Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This evening, at about eight, mum took me to this place.

Yup, it is YVR - Vancouver International Airport. I've been to this place many times before; I've watched hoomans I love being eaten by the evil gate and disappear forever (ok, I might be exaggerating a bit, but for a long long LOOOOONG time). So I wasn't particularly excited about going. However, I didn't mind it too much since mum and I weren't taking someone I love there.

I saw a bunch of check in counters,

A foooooooood court!

AND THEN......

Mum said "Where is VERONICA???"

Did you say VERONICA???? My favouritest person other than mum and grandpa???? I wrote about MY Veronica when I first started blogging since she's a very important part of my life or those of you who don't know who Veronica is, you can read about her here:

There she was....MY Veronica, waiting for MEMEMEMEMEMEME!! See how I picked her out right away from far far away and headed straight over????? Mum had to let go of my leash because she couldn't run with the leg breakers she was wearing.

Did you see my Wiggle Butt??? (another one of mum's many nicknames for me) I don't think I need to tell you how extremely happy I was to see Veronica after 2 years of no-Veronica!!!! Notice Veronica knelt down to my level right away to greet me?? That's because she knew the impact from me jumping up and landing is very bad for my elbow, so she knelt down to prevent me from jumping up so high.

Oh, and of course, I had to stick my head in her purse to see if there were goodies for me!!

Veronica was studying in Switzerland, and she stopped by Vancouver to see ME ME ME before going back to Taiwan where her family is. She is staying with us for a month! YIPPEE!!

This was mum's attempt to get a picture of me and MY Veronica, but my tongue was completely out of control. I had a hard time just keeping my bum down, nevermind keeping the crazy tongue in my mouth...

There were many happy faces on passersby. Some couldn't take their eyes off me and MY Veronica, some stopped to watch, some came over to talk to mum, some said I looked like a GIANT teddy bear hugging MY Veronica, and some wanted to know if it was okay to pet me. Mum of course told them it was ok, but I paid no attention to them, didn't acknowledge their petting, because all I cared about was MY Veronica. The people who were unfortunately ignored by me weren't offended at all. One of them even said it was so neat to see a dog being so happy and focusing on one person, and one person only.

After I have calmed down and my tongue was somewhat contained, we made out way to the car. I followed MY Veronica very closely,

After two years of no-Veronica, I wasn't gonna let her out of my sight.

I tried very hard to stay out of the buggy's way, but at times, I just couldn't control myself...

and I HAD to stop MY Veronica to say HI HI HI HI to her all over again!!

I followed closely behind MY Veronica after my little HI HI HI sessions.

When we got home, Veronica told me she got me something. So I thought I would help her unpack.

Look at what MY Veronica got me,

It's a MOO MOO bowl!!! See the MOO MOO inside??

Then I checked out Veronica's purse once more......

And then and then..... I got tired........

All that excitement was surprisingly draining. I have MY Veronica here with me, and now I'm going to sleep with MY rockie...

NITE NITE my friends

MY cards & pressies from my buddies!!

First of all, my sincere apologies to Scrappy, Simba, Lillie V, Huskee Boy, Bogie, Putter, Boy n Baby. This post should have been done a looooooooong time ago, but I've just gotten enough computer time to do it......


(If mum would let me, I would send fresh tripe and goosie poop to all of you, but you know her.....)

Now, onto the fun stuff. Look at all my cards and pressies!!

From Scrappy:

I got a PINK card from my dear friend Scrappy in Australia. He's so cute and did I mention, the card is PINK!!!

From Lillie:

Next, I got a "MEOW" card from the lovely Lillie Valentine. Lillie knows I'm crazy about kitties.. (pun intended)

THANK YOU Scrappy and Lillie for your lovely cards, a big MUUU-AH to you both!!

Moving on to my parcels, I picked the "Royal Mail" to open first. I wondered which smart friend of mine knew the package was coming to her Royal Highness.

The package smelled SOOOOO good. I couldn't wait to open it,

I started munching away even before mum saw what it was. It was so yummy, I decided to just start eating while it was still in the envelope.

Soooo... yes, the "Royal Male" *ahem* MAIL came from the handsome, English male named Simba.

From Simba:

Yup, that's him giving his seductive look..... and the oh so yummy treat. See one side of the bone was already gone?? I wonder where it went??

From Huskee Boy:

The second package came from Huskee Boy!!!

