Sunday, June 23, 2013

SuperTRIP: Day 2 - Mila's Special Day

Day two of our SuperTRIP was a SuperSPECIAL day! It was Mila's 8th Birfday!!

In the morning, Mila and her sissy, Marisa went to tennis camp. Auntie Nhi and mum went to pick up the gurrrrls while Lola and I stayed home and guarded the house, 

Look at what Mila saw from inside the car as they were driving! 

She shouted "I see Sunshade!!!!!"

Mum looked out the window and she too said she saw me. What about you? Do you see me??

Then they went to pick up a very special cake for Mila!!

It's a Lola cake!!!

Lola wasn't sure what to make of the life size cake of herself, 

Don't think she liked it very much.....

Stress yawn....

I think she wanted to kill it! 

The birthday gurrrrl and I had a bit of snuggle time after lunch, 

She tried to teach me how to play Bananagram - Mila's rules :-) 

I kind of lost track.....

After the game, we decided to go for a swim before all the hooman pups started to show up for the birfday pool party, 

Lola was coaching me from the sideline, 

Then she decided on the paws on coaching approach...... 

She showed me how to swim SuperFAST!!!! Look at her going for the steps! (mum: Sunshade is a very economical swimmer, meaning, she's not very fast haha.)

Then Marisa, the older (not) evil sissy came in the water too!

We had some friendly races, 

Eyeing the opponents, 

Lola cheering on the athletes!

Second race, I got a little confused because Marisa took MY tennis stick!!

Oh good, she let it go. Here's my chance!

I got my stickie! The home stretch!!

Coach Lola decided to come in the water too, 

She joined the race, 

Like a coach should, she took the race!

Then the birfday pool party began!

This is little Sara. She is Auntie Nhi's friend, Cheryl's daughter, 

She loved Lola!

Trying to feed Lola a piece of leaf hehe!

I was tired from my swim races so I just chilled by the patio table, 

Auntie Nhi trying to get things organized. Everybuddy listen up!

Pizza yummmmmmm!! Lola was a little vacuum cleaner,  

Time to bring the cake out and light the candles! 

Birfday gurl Mila supervising, 

(not) Evil sissies!

Make a wish and blow out the candles!

Say cheeeeeeese!

Don't do it Lola!!

Serving the Lola cake!

All partied out!! 

Yes... I was suffering from a bit of a hang over... 

Oh yea, this is what became of the Lola cake..... LOL! 

Happy 8th Birfday Mila!!! 
Happy early 12th birthday Marisa!!!

After the party when everyone had gone home, I told Auntie Nhi something......

(mum: it took Sunshade less than a day to figure out where the treat cupboard was at Lola's house, and she started demanding. That bag of tripe jerky was the bag that I sent Lola last year, but it stunk so much, Nhi wouldn't give it to Lola LOL!! So Sunshade got to pig out on them while we were there. Girl was more than thrilled and very stinky haha.)