Monday, October 31, 2011


I hope you've all had a SAFE and fun Howl-loween!!

Mum took us costume shopping about a week ago. She INSISTED that I picked a costume.

This was me......

STINKY of course, picked one to match mine....

This was him,

If you recall, this was me last year.....

And the year before..... (a SKUNK!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?)

So HOOOOOWL do I look this year compare to the previous years?

This is what the backs look like,

I didn't get to pick my previous costumes (OBVIOUSLY!!), but I thought I did a pretty good job this year picking something that didn't look totally STOOOOOPID!

What do'ya think??

It's hand knitted!

I guess I could do without the ears.....

And the hoodie....

At least I could still use my nose!

It's actually quite comfortable that I could run and play in it no problem,

These sweaters are made by Chilly Dog Sweaters in case anyone is interested. I wore an XXL, STINKY wore an XXXL.

You can see more pictures of STINKY on his bloggie.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Canada's Biggest Dog Show

Those of you that are on mum's Facebook know that mum had ABANDONED me for the last TWOOOOO days to go watch Tradex - Canada's biggest dog show.

She was going to abandon me AGAIN today.....


I decided to put my MUSCLE (fuzzy) BUTT down,

Adorable face ON,

And said NO MORE!!!


She brought me of course!!

It worked!

I got to go to Canada's biggest dog show with mum (without STINKY)!! STINKY went for a bike run, and then went to his friend's house to play some more. A WIN WIN situation!

Look at what I saw as soon as I walked in,

One weird looking Airedale I tell ya!

(Mum: It was a Phantom Standard Poodle. The colouring was so neat!!)

Out of the corner of my eye,

I spotted an unique looking gentleman.....

We said a polite HELLO,

And then I asked if he wanted to come home with me!! (Evil-mum said our house isn't that kind of place, so he couldn't come....)

Mum and I continued walking to check out the vendors,

I was just doing some normal shopping, but look at my harness, do you see how hard mum was pulling me AWAY??? (Mum: you were shoplifting!!)

She didn't get me anything can you believe it?

Onto the next vendor, how 'bout some bully sticks mum??

Mum still said NO! HUMPH!

Third vendor, there were some YUMMY treats on the table, (please note, I did not like the orange coloured salmon and yam treats. I spat them out continuously)

I asked the nice lady to please put some liver treats inside my mouf,

And she did,

I told her THANK YOU!

And that I would like to take a bag of the chicken breast strips,

Off I went!!


Evil mum kept trying to take MY bag of chicken strips away!!

Told her NO WAY, get your own!!

D-Guy told me that Airedales were on,

He said I should stop eating and cheer on my cousins.... (he's so charming, he always knows exactly what to say to a lady)

So I did! (Look carefully and you will see Airedales in the ring behind me)

Mr. Charming said I was facing the wrong way, so yes, I turned around to pretend I was watching...

But to be perfectly honest with you,

I don't understand why dogs come to dog shows to run around in the ring when they could be EATING treats at various different vendors, you know what I'm saying?

After the Airedales were done in the ring, we went to the grooming area to meet the handsomes and breeders,

Mum is friends with all of the Airedale breeders in BC, so they don't mind me going to hang with their dogs. (Mum: most show people prefer to not let their show dogs interact with other dogs, due to possible aggression issue.)

Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet any Airedales because most of them had either left or was with professional handlers.

I did get to meet another handsome named Murphy Brown!!

He was an Irish Terrier,

Only a little over a year old,

Isn't he so handsome??

Murphy's mom, Mary Carr is in the background on the left. She breeds BOTH Airedales and Irish Terriers. Her kennel name is Horsinaround. The lady on the right hand side is Joanne Helm, another Airedale breeder. Her kennel name is Indus.

The other two Airedale breeders that were also there were of Carol Godfrey of Majubadale, and Jacqui Hayes of Tappenaire.

Anyway, Murphy's mom had asked mum to babysit Murphy for a bit,

We sniffed each other,

He followed me around,

As he found my certain muscular attribute quite attractive and irresistible!

We chatted for a little,

And the little man decided to pour his heart out.... *blushing*...

He told me our age difference didn't matter to him, (Mum: Sunshade turns 12 years old next month!)

That he would keep me young,

He would keep me happy,

And he showed me how STRONG he was, so he could protect me,

I answered him.....

Honeymoon period OVER... just like that....

Lol, just kidding!

Evil mum decided to put Murphy on the table because he needed to get ready to go in the Group ring. She thought it would be a good shot to have me on the table next to him too... NOT!

I do not like grooming, so I do not want to be on any grooming table!

After Murphy's mom came back, we went out to the show area to watch the judging of the Sporting Group (BORING!! No foodie!).

We stood beside a nice lady, who kept looking at me, looking at mum, and then back to looking at me. Finally, she asked mum what my name was. Mum told her, and she said - I thought it was YOU!!

The nice lady introduced herself to mum, and even though they had never met before, they had actually heard a lot about each other through a mutual friend!!

Mum and the nice lady decided to go to the car to see the nice lady's dogs.

More handsomes for ME??

Look at him!!

Isn't he handsome??

His name was JJ and he was just over 2 years old!!

JJ's mom Marcy said I shouldn't get too close to him because he wasn't neutered, and sometimes he doesn't like every dog he meets. So I admired him from afar!

JJ had a sister, she was yelling in the car that she wanted to come out too. JJ was listening,

JJ's sister Lula!! She was 8 years old.

I umm.... wasn't too interested in her... because, well, she wasn't a boy....

Lula was happy to get out of the car to stretch her long leggies,

And then she wanted to play with her mom!!

Happy mom and dogter time!

After the meeting, Marcy and mum headed back into the show building. JJ wanted to go too.... but he needed to rest because he showed hard in the show ring earlier.

It was a cool day, so no problem having them rest in the car with windows cracked. It was so cool to meet new people and make new friends!!

The Terrier Group judging was starting. Guess who was the first to enter the ring?

This was Charli (Ch. Joval's Charli Angel at Tappenaire) representing the Airedales. She won Best of Breed, so she now represented the Airedales in the Terrier group ring amongst other terrier breeds. Murphy Brown was there too representing the Irish Terriers!

The final result: Group 1 to the Welsh Terrier, Group 2 to the Cairn Terrier, Group 3 to the Miniature Schnauzer, and Group 4 to the Norwich Terrier,

I saw the winning Welsh Terrier outside the ring just after he had received his ribbon,

I congratulated him and asked him what his name was. BUT... he YELLED......

I'm Joe THE Welsh Terrier!!! How could you not know me?!?!

I'm ranked #8 in All Breeds in Canada you know!!!???
I've also been to Westminster, do you even know what that is??

I'm also the #1 Welsh Terrorist in Canada with 12 Best In Show wins! DON'T TALK TO ME YOU COMMONER!!!

(Mum: he is a half brother, bred by the same breeder that bred Atticus, the Welsh Terrier that I groom. He is a beautiful dog to look at, and wins lots of shows.)

I said fine by me, and went to look for things that MATTERED!

Found it!!

Delivery to my mouf PLEASE!!

Overall, it was a fun day. I didn't enjoy the watching dogs run around in the ring part, but I did thoroughly enjoy all the yummies, and of course, My Murphy Brown!

If you would like to see more pictures of the show Airedales and some of the other gorgeous looking show terriers, please visit:

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