Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I almost got BLOWN AWAY!!

We haven't gone to MY beach for the last couple of days due to strong wind we've been having. However, I just couldn't stay away anymore, I needed to go to MY beach to leave my mark ya know. I needed to let everybody know just because I was away for two days, the beach is still MINE!!

So I tried to be as sweet and adorable as I could with mum,

and of course, the SuperDALE always gets her way!!

I was so happy to be at Kits Beach that I accidentally carried my ball the wrong way all the way across the entire stretch of Vanier Park.......

You will notice in a lot of my photos from today, my ears either look like THIS:

Or THIS: (the wind against my face felt so goooood, I just had to SMILE!!)

I thought what a great day it would be to take the little False Creek Ferries!!

(Photo courtesy of False Creek Ferry)

The wind together with the wave would make the ferry ride even more exciting than usual. So I took mum all the way down the ramp to the dock where I waited for MY ferry to come.

(details on the places you can go via the False Creek Ferries, please visit this page)

I waited......

And waited.........

But it never came ........ even tho the schedule said it would. Mum said they must have cancelled the rides due to the weather condition ........

I was a little disappointed ......

But mum reminded me there was still MY beach!!!

Because the waves were so big, I didn't feel like swimming today. The water was very cc....coo....coooold also. So I played with my ball-ball, and dug for rocks,

Sometimes I took refuge on this big rock just as the wave was about to hit me!

Then, I saw a sight I had never seen before............ a dogless Dog Beach.......

The Dog Beach at Kits Beach is never dogless. It is usually packed with dogs, even on rainy days. Did the wind blow everybody away?? I was starting to get really worried because I thought maybe I would be blown away too........

Thankfully, I did manage to see two whole dogs and a few halfs. The two whole dogs I met were both smaller than me in size, so I was relieved of my fear for being blown away.

If you are wondering what a half dog is, it is in my definition, a dog that is visible, but not butt sniff-able. So a dog far far away at the other end of the beach is a half dog. You got that?

Anyway, so I came home thinking, since I didn't swim at all today, I was only half wet (only my legs were wet). So I should just get a half rinse right?? I mean, doesn't that sounds reasonable ??

Well .......... WRONG!!

I not only got a FULL rinse, I also got the package with the stinky shampoop!!! Have all the hoomans gone mad in this world?? Where is the justice?? Why am I being taken advantage this way?

My mum is usually quite reasonable and negotiable, so I don't know what had gotten into her today?

I wonder if it had something to do with the Eau de GoOSe pOOP I put on myself earlier today?

Nah... couldn't be that ..... it smelled too good for anyone to want to wash it off.


Hey T-man, how's the development of Eau de T-man coming along? I tested out the goose poop today, and am very pleased with it. It stays on really well and is very economical for mass production since the dump pile is usually huge, and there are millions (literally) of piles at Vanier Park. Let me know if you want me to FedEx you some to try it with your mixture.

I personally think you should drop the "skunk" part, and replace it with goose poop. I think it will sell much better. Speaking from experience .........

Oh T-man, I'm so excited! I just know I'll be the first ones to buy Eau de T-man when it comes out. Who knows, maybe I'll get mum one too for Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

hi sunshade!

why do you call that your ball? seems more like a donut :p maybe it's midweek that's why there are no dogs on your beach :) or maybe they all just miss your presence on the beach and thought you weren't coming back anymore and left...so you gotta keep going there to keep 'em coming back! :)


Anonymous said...

ok, the photo of your "flying ears" are funny! no dog at the dog beach? probably those dogs are not as brave as sunshade! they were all scare of co-o-o-ld! :-)

wet wet licks


Jay said...

Hi Sunshade, the waves seemed quite big. I would be scared if I would you. You are so brave!


T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
At last you've got YOUR beach to yourself (almost!). That goose poop sounds intriguing. It might be just the scent I'm missing from my fragrance blend. You're right...goose might be more appealing to the consumer than skunk. Mom says we have goose poop here, but I've never encountered it. She says she won't help me find me any samples (sigh), so maybe I'll be needing your shipment :) Moms are great, but they can sure get in the way of our business ventures!

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Wow Sunny,

A walk on the beach and goose poop TOO! What an excellent day (barring the doggie wash). I'm quite certain I would love Eau de Sunshade. So there you have your first sale should you decide to go into business for yourself.


Meryl said...

Hey Sunshade,
Check out this story of another "Super 'Dale"


Isabella said...

