Saturday, September 30, 2006

I was SCOOPED up....

I lost all my Airedale dignity today....

We had some rain early in the morning, and then it was cold and overcasting for the rest of the day. Mum didn't feel like freezing her butt off at the beach, so we had a fairly diplomatic discussion about where to go for my afternoon walk. Mum suggested to drive me somewhere new and do a long leash walk around the area. I, being the cooperative dogter, agreed to her suggestion. You all might think how nice of a mum I have, but I hate to tell you this, you are all wrong - she did this for herself!

You see, the reason why mum suggested to leash walk me in an unfamiliar place is because she hates to walk me around my neighbourhood. Why? Well because I know my neighbourhood very well, so I like to go to places that I want to go. This means when we're out on our walk, I'll walk if I think mum is going in the direction that I want to go. If she isn't, then I'll stop dead on the leash, and wait 'til mum walks in MY direction. This works on my mum because I know mum doesn't pull or jerk my leash to force me to move. So everytime mum takes me out for a walk around the neighbourhood, it always ends up being at least a 90 min walk!

Oh, and the route usually goes something like HOME -- SCHOOL 1 -- PET STORE(to watch guinea pigs) -- SCHOOL 2 -- SOCCER FIELD -- PET FOOD STORE -- MUM BEGS AND PLEADS -- HOME. Now, this doesn't happen in an unfamiliar place because the smells, the houses, the area, everything is new to me. So I will happily follow mum whichever way she wants to go.

Ok, back to my story,

Mum and I drove to this new neighbourhood and started our walk. Everything was fine at first, met a few dogs on leash, said hi, and moved on. Then we turned a corner and saw a woman a little ways (~30 ft) up the sidewalk with her dog walking in the same direction that we were. Neither mum nor I thought much about it until we got a bit closer to them and realized the woman was struggling to keep her Pitbull X Rottweiler moving. The dog kept turning around, trying to pull towards us, snarling at the same time. As soon as mum saw this, she decided to cross the road.

I am usually fine with dogs on leash as long as they are not showing signs of aggression. Unfortunately, if I sense that you don't like me, I will gladly return a few words to let you know that I don't like you either. Mum doesn't like this behavior because she wants me to be a polite girl, so she usually tells me a firm "LEAVE HIM" before I have the chance to exchange words with the other party. I respect what mum wants out of me, so I usually just cock my tail way up in the air, walk proudly pass the other party (while doing some heavy exhales as I pass), but I keep my mouth shut and not a word of rudeness comes out.

Back to the story,

Mum told me to "LEAVE HIM!" (which turned out to be a her) and proceeded to crossing the road. As soon as we stepped off the curb, we heard the woman yell "Ally NO!" The next thing I knew, mum was screaming "NOOOO" and I was up in the air, swearing and cursing in mum's arms...

Ally, the dog, had pulled so hard that her owner couldn't hang on to her and she came after me. There was no hesitation from her whatsoever. Her eyes were fixed on me, and me only. She snarled aggressively with her teeth all bared and ready to kill. Mum didn't know what to do, so she just SCOOPED all 63 lbs of me up as if I were a piece of feather or something. Ally came really close as mum was lifting me up, and she ended up taking a chomp on mum's leg. Thank doG mum was wearing her baggy sweat pants, so other than a bruised calf and a ripped pant leg, she's ok. The owner eventually caught up to Ally and got a hold of her.

The owner was in tears. She said this had never happened before in the 1.5 yrs she's had Ally since she was adopted from the SPCA (I don't know if I believe this). Because Ally's owner was very apologetic and obviously in shock, mum decided to cut her some slacks and walked on. Mum did tell the owner that she needed to muzzle, and get control of Ally if Ally was gonna go after other dogs like that.

We continued with our walk, but I could still sense the shock and anxiety in mum so I decided to warn the next few dogs we met to stay away from us.... However, mum was much better toward the end of our walk, so I let my guard down and politely said "hi" to the few other dogs we met before heading home. Mum and I are very in sync with each other, so we are able to read each other to the tee!


I don't know why my crazy mum decided to SCOOP me up because "I" really do think I could have won the fight if there was one!! I'm an AIREDALE - KING OF THE TERRORS - RULER OF THE WORLD! We Airedales, are normally happy- comical creatures, but should you decide to piss us off, doesn't matter what size or what strength you have, we will NOT back down until we die (literally).

