Friday, March 30, 2012

Meatball, Flirt, CONTEST

This morning, while mum was working upstairs, D-Guy asked me if we should let Meatball out! I said YES of course!

D-Guy likes to let the piggies run around while I babysit them, but mum says D-Guy can't let them out unless he was going to supervise. Not because I would hurt them or anything like that, but because mum doesn't like them running under the sofa bed and then she finds poo droppings under the sofa bed when she cleans the floor. I can't reach under the sofa bed, so I can't help with clean up. Otherwise, I do clean up after MY piggies!!

So this morning, D-Guy let Meatball out, told me to watch her, and then he started "supervising" via his computer.

All of a sudden, I told him "You're in BIG trubble D-Guy! Meatball ran under the bed!!!"

Mum heard everything I said, so she came down to see what was happening, and D-Guy got off his butt right away :-)

Around lunch time, mum walked me out to buy lunch. On the way there, I met my Prince, Digger. He and I have met many times at the school next to our house. Sometimes, his dad ties him outside like today. I just couldn't contain myself when I saw his handsome face, longing for my attention.... (mum: this is how seniors flirt :-) Sunshade is 12.5, Digger is almost 14)

After mum bought lunch, I got something too and carried it home! I am having a small contest for people to guess WHAT I GOT!!

Here are the prizies, there are three Airedale big head doggies, one Shiba Inu, one Pug, one Poodle, one Lab, an Airedale Taxi Service sign, a little Wire Fox statue, and two Sphere puzzles with a beautiful Wire Fox on it,

Anyone that guesses it right will get a prizie. We are hoping that we have enough prizies!! In the case where we have more winners than prizies, we will have a draw amongst the winners.

One guess per person please! Contest ends Sunday, April 1st!!

You can send your guess to:

  • comment on the contest thread on the SuperDALE Facebook page
  • leave a comment here on blogger (although I know a lot of you are having trouble with my comment section)

Now, here is the video of me carrying WHAT I GOT home,


  • The foodable is edible by ME (dogs) & hoomans.
  • It comes in a pack of 8.
  • It can be purchased at any grocery store.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just Chillin' & Piggies

I spent the afternoon chillin' in the yard. I made myself a comfy bed,

(mum: Sunshade LOVES to dig, especially under a covered up area. The main reason we built her a fort (which we still need to post about it....) was because she used to go on children's playground, find a platform to go under, and starts digging. She would then lie in the hole she'd dug, especially during summer time, to escape from the heat I think. She's now doing the same under the fort and the ramp for the fort. The entire under area is all dug up LOL!)

Resting in my comfy bed,

STINKY was out with MY piggies (you can watch him with them on his bloggie), so I kept an eye on them,

My SuperNOSE was on alert too for any treats being dropped by MY piggies!!

Then I heard mum telling D-Guy "Go take some pictures, STINKY is being so cute with the piggies.". (mum: I said Jaffa!)

So D-Guy took some pictures. Here is Squeaky,


And Mama Meatball!!!

D-Guy is the BESTEST!! He sure knows how to capture important moments in life; My Piggies! (mum: NO pictures of Jaffa can you believe it??!!!!)

Afterwards, I came to check on MY piggies, to make sure everypig was ok,

(mum: Jaffa isn't as intrigued by the piggies are Sunshade is, but he is still excellent with them. He knows he always has to be calm around them, or Sunshade would come and pin him until he calms down. She did that to him the first time he was bouncing playfully around one of the pigs, and he's learned his lesson well.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WATCH the making of Me & MY Piggies :-)

Yes, MY piggies & I did not win the Unlikely Animal Friends Contest, but because of it, we have made so many new & wonderful friends. One of our new friends Miss Wendy in Australia makes darling hand sculpted Airedales and other animals. She asked mum if it would be ok for her to sculpt ME & MY Piggies!! Mum said YES of course!!!

Miss Wendy has decided to make the sculpting of me & MY piggies into an event where she will put up pictures and videos of the process. Sort of this like, (click on pictures to biggify)

Making of MY SuperBED!!

MY piggies!! The one with the white stripe down her face is going to be Meatball!!!

The process will be documented on the Facebook page - The Hand Sculpting of Sunshade and Piggies

You DO NOT need to have a Facebook account to see it. Just bookmark the link and you will be able to follow the progress. Of course, if you do have a Facebook account, you are welcome to join and participate in the event.

I will try to make periodic updates here on the blog, but it might just be easier for you to go to the Facebook link. Videos will be on there.

Lastly, please visit Miss Wendy's websites:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Diary of the Day

Dear Diary,

I wore my pink PJ's to Jericho beach today because mum said it was a cold day. When I got to the beach, I did this,

Then, I met a Big Bird, one that I had met before,

I said BYE to the Big Bird,

I said HI & BYE to Big Bird later on during my walk at the beach. For some reason, he always seems to say a very loud BYE to me.