He said he went shopping with his mum and saw a mini-Sunshade, so he got me the mini-ME!!!

I tried to give the mini-ME love nibbles because that's what I do to show affection. I'm not a licker. (Shhhh.... Huskee.. I was actually thinking about you when I did my nibble nibbles..hehe!)

For once, I was more than happy to pose. Don't we look alike?? He even has dark ears like me!!!

The mini-ME is now sitting in my wall cabinet along with the Aire-nament I got from Maggie, and the rockie I got from Boo!!

From my Handsome Devil Bogie:

Trying very hard to see if my Bogie had finally squeezed himself into a box and maled himself to me.

Ah oh.... no Bogie...

But something else, my other favouritest thing, just had to get it.

Oh my doG, a HUGE ribbon wrapped pine cone!!!!!

You all know how much I love pine cones right???

Not only were there pine cones of all shape and sizes, there was also a bag of chicken fingers!!!

Do you see how well I can cross my eyes??? It's one of the most important survivor skills for a canine IMO. Look adorable or pathetic, and you get fed. I was trying for the adorable look except my eyes sort of did their own thing..

I even did my version of "Lazy BANG". It's not as good as my dramatic BANG, but enough to score me the yummy chicken strips.

Don't you think mum's "BANG" sounded soooooo scawwwwwwwie???

Of course, there was also a lovely note from my man. He was even considerate enough to send STINKY a couple of pine cones wrapped in the blue ribbon.

From Putter - my Aire-gurlfriend:

She gave me a curious George card,

In with the card were pictures of PUTTER!!!!! She was just groomed in the two pictures below. Isn't she a pretty gurly guuuuurl?? Mum and I love Putter's name, we think it's the cutest. Can you guess what is Putter's mom's favourite sport??

Just like Maggie, Putter and I have been e-mailing each other. She and Maggie both live in CT, and I heard they are going to have a playdate soon!!! SIGH... wish I could be there too - Gurrrrrl's night OUT, Stinkies' night IN (the crates..hehe).

The first picture here is Putter's Winter Teddy Bear look, and of course, the second picture is the well groomed look. We, Airedales have such big, fat, round noses, that combined with the brown curls we have make us look like Teddies!!

Here's a Teddy,

Here is Teddy Putter!!

Putter also had a pressie for me,

Oh I like I like!!

This is me trying to get my pressie out of its box,

Putter told me she has one too that she plays at the park all the time. Hers is RED, she gave me the PINK one because she knew that's my favouritest colour!! This is me playing with mine. You get a great look of my muscle butt..hehe

I can't wait 'til the rain stops so I can go out to the field and play with my new PINK soccer ball. Afterall, I am the future Captain of Team Canada!!

See, I was practicing my poses for the team captain mug shot. Which one do you guys think it's better??

Now, all I need is a jersey and I'm ready to RRRRRRRUMBLE!!

From Baby n Boy:

My pressie all the way from Singapore, something smells gooooooood,

This was the first thing I pulled out, it smelled like nothing I'd ever smelled before.

It's some kind of Milky Chicken treats I think. Mum was trying to figure out what it was, but I said....


Mum made me wait so she could take a picture of ALL the treats/pressies I got from Baby n Boy. I waited, but I had my eyes set on ONE particular bag of treats...

As soon as mum got her picture, I made my move!

To prevent me from eating the entire bag of Milky Chicken, mum finally decided to give me a couple sticks. Yes, my eyes crossed yet again...

Moving on......

Salmon Sushi treat bag,

Yes yes, I really REALLY want it. Can you see it in my eyes?? I really really really needed that treat.

I swear to doG I am really not this piggish. I was just acting you know!!

(mum: yes, just like how you act 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..)

Along with the yummy treats, was a wonderful card from Baby n Boy.

They got something for STINKY too, but they said their mama forced them to give him something, otherwise they wouldn't have gotten him anything. What true friends they are to me, thank you both for your support!

Look at what else they got ME! A magnet that looks like - ME ME ME!! (yes, mummy has GIANT toes...)


A wall decal with my name spelled out on little Precious Moments plates,

Mum LOVES things from Precious Moments because of all the cute little people, so she says a big THANK YOU to you and your mama!!

See, it is now on my wall amongst all the block mounted pictures of ME,

Once again, THANK YOU to all my buddies, you guys are the bestest!!!!! I LOVE all my cards and pressies!!!