(The above statements were taken directly from the mind of one particular Airedale, does not necessarily represent others of the same breed.....)

I have to admit though, I am very surprised and impressed that mum was able to SCOOP me up just like that and actually hold on to me while I was struggling my hardest to get down to protect her from Ally. It's amazing what adrenaline can do for ya!!

I guess this story can just make the list of "What Makes a Good Doggie Friend"??

Friday, September 29, 2006

Ambleside Beach

Ambleside Park - Located in West Vancouver, is a favorite beach walking area on the north shore with views of downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park and the Lions Gate Bridge, sailboats, freighters, and tugboats.


  • Picnic areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming areas
  • Par 3 golf course
  • Jogging trails and tracks
  • Playing fields
  • Skateboard park, basketball & tennis courts
  • Sailing facilities
  • Concession stand
  • Long stretch of beach
  • Dog Walk

I get to go play at Kits Beach almost everyday, but it is not often I get to go to Ambleside Beach due to the distance. It takes a good half an hour drive from where we live to West Vancouver, excluding the traffic jam that often happens on Lions Gate Bridge .

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I saw mum pulled into the parking lot today. I couldn't wait to get out of the car, so I started pawing at the lock and un-locked the car door myself.......

Look at how happy I was to finally be on the beach!!

The waves were extremely big today, making "rock" hunting very difficult. I kept being engulfed by the tsunami...........................

I knew I had to come up with some kind of tactic if I were to succeed in becoming a successful Rock Hunter. So I thought about it,

and came up with a plan - I decided to jump up and over each wave that was about to hit me, like this:

Finally, I got my much deserved ....... ROCK!!

I made mum find the biggest sticks out there to retrieve because, I like them BIG, the BIGGER the better!!

We walked along the main stretch of the beach towards the dog beach where I *thought* I saw my friend, T-man!!!

Of course, as I got closer, I realized he was not T-man. This little fella did not have the form or confidence the T-man I know have *wink*. SIGH.... I was so disappointed..... I thought T-man had finally decided to make the long drive over to see me.....

Anyway, I carried on walking (with a very heavy heart),

and then, I met a few terrorists, including a "mini-me". His name was Freddie, and he brightened my day right up!!

Freddie is a Welsh Terrier, and what I don't understand is, why isn't he called a Miniature Airedale?? I mean, we look exactly the same and differ only in size. If there are Miniature Poodles and Miniature Schnauzers, why not Miniature Airedales?? Of course then, we would have to call Lakeland Terriers - Toy Airedales!!

Here are the other terrorists!!

Few other memorable shots from today:

Vancouver's landmark, Lions Gate Bridge behind me

We were at Ambleside for a good "3" hours, BUUUUUUT................. I was still not ready to go yet! So my EVIL mum went and started the ignition of SunshadeMOBILE to make me panic. HOW EVIL!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

How do you eat your Corn on the Cob??


  • Answer the question in whichever way you prefer, and tag 5 more friends!!
Do NOT participate:
  • If you are allergic to corn
  • If you tend to swallow things whole without chewing (ie, whole corn on the cob)
  • If you feel your health & safety may be jeopardized in anyway

I will be tagging:

(I know I said 5, but I tagged a couple extras in case some of you can not participate)

Now, to answer the question, you may need some help from your hoo-mans like I did today!! I sent mum an instant message to tell her that I REALLY needed to go grocery shopping so she better come home soon. My very well behaved mum zoomed home and took me grocery shopping for the perfect corn on the cob!!

Store 1 - very nice looking corns, but had to keep my options open for the BIGGEST one

Store 2 - big, fat corns, BUT for some reason the store owner kept staring at me.........(not in a friendly way)

Then I saw THE sign -

Ok, that is just silly to me. Does the store really expect us doGs (ones that aren't buying corns) to stand on our hind legs and read the sign before lifting our legs?? Looks like they haven't had a lot of luck with doGs, especially at the corn stand.....hehe! Well, I guess that's the risk you take when you display your produce outside!! (Just for the record, even tho I do "lift" my leg to pee, I didn't pee on the corn stand!)

