Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sunshade VS. EVIL hose

I have been watching my EVIL mum using the EVIL hose to water my ex Hole # 3 day after day.

I couldn't stand seeing all my hard work go down the drain just like that, so I decided to take matters into my own jaws today!!

I challenged EVIL hose and his EVIL accomplice!!

EVIL hose VS. Miss Sunshade


was fairly rough for me....... water in my face

Water down my neck

Water up my nose.....

So Round 1 went to the EVIL hose....

EVIL hose 1 : Miss Sunshade 0


Since I had such a bad start in Round 1, I started out Round 2 by trying to strike a deal with the EVIL hose.

However, the EVIL hose seemed relentless, so I thought I would give him a "threatening look"...

But that didn't scare him!!

So finally, I decided to face my enemy. My plan was to drink him dry!

It WORKED! He stopped spraying for a little while (probably because I was choking on water). Then time ran out and I was declared the winner for Round 2!!

EVIL hose 1 : Miss Sunshade 1


My confidence was back for Round 3, and I KICKED BUTT!!

I could sense the fear in EVIL hose......

I guess you can't really blame the EVIL hose for being scared when you have those powerful jaws chomping down on you!!

Then, I finished him off with THIS MOVE!!


EVIL hose 1 : Miss Sunshade 2

I was declared the WINNER!!

I had a little chat ........

with the LOSER!!

Lastly, I tended to my battle scars.


Toby said...
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Toby said...

Miss Sunshade you rock!!! Glad you showed the evil hose who's boss!!! I think you deserve a big trophy!!

litle malt kisses,

Toby LittleDude

Jay said...

Yo Sunshade! You did it!!! You ended up the victor and showed the hose who is boss. Good Job!!!


Anonymous said...

sunshade, you have so much fun with the hose! didn't really see the evil side of the hose yet! maybe u just need to talk to the hosey and he'll (assuming all the evil or the evil wannabe are HE) leave your hole alone!

btw, aren't you gals not suppose to open your mouth BIG BiG?

licky wet wet licks


Herbie said...

hmm... ever thought of striking a deal with the evil hose? You dig up a nice big hole, he fills it up, and you have your very own pond! Mudbath anyday, anytime!

Fu Fu said...

Woh Sunshade, you are so brave fighting against the evil water host. Will you come help me if I ever get into a fight?

~ fufu

Baily said...

you kicked butt!!!
now that evil hose knows what to expect next time he is trying to ruin all your hard work!
herbies suggestion is worth thinking about though ;)

nose licks

Maximillian the Valliant said...

My dear Sunny,

It is nice to see you still have your edge. I must say you didn't look scared at all. I personally stay away from the evil hose. I don't like to get wet.

BTW, I think you should have broken the neck on your thanksgiving feast first. bhahahahah. I'm trying to upload a video of me breaking the neck of mom's shoe as a training video for my online friends. But I haven't been able to get it uploaded to blogger.


T-man Angel said...

Way to go!! Have you studied the martial arts? Those look like some pretty complex fighting moves!

Anonymous said...

Hoses are our friends Sunshie Sweetie. They power water sprinklers for us to run through!

Bussie Kissies

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Just lovin' your pics of you and the hose, Miss Sunshade! So funny!! My evil being in my life is the garden broom.....I hate him. We have many battles, and I bark so much I almost have to be "hosed" down.

In answer to your question yesterday, yes, I am allowed on trains, buses and taxis! Also allowed in some shops, just depends on the owner. But not supermarkets, oh no! I am also allowed in many pubs and other eating places, again it depneds if the owner is a kind dog lovin' person! Love and Licks, Marvin ;0) From Sunny Scotland today

Unknown said...

Good hose game Sunshade! Our Mama has a hose that isn't evil. When we're on the deck, we beg to drink water out of the hose, especially when it's hot outside. We want to swim in the koi ponds, but Mama won't let us, sigh.......
Course, we wouldn't want to today, we got snowed on and it's vewy colwd outside.
Luv & shivvering hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anonymous said...

It is so nice see how much fun you have every day with your mum Sunshade. I really love to read your blog everyday.

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Sunny,

Since you are my particular friend I thought you wouldn't mind if I linked to you. I'm just learning how to do I hope it's okay.