I watched as Mr. Crab's life flashed before his eyes,

Dear Diary, I know I really should be watching my gurrrlie figure, but please look, it says Wild Bites - Love At First Bite!!!

How was I suppose to refuse buffaloni bits?? I'm sure you'd understand, Dear Diary :-)

I will start my diet TOMORROW!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meeting Fan & Dead Whale

We went for a walk at the University of British Columbia campus. That's where mum went to school, where I grew up chasing squirrelies.

Towards the end of our walk, I met a very pretty gurrrrrlie, she said she was a SuperDALE fan, and I said HOOOOOOOOOORAY!!!

This pretty gurrrrl's little brother, Manny is my friend on Facebook. See the note he left me couple weeks ago? He told me his sissy had seen us before!!

So today the pretty gurrrrlie stopped us to tell us she was Manny's sissy!!! Of course, STINKY had to bask in MY glory too....... (mum: Sunshade, the pretty girl asked "Is this Sunshade and JAFFA??")

After we said bye bye to the pretty gurrrrlie, mum wanted had to go mark her territory (mum: err... I needed to pee!), so she told me to go do some (dead) whale watching,

That's a lot of bone-bones to chew don't you think?

(mum: there is a real whale skeleton in the Marine Biology building!)


Mum was stripping STINKY in the yard today and I took on the job of piggiesitting,

The gurrrrrrls Meatball, Squeaky, and Dumpling were in the pen, while Sesame was under the cage top. Mean Juice lost his outside privilege after his running away from home stunt the other day. (mum: we haven't filled the hole yet.)

A pesky crow kept flying back and forth over MY piggies while quacking. So I kept my SuperEYE on it!!! NO bad crow-crow will get MY piggies!!

After about 20 minutes, the bad crow finally gave up and flew away for good!! I could finally take my guard off for a bit,

Friday, March 23, 2012

IT WASN'T ME!!!!!!


Ok, so this is what happened. We've had such rainy, wet, crummy weathers lately that when mum saw the sunny break we had today, she decided to let MY piggies and Mean Juice mow the lawn in the yard. MY piggies were in their 10 inch high piggie pen (they are so well behaved, they don't jump out!), while Mean Juice got to roam the yard freely. When Juice first came, mum and D-Guy filled all the holes that I had dug against the fence, and they also boarded up certain areas. They thought Juice was a big guy and that he needed more space to run than the x-pen could provide him. There was never a problem. So this afternoon, mum put everyone outside, and then she sat in the lawn chair and worked on her compoooter. She didn't see anything weird or strange because she was busy Facebooking...err.. working!! When it was getting dark, mum started gathering everyone to go inside, and guess what? Mean Juice was no where to be found!!!!!!

I SWEAR I had nothing to do with it! I mean, I might have dug a new little hole against the fence facing our neighbour's yard, but I NEVER told him to go through it!!!

Anyway, when mum saw the new hole against the fence, behind the ramp for my fort, she and D-Guy went over to our neighbour's yard (not fenced) to look for Mean Juice. They looked for at least half hour as there were quite a few hiding places. Our neighbours came out and started calling "Juice COME!". I had to break it to them that it just didn't work like that with rabbits. The the search party then moved outside onto the side walk and around the immediate blocks for another hour and a half. Still no sign of Mean Juice. Mum even brought me with her, thinking I would sniff Juice out. Unfortunately, I'm just not crazy enough about Mean Juice (who attacks ME and STINKY) to want to look for him!

Mum was getting really worried because it was all dark by then and she was worried he would get eaten by raccoons/coyotes/cats (yeah right, he would probably eat THEM instead). So they went home and made a poster for Mean Juice. I thought they were going to write:

"WATCH OUT: Killer Rabbit on the loose"

But nope, they made the poster above, and printed 30 copies. We then went out to put the posters up.

Guess what we saw half way down the block??

Another poster,

Oh darn....... better luck next time....

Yes, so D-Guy called the number, and the nice lady asked "is your rabbit REALLY big??". As it turned out this nice lady was renting a suite in one of the corner houses on our block. She said she found Mean Juice eating grass on the side walk and was worried that he would get eaten so she brought him home, put him in her bathtub, and gave him veggies. When mum and D-Guy went to pick up Juice, the nice lady asked D-Guy to go into her bathroom to get Juice because she was afraid of Mean Juice!! Juice had scratched her and then bit her and drew blood when she was putting down veggies for him to eat. She had a band-aid on her hand....

Anyways, so Mean Juice is once again, back at my house......

And he is doing very fine, here is the proof. Make sure you watch and listen to Mean Juice when STINKY approached him,

I knew better than to stick my SuperFACE in Mean Juice's face! Did you see how STINKY just ran away?????

