Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Goldie the AmazingDALE!

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce to you Goldie of the Golden Mountains!!

I have nick named her Goldie the AmazingDALE! I think if I ever have the honor to meet Goldie, I would want to ask her the following questions:

  • How did you manage to survive all by yourself in the mountains for 2 years?
  • What kind of food did you eat? (of course, this question would lead me to ask for some hunting tips since I can't even seem to catch a squirrel.....)
  • Did you miss your hooman family you once had?
  • How did you manage to stay away from predators when your back legs didn't work anymore?
  • How are you able to trust hoomans and remember how to "shake hands" with hoomans after 2 years of solitude?
  • Where did you find the strength to keep the "Airedale spirit" in you alive throughout all the hard times, and still be able to SMILE??

These, I believe are questions only an AmazingDALE can answer!!

To read the full story about Goldie, please visit:

Goldie's Saga

Goldie's guardian angels are doing everything they can to help her regain the use of her back legs. To make a donation, please visit:

Donation to Goldie

I have already stolen mum's paypal account info, and made a donation!! Hehe.....

The story of Goldie is both amazing and heart wrenching. It has prompted people all over the world to help. There is an open auction on e-Bay right now to raise money for Goldie the AmazingDALE who deserves nothing less than the BEST! Check out the auction page here:

Goldie's e-Bay auction page

***For those of you who are wondering, Goldie did have a loving family prior to her being lost on one of their camping trips. The family stayed around to look for her, but finally left thinking she had succumbed to her fate in the wild. Now two years later......................

All the Best Goldie!!

From your friend,
Miss Sunshade the SuperDALE


Anonymous said...

what a sad and courageous story that is. goldie rear legs look so thin. she must have not been using it for quite sometime.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Goldie definitely deserves AmazingDale status. What an awsome story.

Fingers crossed for Goldie's continued recovery.

Thanks for sharning Sunshade

Boo Boo said...

Sunshade Thanks for sharing Goldie's story with us. Goldie is so amazing and so courageous !! And I think she is AWESOME !!! I will go look for my piggy bank and see how I can help Goldie ...

ummhhh ..... that means no halloween costume for me perhaps

Fu Fu said...

Woh.. Goldie is really an amazing doggie.

~ fufu

Toby said...

We just read the entire story...and I am amazed at how she managed to survive. I also wonder what her life was like prior to being lost in the wild. Hopefully she will finally find a loving home where she can be spoiled and loved. She deserves it! Thanks for sharing her story....

Studly Dudley said...

Miss Sunshade,

What an amazing Airedale that Goldie is.. almost as amazing as another certain Aire girl that I know! I have to wonder how she got left out there in the first place (with no cookies??) and how she managed to survive (with no cookies??). What a tenacious terrier she is.. and she has an amazing story. Stuff like that makes my Mum cry but I've said it before so I'll say it again, she is a PUTZ!
Mum says it is tough not to get emotional when you see sad stories of other Airedales or other Bulldogs.. it really hits home, and I think I know she means 'cuz I would REALLY miss everyone if I got lost in Colorado! She says it is a coinkidink that you posted this today because just last night she was reading a very sad story about a boo-dog named Rufus who was VERY abused and his story didn't have a happy ending like Goldie's.. oh she was a-bawling into my fur. Silly Mum.


Isabella said...

Goldie must, must, must have a full recovery! I couldn't bear it if after all she has been through, she has to suffer even more. Life could not be that cruel. Be well, sweet Goldie, and have a long and happy life.

wally said...

wow--goldie is one amazing chick! i lived outside for a long time (me n' goldie have similar teeth!) but now that i'm in my new home i'm a wimp. i won't even go outside in the rain. i hope she gets well soon, gets her liver fixed, and enjoys toolin' around in her fancy cart.
thanks for posting this link.

Wired for Mackie said...

Wow! Miss Sunshade, thank you for sharing Goldie's story. She is truly amazing. I knew us terriers were strong, but now I understand why Airedales are the "king of the terriers!"
I think I'll raid mom's paypal account too!hehehehe!
Yours truly, Mackie

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Miss Sunshade, for helping spread the news about Goldie. And thanks for, ahem, borrowing your mum's Paypal account. ATRA spends a lot of money to help Airedales and help is more than appreciated.
You are an AwesomeDale, like Goldie.

Deb said...