I told mum I wasn't gonna take the discrimination from store 2, so we went back to store 1 to pick my corn.

Look at the BIG, FAT corn I picked!! I wasn't gonna let mum take it away.... OH NO NO NO!

For my littler buddies, you may not want to be as greedy as me and pick a smaller, slimmer corn, or have your hoo-man cut the corn into smaller pieces.

Since mum was so slow, I decided to take it upon myself to peel the skin off my corn!!

Cooking time! Mum can't cook, so she decided to boil the whole corn....... I heard steamed, and grilled corns are also very yummy!

What's a corn on the cob without butter?? (for those of you with sensitive stomachs, you might want to leave the butter part out)


How do you eat your Corn on the Cob??

Do you eat the corns first, then the cob?


Do you eat the corn and the cob at the same time?


Do you look at your hoo-man, and tell them to pick the corns off the cob for you to eat?


Do you turn your nose up all together?


Do you eat it MY WAY??

Sigh...of course, I had to do a "BANG" first.... (we were at the park and there was a soccer game happening behind us)

And leave the cob behind?

**WARNING: don't be alarmed if you see bits of yellowy stuff in your poop the next day, because.....YOU WILL!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BAD computer.......

This afternoon, out of no where, mum came up to me and said " Sunshade, you have my permission to go chew up the computer, pee on it, poop on it, or do whatever you want with it! "

I, of course, was a little puzzled at mum's abrupt comment since wasn't chewing, peeing, pooping indoors bad, nevermind doing it to or on the computer??

So I gave mum the " HUH?? " look.

Then mum totally lost it, she started yelling " YOU JUST GO CHEW THE *beep* THING UP FOR *beep* SAKE!!" (ok, that didn't really happen, but mum looked like she was ready to kill the computer any minute..)

As it turned out, mum had lost the auction of my painting due to technical difficulties with the computer. Mum kept the computer on all night last night and guarded the computer the entire morning (even the most aggressive canine would not have wanted to mess with her!) , and I guess the computer finally had had enough. We were the high bidder until 5 minutes before the auction ended when mum decided to clicked on the "refresh" button which sent the computer into freezing mode. Mum had to un-plug the main power cord to restart the computer, but by the time she was back online, it was over, we were outbid.

Mum had never bid on e-Bay before so she really didn't know how things work on there (ie, last minute bidding). She has just NOW figured out what the maximum bid box meant (the maximum amount of money you're willing to bid on an item). If she had known about it, she would have......... well, lets just say she would not have lost the auction. Sigh...all I have to say is.... she certainly is NO Airedale!! (*ahem*... someone is glaring at me!)

I know mum really wanted the painting because it was the first painting anyone has ever done of me, and because she didn't win it, she was in a bad mood all day. It made me a little sad too seeing mum sad,

So I decided to be a good dogter and go chew up the computer to cheer mum up................

*drum roll*


I was reminded of all my blogging buddies as I approached the computer. Being the smart, witty, cool headed girl that I am, I decided not to act irrational (unlike someone...). Even though I am *almost* just as disappointed about not getting my painting as mum, I know I'll live (not sure about mum tho). Had I destroyed my computer, I don't think I can survive without my blogging friends!!

Maybe I'll get mum a print to cheer her up?

Last note: I think the fact that the person who ended up with the painting is *not* my mum speaks a lot about the painting itself and the painter, Barbara Keigher. Don't think you should be hanging up your brushes anytime soon Barbara!!

XOXO Miss Sunshade

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Awesome Blog Award

I am honored to accept the Awesome Blog Award since there are SOOO many great dog bloggers out there unique in their own ways. Needless to say, I am feeling a little over the clouds at the moment, and I don't know whether to cry or laugh........ just look at me, how embarrassing is this??

I would first like to thank Ivy, for being such a great competitor. Her blog will be the Featured Blog of October:

THANK YOU to MY man, Mackie, for your love and support!

THANK YOU to my wardrobe designers, Butchy & Snickers, for making me so stylish!

Special THANKS to my friends,

Thank you all for your continual support, I couldn't have done it without you!! Now will you excuse me, I have to go wipe my tears off in between mum's legs and blow my nose at the same time. (yes, I have decided that I should cry a little...)