(mum: Sunshade LOVES to dig, but she doesn't dig to escape, so the holes against the fence are never really big. However, when Juice came, we filled all the holes since he could fit through them easily. We hadn't put the small animals out for months due to the winter, so I guess Sunshade had dug a new hole and I totally missed it today......

ps. pls don't mind Jaffa's weird airedo, he's midway being stripped)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Squaire Dog Grooming Apron!!

LOOK at what our friend Nhi and Lola made for mum (AGAIN!!),

Remember Nhi made mum a booootiful red cowl and me a booootiful flower collar??

We are being TOTALLY spoiled by Auntie Nhi....we feel bad.... BUT, we do LOVE our pressies!!! So thank you thank you!!

Pawperty of Squaire Dog Grooming. Don't ever try to steeeeeeal it or you'll be in SuperBIG trouble!!!

Ummm..... I think mum misunderstood WHO was suppose to be wearing the apron.... Grooming table + apron = sad SuperEARS.....

Much happier now that someone else is on the table, AH-HA!!!!

My friend Lola is a Lakie, so it's only fitting that the first dog mum groomed in her new Squaire Dog apron was a Lakie too!!!

This picture shows off the apron better :-) Mum was handstripping the Lakie here,

Thank you again Nhi and Lola, you guys are too thoughtful!! We are so lucky to have you as our friends.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Name

Over the last twelve years, A LOT (and that's an understatement!) of people have asked mum where she got my name from, or why she chose this particular name for me, or if she named me "Sunshade" because of my colouring. People have also asked mum if she named STINKY, after "STINKY cakes" (mum: Jaffa Cakes!!!!!) because of his supposedly "bubbly" pawsanolity and the black and orange colouring. They thought our names were very unusual and original, especially MINE of course.

BUT....... in reality, our names are actually quite unoriginal!!!

I think it's about time for me to tell you the origin of MY SuperNAME .....


Below is a link to a video that tells you where my name originated from. Click on the link, and enter the password,

  • Link
  • Password: SunshadeJaffa

(mum: Sunshade was born on November 25th, 1999. Earlier that year, my dad had told me that I could get a puppy for my 16th birthday, which was mid November. So I started playing around with names. I had always loved the name "Emma" for a girl because I thought the name was very elegant, sweet, and girly for a girl. So I decided then that my future puppy was going to be named Emma! I was in Grade 11 then and heading into Christmas break. The last day before school closed for the winter holiday, we watched a documentary in biology class about a kangaroo mob. The documentary was called Kangaroos - faces in the mob. In there, a group of scientists followed a kangaroo mob for a year where they paid special focus on two baby joeys born that year. The joeys were named Sunshade and Jaffa. I remember the moment I heard the name Sunshade, I knew that was going to be my puppy's name and there was no going back to Emma or any other name for that fact. Joey Sunshade was smart, beautiful, responsive and she blossomed in the year's time that the scientists were following the mob. Baby joey Jaffa made a deep impact on me as well, he was such a funny, bubbly joey. So I decided then (in Grade 11) that if I ever get a boy dog, he would have the name Jaffa. I finally got the opportunity 7 years later when I picked up Sunshade's little nephew, Jaffa in 2007.

Recently, I went on a mad search for the "Kangaroo video" I watched in biology class some twelve years ago. It wasn't hard to find, I just had to google "Sunshade, Jaffa, Kangaroo" and voila, Amazon had it!! It will be my one most treasured DVD for the rest of my life!!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bosley's Tax

A new pet food store, Bosley's opened up near our house back in October, and it made my life that much betta!!!

It has made my life that much better because I now will go for walkies with D-Guy when mum isn't around! Before Bosley's opened up, I used to not want to leave the house/yard with D-Guy if mum was away (I think I should wait 'til she comes back ya know??). D-Guy used to use SuperYUMMY treats to lure me out, but that would only get us to the end of the block (100 meters away LOL) before I'd put on my brakes. D-Guy had tried everything, he even dropped my leash and walked the other way just to see if I would follow him, but I just dragged my leash back home on my own.

However, since Bosley's opened up, I have been going for walkies with D-Guy happily!! I may only walk with him if he was heading the "right" way - Bosley's way, but at least I'm going for walkies now! (mum: she would still put on her brakes and head home if she knew they weren't heading towards Bosley's lol...)

Anyways, so nowadays, D-Guy is always complaining that he has to pay a "Bosley's Tax" whenever he takes me out. Yes, I won't leave the store unless I get something!!!!!

I want THIS one today D-Guy!!!

So today, after STINKY left for his bike run, mum told D-Guy to walk me out and she followed us to see what I did.

This video sums it up!!

I'm always in a hurry to GO HOME after I've gotten my chewie, because I like to eat in the safety of my home,

Almost home!!

Hey D-Guy, focus on ME not the trees!!

Yummy YUMMY I've got LOVE in my TUMMY!!!!!

STINKY got the second chewy I brought home when he came back from his bike run, I thought the second one was for me as well....

Oh well, mine was prettier!