, and we even started to play a little, but she wasn't really supposed to run because she had just had knee surgery back in October. Mum didn't want me running on the wet snow anyway, so our mums made us stop, and everything was ok.

That was until Shannon decided to start jumping up at mum, and barking because she saw mum had STINKY in her arms. (mum: Shannon was barking & jumping out of excitment) Well, I didn't like THAT! Nobody jumps on my mum, nevermind barking at her. So I ran over, snarled, and pushed her off mum. Shannon snapped at me, and I was ready to take her. However, mum started using her scaaaaawie firm voice and told me to "LEAVE HER-LEEEAVE HER-LEEEEEEEAVE HER", and Shannon's mom was using her firm voice to tell Shannon to "COME". So we both just postured, gave each other the evil eye.

Shannon's mum really wanted to see STINKY, but Shannon was too jumpy, so mum made me do a "down-stay" so she could bring STINKY over to Shannon's mom.

I stayed....... until I saw Shannon who was pouncing around STINKY and that STINKY looked scared. Now don't ask me why, but I broke my down-stay, went over, and put myself between Shannon and STINKY. I gave Shannon the famous "Sunshade LOOK", and she backed away. Mum of course had to come and drag me back over to my down-stay spot because I broke it...GEEZ.. I can't eat STINKY, and now when I try to protect him (still not sure why I did that, he still stinks), I get put back to down-stay..


Baily said...

hi miss sunshade!
you have the best "please mc nuggets" look i have ever seen and that little stinky thing of yours is kinda cute :)
u sure you don't like him?

nose licks

Duke said...

You're coming along Sunshade! You're getting used to Jaffa!!! Mom is smiling and I'm feeling pretty pleased too. Your mom is working hard and it's paying off! yeaaaaaaaaa You guys will be friends - I can feel it in my bones!

Love ya lots,

The Airechicks said...

Miss Sunshade:

Just let Jaffa know - If your snoozing your losing - Chicken necks can not be left unattended....

Great walk ...your a gal of many talents....

We think Shannon was just exicted to meet Jaffa but good of your to protect him.....Not sure if he would have known he needed help....

Love the video....

Luv, Hugs & Belly Rubs...

Sharon said...

Thanks for the tip on the doggy boots! Do you think they'll give me 25% off cuz we only need three?

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey I know we've been without power and computer stuff...but WHO IS STINKY?


Lillie Valentine said...

I'm glad that you and Jaffa are getting along. Mom said she will get mad at me if I call him Stinky because that isn't polite. Mom is glad that the two of you are becoming friends!


Herbie said...

awww.... admit it, you're starting to like Jaffa!

Anyway, notice how humans like to lie to us? they always say 'no more' when obviously there IS more! They just don't want to give it to us.

Boo Casanova said...

hey sunshade, see you are protecting little jaffa now. that means you like him. ok, not so much of liking but still, you like him!

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Woh Sunshade, you're protecting Stinky now. :) Well he does look kinda scared of the other doggie in the pic. Was she trying to eat him?

~ fufu

Chelsea said...

stinky sure likes sniffing your bum bum...ha ha


Isabella said...

I am trained to do that wait at the curb thing, too. Emmy isn't quite so cooperative, though. Sunshade, it sounds like maybe you are getting used to Stinky? I sure hope so- I felt so sad seeing that picture of you laying outside to get away from him and his stink. I am starting to feel some twinges of jealousy of Emmy when she is getting pets from Linda. Didn't used to bother me, but now it does- so I try to get between them. Stinky and Emmy have to know that we are number one, dontcha' think Sunshade?
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

Un huh! Just as I predicted Miss Sunshade, you are starting to fall for that little guy!
Oh sure, you are going to continue to pretend he stinks, right up until the day ( or night) when you mom catches you snuggling/snoozing with him! She will most certainly post that photo!!

