Saturday, October 20, 2012


It is that time of the year.......

Where I go into hibernation.....

In preparation for the hard winter ahead......

Have a great Winter everybuddy, I'll see you in the Spring......

Yoga Lesson #2

Follow in my SuperPAW steps everybuddy,

Let's do the Dancer's Pose,

SuperEXTEND alternating limbs,

Switch side,

You got that??

Let's practice more, right-front, left-back together!

Left-front, right-back together!

Good job!!

Silly Hoomans!!

If you saw a SuperDALE like this on the street, 

What would you say to her (or her mum)?

Would you ask if the SuperDALE was smoking a cigar? 

(FYI: I needed to mark MY tree)

Or smoking dope? 

Such silly hoomans! You can't smoke a salmon skin rollll!

12:26 AM

12:26 AM

Houston, we have a MAJOR problem!!!

Mum wants to go to bed but..... MY HORSIE FELL OVER!!!!

It must be righted PRONTO in order for me to do my MUSCLE BUTT exercise!!

This side way position,  

And the 6-9 position are just NOT working!!!

ps. I SuperMUST do the exercise NOW (12:28 AM)!!!

Yoga Lesson #1

Your Yoga lesson for today is the Downward Dog position, 

This is how you do it, 

The best time to perform this exercise is after meals as you can clean your left cheek, 

Your beard, 

Your right cheek, 

All the while stretching and exercising your MUSCLE BUTT at the same time!

Remember to do your exercise everyday everybuddy!! It's good for you!


Mum took me to Auntie Janice's office this morning, 

She said it was time for me to get an ultrasound as I haven't had one since I broke my spleen

I waited very patiently, as you can see, 

For my turn to be flipped belly up.......

Auntie Jen shaved my belly and my chest because I hadn't had my SuperHEART checked in a while. I don't really like being on the table....... but I put up with it.... I trust mum and my Aunties, 

After I was shaved, I again waited patiently for Miss Janet to get her machine ready, (mum: Janet is our radiologist.)

Look, that's my SuperHEART!! Everything looked SuperGOOD!!!

(mum: When Sunshade had the splenic nodule, we were doing ultrasound every 3 months to monitor it. Now that the spleen is no longer there, we weren't sure what we were looking for! Just creating a new baseline I guess.

Sunshade's heart and everything else looked great. Her kidneys were stable l
ike all her previous scans. Her liver, which had previously been affected by Cushings was now back to looking completely normal, and her adrenal glands that were forever growing (for 2 yrs) due to Cushings were now back to normal, which was weird! Her bloodwork also showed normal kidney & liver enzymes with everything else normal as well. My SuperDALE ♥

Thank you all again for your prayers, support and donation over the last 6 months!)

After my ultrasound, I went to visit Cousin Shirley. I told her it was her turn next, 

Cousin Shirley is Auntie Jen's doghter.  Auntie Jen is my vet tech, and she says me & Shirley are so much alike that she calls Shirley my long lost sister (or cousin)!

Shirley was throw
n out of a moving truck when she was just 3 days old, on Christmas Eve to boot. Luckily, she landed on Auntie Jen's front lawn. Auntie Jen took her in, bottle fed her, and planned to find her a good home at 8 weeks old. Well, the rest is SuperHISTORY!!

Shirley's full name is Noel Shirley, signifying how she entered into Auntie Jen's life. She is almost 11 now!! Auntie Jen had a DNA test done on Shirley hoping she would be part Airedale.... but nope.... (she's Shepherd, Lab, Sheltie, etc) She's still so adorable though don't you think? Mum goes gaga over her!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

House Swap!

This morning, mum had to groom a 6 year old English dale named Tilly. She moved to Vancouver all the way from England!

This was how we met..... With our raincoats on, 

After mum finished grooming Tilly, we went for a walk in this glorious Vancouver weather, 

Vancouver is a wonderful city with many places to go for walkies. Yes, my SuperFEET were under water!

We have beautiful beaches, 

Famous movie grounds. Take here for example, here, the Jericho Pier was where part of the TV show Alcatraz was shot

I was actually on the beach when they were shooting the swimming scene!!! 



So!!! Does anyone, living below the 40th parallel north want do a house swap for the next 6 months??? You get our house and STINKY too!! 

What do you say???

(mum: Someone asked me if Sunshade was a puppy. Actually, his exact words were, "is she an Airedale? (I said yes) She must be almost a year now??". I was so happy because I thought someone thought she was THAT young. As it turned out, this was an Airedale savvy person. He thought Sunshade was still a pup because her face and ears were still black/dark! I have no idea why her face has gotten darken as she got older! It is especially obvious when she's wet.)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Put It Back!!

I was in my yard this morning and I looked at my apple tree,

I was a little worried,

When mum came out to the yard, I quickly went over to tell her......

I  think MY apple tree is sick!! It's having diarrhea.....

Mum assured me I didn't need to worry about my apple tree. She said it just meant fall was here.....

After STINKY got picked up by Bikeman Mike, mum and I left to go for our walk. Except, my DaleMOBILE was very different!

Some seats that I had never seen before appeared in front of me, and my space was cut down by half with some white blocker thing blocking my access to the front where mum it!!!

You see, my DaleMOBILE has always been like this. Spacious with NO seats!!

With my bed and towels for me to dig and snoot around! (mum: these pictures were taken after her splenectomy, hence the t-shirt.)

I could also be right beside mum as she's driving to be her co-pilot,

See, right beside mum!

Now I can't get to the front to mum......

And I don't like it.........

Heeeeeeeeeeelp me mum!!!!!

This new set up is NOT working out!!!!!

(mum: I have been trying to sell my car so have had to take apart the dale-bedroom that was originally set up occupying both rows of back seats. She can't get to me in the front now, so not happy! My brother is now here for university, and he can't be sleeping in the back of the car like this if we have more than two people in the car!!

So we need something bigger that will fit both Sunshade & Jaffa and Jimmy too.)

We got to the park, look at how SuperSMALL my back seat was now......

We went for a walk,

It was quite hot, so my SuperTONGUE came out,

I found a nice piece of un-irrigated grass,

I started sun tanning my belly!!

Oh that felt nice!!

Hi mum, maybe you should try this out!!

A SuperNAP under the sun,

After my short walk, we headed to the pool where I again had to sit in the SuperSMALL trunk area. I swam for an hour. 

After my swim, I was put back in the SuperSMALL trunk again, 

Mum told me I should sleep. According to her, an hour of swim should be quite tiring for somepup my age. What age?

Anyway, I told mum I wasn't tired, and I still had a problem with this new set up in the car, 

I said LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS (again)!!

I don't like this white thing blocking my access to the front okay???

Wait a minute, it's just a sheet blocking me? (mum: the light bulb went on!)

I'm taking it OFF!!! HA!

Good job SuperDALE! Mission accomplished!

 Problem #2: Only my SuperSLIM HEAD fitted through......

I still couldn't get to MY MUMMMMMMMM! Still NOT happy!!

So I pouted like this, all the way home. 

Before getting out of the car, mum said to take one last picture with the DaleMOBILE because we were saying bye-bye to it........