SunShade, you got the bestest life! It must be nice to have a mom who's life revolves around you. She takes you to so many fun places. Yep, you got it made in the shade, Miss SunShade!
Big Wags,

jaffeboy said...

Oooo Ms Sunshade... I bet it is best to be chewing on some long deer tendon on this windy day. I can try to pack some in with the Xmas card but I think it will be easier if you give Butchy & Snickers a shout since their MaMa got a HUGE one a couple of days ago!!!

Deb said...

Oooh, Sunshade you have such a great life! You are so lucky to have your own beach and all the goose poo any doggie could ever want to roll in! I started to roll in bird poo the other day, but Momma yelled at me before I could get it worked in real good. I hope Eau de T-man comes out soon! As far as the bath goes, I think we all need to get together and write down the rules so that all hoomans can be on the same page as us when it comes to such things!

Your pal,

wally said...


nice pics. and i, too, love the aroma of goosepoop. i once had a friend who used it for breath freshener. a little questionable.

my mawma dreams of moving to b.c. one day. if we do i'll totally let you sniff my behind.


Toby said...

Hey Sunshade, sorry 'bout the ferry ride. I'm sure it was due to the weather conditions.... And maybe it was a good thing! It could've been quite rocky with that crazy wind blowing.

As for your full bath... How is that fair?? I will never understand humans...


Chelsea said...

Sunshade darling,

Please be careful with that goose poop. Although I have been known to "dabble' in it once and a while....it can be very toxic!
Mama read that somewhere but, can't remember where.

Sometimes that woman is usefull....


Wired for Mackie said...

Miss Sunshade-
You are so beautiful with your ears up and your smiling face in the wind. Whatta girl!
Yours truly, Mackie

Joe Stains said...

you are the luckiest dog I know! I saw a dog that looked like you around here the other day, but not nearly as handsome.

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Your beach is sooooo cooooool Miss Sunshade.

lovin' your pics.

Sorry we have not been in touch, but we have not been well.

Love and Licks
Marvin ;0)

Sunshade said...

Chiyo: I keep telling mum that we should called my ball-ball a ring or donut, but mum is old fashioned. She thinks since it's made out of tennis ball material, she will just call it a ball....

Booboo: hehehe.... I could've been called DumboDALE yesterday LOL!

Oh Jay: you are so small of course the big huge waves would scare you. Don't worry, if you ever come here and the scary waves try to eat you, I'll protect you (I'll try to eat it first ok?)!!

T-man: yes mums ruin EVERYTHING!! Just let me know when you want the samples, and I'll send them right over without mum's help!

OH Maxey: hehehe....you like Eau de Sunshade?? Hmmm.... I have to think on that, something different, but just as good as Eau de T-man. You are the sweetest, but maybe your mama will kick you out once you start to wear Eau de Sunshade??

blaineandmeryl: thanks for the link, mum saw it on her ADTlovers' list yesterday. Goldie indeed is AMAZING!

Isabella: Thanks girlie! I think I have a pretty good life, and it's pretty cool my mum's life revolve around me....hehe!

Jaffe: OK! I'll be chatting with Butchy & Snickers soon hehehehe! Thanks for the tip.

Hey Roo: The more I read about you, the more I think we are alike, except you are a way better hunter than I am.... WE should be the sales rep for Eau de T-man! And we need to start a petition of some sort against bathing off any Eau de stuff!!

Wally: hehe.... I only use fresh goose poop as breath freshener. The aged poop are better for the perfume effect. You should come to BC and I can show you where all the sweet smelling stuff are!!

Hello Butchy & Snickers: really you guys dont' like goose poopoo? PLEASE DO send some turkey and deer poop over, I can't wait! I want to know what I've been missing out on...hehe. Yes, I loooked like a DumboDALE yesterday LOL.

Toby: SIGH... you and me, we keep getting bathed..... maybe we need to run away?

Chelsea: I didn't know goose poop can be toxic.... Ok, I better be careful next time. I wonder what makes it toxic. Thanks so much for the heads up tho little girl!

Dear Mackie: long time no see, and I'm glad to see that you still think I'm pretty..... *blushing*

Joe Stains: hey man, thanks for the compliments!! You have a pretty good life too, plus you have somebody to make fun of all the time...hehe...you kwno who I"m talking about LOL.

Marvin: ARe you and Jeannie feeling any better now?? I hope so, cause we really love you guys. Don't want either of you to be sick...


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, it was really windy huh. I can see your hair sticking in all directions. Good thing you didn't get blown away. But if it gets really windy, maybe you can catch a ride and get blown to Singapore to visit me. :)

~ fufu