First, it starts with protecting are already sunk! Its a done deal now!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Sunshade! Just because you protected the little stinker doesn't mean you have to like him! But I bet it would make your Mom happy if you did! Happy Mom's are a good thing!

Myeo said...

hehe.. you are begining to like Stinky a little. And how does that 'Sunshade Look' looks like?

Boy n Baby

Simba and Jazzi said...

ahhh he may be stinky, but he's your stinky,

Simba xx

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Sunshie likes Stinkles!

Bussie Kissies

fee said...

dear miss sunshade,

is this the stinky you wanted me to have? he is so small! where did you find him? can i order him first, and wait for him to grow up before i decide? is there any guarantee that he will look just like you when he's big?


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Wow, mum is so good to share her nuggets with you (& Jaffa, but see he only got a teensy bit).

You must have had a full tummy after your turkey neck, Jaffa's chicken neck AND nuggets!

Good work on the kerb thing. We are working hard on that at the moment. I am pretty good & mostly sit until I get the OK, but it's harder if there's someone or something interesting across the road.

Oscar x

Hammer said...

Hi Miss Sunshade

You sure had an interesting walk and good on you for protecting little Stinky. I think you like the little guy.

Mum and I had a laugh when you broke your drop-stays and stuff. It shows you've got character + .

Thanks for calling by. Mum and I read the story of when you were almost stolen by that terrible man. We're so pleased this did not happen to you.

Thanks for thinking Hobson and me are handsome. We'd have lots of fun playing together on the beach.

Keep looking after Stinky.

Love from your mate, Hammer

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

I still think you are adorable Miss Sunshade and that Stink, he ain't shaping up too bad for a young 'un!

love and licks Marv xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I can see that you are and you will always be the number one for your mom... don't worry about this... Kiss

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

I love your pictures. and who is stinky? I see I have some reading to catch up on.

Tail wags

Anonymous said...

stinky's lucky to have you there watching over him, no matter how smelly he may be! :) i'm sure one day you'll get used to the smell. look, you're already eating his stuff :)


umekotyan said...

The stroll in the snow is pleasant.
Does the smell disappear because of the snow?

From loved ume tyan

jaffeboy said...

3 things...

1. U both sure lucked out on the nuggest. McD is something I will never get no matter how hard I try. I don't think it's 'cos they are unhealthy for me, it's more like MaMa DOESN'T SHARE her food!!!

2. The "stop at curb" trick is pretty cool. PaPa tried to train me but I really don't care too much about it.

3. I think Jaffa has manage to sneak into you little sweet heart!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sunshade, you are such a good girl. STINKY must be creeping into your heart; but of course, there's nothing like an Airedale when something of HERS is threatened.

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Ahem! A poem has arisen for Miss Sunshade and Stinky (aka Jaffa!)

It is called "Sunshade and Jaffa Stinky" goes.....

"Sunshade has a Stinky pal but he is so young and geeky......

I think Sunshade really likes him but his puppy smell makes her weepy!

Stinky gets up Miss Sunshade's nose and really makes her mad,

But reading tales of poor Stinky makes old Marvin sad.

He looks such a lovely furry fun kind of pup -

If I had him for a brother it would really cheer me up!

I think Sunshade likes him - if the truth be known

Stinky also known as Jaffa has perhaps found his forever home!

A poem for my sweetheart so far across the seas,

My heart will always be with Sunshade until eternity!"

Love and tired licks from poemed out Marvin to Miss Sunshade (oh and a wee kiss for the boy Jaffa!)

Herbie said...

marvin, your poem is fantastic! Me and my M can never get anything to rhyme. :P

Joe Stains said...

ok sunshade, first sign that jaffa is part doofus, NOT begging for chicken nuggets...are you kidding me?! this is definitely a doofus move.

you are becoming a good big sister, even if you don't want to...but don't give in too much!

Anonymous said...

As much as you probably will hate me saying this, you sound like you are really warming up to this little stinky furball.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).