Bogart H. Devil said...

Fantastic photos my darlin'! You're quite the athletic genius as well!


Chelsea said...

You are so brave.
I am terrified of the hose.

Yikes and it even attacked you and you lived to tell about it.



Joe Stains said...

dang you are FIERCE!!! good going!

Charlie said...

Sunny, you are awesome! I'm definitely going to try some of those moves next time I meet the EVIL hose!
- Charlie

Anonymous said...

you're such a gungho girl sunshade!!! :) well done and bravo! hehehe.. wasn't your mommy the mastermind behind the evil deeds of the hose though? :p i hope your nose dries out fast! :)

by the way, did you get a personal message from me on multiply? i think i sent that ages ago :p it was about the christmas exchange

can i pweeeeeese ask a teeny favor from your mom? if, IF she has time, can she maybe scan one or two recipes from her book for HM? HM will be buying the book, but the shipping will take some time since it's international. thankie in advance!!!


Sunshade said...

Toby: Thanks little bud, I just hated to see the EVIL hose helping to fill my hole up you know! It worked cause I didn't see the EVIL hose at work today!!

Jay: YUP I DID IT!! The EVIL thing is off duty from now on, *I think*.

Booboo: you brought up a good point, but let me ask you, when do I *ever* act like a girl?? Remember I lift my leg to pee, and I *love* my stuffies??

Herbie: I think that's a great idea, maybe you should come over and help me talk the EVIL hose into helping us?? MUD POOL sounds wonderful!!

Fufu: Of course I'll go and help you. I will not tolerate anyone or anything hurting you!! You are our one and only hamsterrier!!

Baily: yup yup, I think I got my point across to the EVIL hose pretty good. He was still looking pretty dead today...hehe!

Hey Maxey: don't worry, if you have EVIL hose over there too, just let me know and I'll be over in a flash to protect you!! I would LOVE to see a video of you in action, especially breaking the neck of your mom's shoe..hehe! My kind of guy! Please add me, your particular friend to you link!

T-man: I used to watch lots of movies until mum decided to put parental control on those channels since last time I did a little Kung-Fu..... So, yeah, I still remember a little, but can't learn anymroe because I DON'T HAVE MY MOVIE CHANNELS!!

Buster: Dont' get me started on water sprinklers, I killed two of them already..... You mean you dont' attack the hose or the sprinkler??

Marvin: you lucky lucky dawg!! Can't believe you get to go on trains, buses, into malls, restaurants!! Maybe I should go live with you, and we can both bark at your evil broom. Of course, if they tried to hose us down, I can fight the EVIL hose!!

Butchy & Snickers: you guys sound like the perfect terriers!! You don't think the hose is evil and you drink out from it, you listen to your mama when she tells you not to go in the koi pond..... I think mum is considering sending me over there for a while... to learn some manners..

Vero: hi Vero, sorry I dont' know who you are, but thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving a comment! I'm very glad you enjoy reading about a crazy girl!

Bogie Bogie: Thanks my handsome! You can come over and help me battle the EVIL hose anytime you want!

Chelsea: Thank doG I lived to tell the story, so that all the dawgs in the world will know how EVIL hoses are. You are smart Chelsea to stay away from it, I'm sure T-man will give his life protecting you from EVIL hoses!!

Hey Tanner: thanks for calling me FIERCE, it makes me sound that much braver!!

Charlie: yo Charlie, let me know how the EVIL hose reacted to your moves ok??

Chiyo: sigh.... I have given up on my mum. She is the mastermind behind EVERY EVIL. I'm just use to it so I dont' get mad at her anymore. Of course mum will send you the recipes, but she will have to do it with an e-mail address. I'm gonna go contact you on multiply. Oh and yes we got the X-mas card exchange info from you.


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Deb said...

Way to kick butt against that evil, evil hose thingy! Our hose usually doesn't do that to me, I think because it knows how wittle I am, but now I'm going to show it your video so it knows not to ever try that on me or I'll sick you on it!

Thank you so much!

Your pal,

Ivy said...

wowie sunshade! you are such a brave dog! you shud start a business and call it hose busters!

i wud hire you to deal with my evil hose anyday!

Bailey/Tasha/Maddie said...

Good job .. you showed him... that hose went down :)