Sunshade THANK YOU sooo much for sharing Goldie's story. What an incredible girl she is. I am truly humbled in her presence! Her doggie wheels are very cool, but hopefully she won't need them too long. What an inspiration to ALL living creatures!

Love your pal,

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Wow, poor Goldie...but what I don't understand is why no one tried to help her sooner? If they saw her running wild for two years, but was so human friendly..why did it take such extremes to get her to help? I'm wishing her an amazing recovery to go with her amazing spirit.

And for you Sunny...don't you worry, I'll never let anything happen to you. I might have to enlist your Mom's help..but I'll move heaven and earth to keep my doggie blogpals safe.

By the paw - when exactly IS your birthday?


Anonymous said...

Hey, does she have fluffy hair like Miss Sunshade??????? I miss Sunshade she's so damn cute!!!!

Chelsea said...

Goldie's story is incredible!
I know it wouldn't make it out in the wild for two minutes.

I am so glad she is ok!!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I'm with MV here - how could anybody not have rescued her much earlier?

We fired up the pawpal account, and I think Mommy is gonna donate some spesive stuff for the auction.

Bussie Kissies

T-man Angel said...

That is one amazing airdale! I'm impressed with her survival skills. Do you know if her original family was contacted about her rescue?

Studly Dudley said...

Hey Miss Sunshade,

You sure are a lady of the night.. always up so late. You know, if we ever had a sleepover, I don't know if we'd ever get any SLEEP! Heehee.. not that I'd have a problem with that. But it seems like you have a lot of other doggy admirers.. I wouldn't want to be stepping on any other paws *blush*

Is your Mum leaving you home this Howloweenie weekend? I hope not.. because I know you are so scared of those fireworks. Remember, I'll protect you!!

Cheerio & love licks,

Studly Dudley said...

Miss Sunshade,

A hole in the earth.. a pile of sticks.. a big heart-shaped doggy bed.. it doesn't matter where we are, but of course as long as I'm with my Aire-girl it would be SUPER ROMANTIC!
You are making my big heart pitter-patter.. !
I'll bring the doggie Merlot and lots of your favorite stinky tripe. And maybe some spaghetti.. oh, you know what I'm talking about..
Maybe we can get some privacy away from our mums with those silly flashing boxes. I want you all to myself!

Love licks,

Jay said...

Wow... Goldie is really amazing. J is very touched with the story.

Now.. she needs to go find out how to make donations due to the difference in currency.


Anonymous said...

Hi Max the V, Ellen from ATRA here. Goldie only let someone get close when she wasn't able to run away. The person that found her under a bush, covered in ice and snow, was able to pick her up and take her home because Goldie had lost use of her legs.
Goldie had her first hydrotherapy session this week and was able to move BOTH back legs when she was in the swimming tank (in a life vest and supported by a therapist). So, there's all kinds of hope she will regain the ability to walk. But even if she can't, she'll have a loving home where people will make it easy for her to use her cart and get around.
Yep, we love our doggies, don't we?
Hi to Sunshade,

Maximillian the Valliant said...


Thank you for answering my question. I sure am glad she is safe now. My Mom has had trouble catching dogs who were abandoned before. She even had to place a live trap for a sweet Sheltie who was fending for himself...though no where near as long as Goldie.

I was at the site today to see if there was any news so I saw the pictures of her hydrotherapy. She must be very brave, cause I sure wouldn't do that. I prefer to stay dry and just herd the waves.

I was hoping to find out if she has already be placed in her forever home or not. I do dog rescue with my Mom so I know how important that is.

Thanks again, Ellen. - M-the-V

Sam Iam said...

Wow thank you for an AWESOME story.
it's always nice to stop by and see what you are up to,Happy weekend,sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

What an amazing airTALE of Goldie.

Yes all the best to Goldie

from Scuba

Sunshade said...

All my dear friends,

Thank you all for your support and get well wishes, I'm sure Goldie got them and will put them to good use!! Look at her, already using her legs doing hydrotherapy!

Keep Goldie the AmazingDALE in your thoughts, and remember, when you are having a pouty day, think about what Goldie has had to go through for the last two years, I'm sure your day will seem a lot brighter!! (mum leaves Goldie's story up all day because I like to pout about everything.....hehe)

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Bogart H. Devil said...

What an amazing AireGirl...

We just made a donation and also posted about her on my blog...


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hiya Ms Sunshade

I just posted a comment on your big bone post. Go check it out. I was advising you against oxtail