Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mommy's present from THE GRINCH!!

Mum has been BAD, so she got a present from the GRINCH!! It makes scaaaaawie buzz buzz sound.......

And it makes the water REALLY spicy...........

I hate it soooo much, ever since mum got this present from the Grinch, I haven't been able to sleep peacefully..... Just look at it!!

**WARNING: before you watch these videos, you might want to pause the music or your eardrums might explode with both playing!!

Even the water from it is EVIL. I made the mistake of trying it once, and the EVIL water stung my tongue soo bad. I kept shaking my head and I couldn't even open my eyes. Nothing helped, I even tried to rub my face on my bed and pawed my head, but none alleviated my discomfort....

So now I have to tell the water too!!!

If this isn't from the Grinch, then I don't know what is. See mum, this is what you get for making me take bathes, and brushing me!!!

Have a GRRRREAT weekend everyone - if you really really want to have a great weekend, you HAVE to click on it!!


Myeo said...

Oh no.. evil water u have there.

Boy n Baby

Boo Casanova said...

ah!!! i look sooooooooo funny and scaaaawie in the body of grinch! help! let me out!!!

okay sunshade, what exactly is that machine? and why it produces spicy water? who gonna drink it then? is your mama err... from the chilli's family?

wet wet licks


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My Mom is going ooooh aaaah sounds over here! Something about a seltzer thingie? Seems she wants one!

Bussie Kissies

Simba and Jazzi said...

I didn't know water could be evil. I hope the Grinch doesn't come here.

Love the video you made for me. Thank you.

Simba x

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
Ooh, what is your mom thinking bringing evil liquids into YOUR house? I think there must be some spirit in it because you are acting possessed when it gets close. I'd call Ayatollah Mugsy and have him do a room cleansing immediately!

My mom is curious about what kind of water it makes and maybe she'd like to drink that. Human mommies are a strange breed!


Ivy said...

wowie sunshade! i hope my peepol dont get any grinchy presents like that! wut a terrible waste of good water! you are very brave to protect your mom from that thing. too bad she dozent seem to lissen to you. she just keeps on pushing that button anyway!

thank you so much for my elf present! that wuz the funniest thing i ever saw and it made my randy laugh so hard i thot he wud fall out of his peepol chair.

umekotyan said...

The machine that cleaned water was surprised for the loud sound.
Sunshade was feared.
The fairy was interesting, and was able to laugh.

From loved ume tyan

Anonymous said...

Sunshade, for once I think I have to agree that your mum is EVIL! The water upset you so much (and you have a magnificent growl!), she was teasing you!
On the other hand, I like fizzy water ...
I say bark and growl so much she has to put the machine away!

Anonymous said...

I hope Switzerland is too far away for the Grinch... and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the video you've made for me.... just great. Kiss, Faya
PS : I heard on the radio that snow is coming.....yipiiieeee

Joe Stains said...

That machine looks evil, but my mom wants to know what is called because she loves that spicy water! she is having some right now actually. I hope it doesn't make me as mad as it makes you!

Oh my mom can't stop laughing about those elves! The doofus looks so scary but I look like a smooth dancing machine! get down!!!

Isabella said...

The way that water bottle was floating around in the air coming after you , I think it is possessed by an evil spirit. If you drink the water the evil spirit gets in you and you will start talking in an evil spirit voice and need an exorcist. You need to destroy that wicked machine the first time you have a chance.
Festive Wags,

Deb said...

Miss Sunshade,

Thank you for making me into an ELF. I think I make a cute ELF, but you make an even cuter one! I say, when Mommy isn't looking you knock the evil water maker on the floor. I bet it would be so scaaawwie then, hee, hee! Momma said she's impressed, 'cause she didn't know they made such a thing. Oh, great now she's gonna want one!

You have a great weekend too Miss Sunshade, although it looks like it's always fun at your house.

Your pal,

P.S. Thanks for telling Momma how to use my present. Momma's can be sooo silly!

Anonymous said...

You tell that water machine just what you think! Maybe it will be intimidated and stop working! Did the fizzy water make your nose wiggle?

I have to say I make a pretty ugly elf, LOL. But I can dance great with only two legs, oh yeah!! Whoo hoo!

Duke said...

What an evil mum you have Sunshade - teasing you like that! I was waiting for the attack of the big stuffies but it didn't happen! LOL So have you tasted the spiced water yet? Do you like it?


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hee Hee - you are SO funny Miss Sunshade :-) You always make me laugh !


Sam Iam said...

Thank you for the AWESOME card.What a pretty lady you are ..sniff-sniff.
Moi, --The Grinch needs gas to keep warm on the long sleigh ride back up to those snowy mountainous cave. So, I expect each of you to leave out plenty of deviled eggs for him to munch on while he is stealing all the Whoville loot.
You need to make the eggs festive. To do so, please add small bits of green onions and red pimentos in the stuffing mix to give it a Christmas flare.

Carry on....... sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there Sunshade,

first of all, great growl action there with that bubble-maker water thingummy. I particularly liked your pose at the end, with front legs splayed wide.

And (bow)wow, thanks for turning me into a dancing elf. That's some magic you found.

I'm not sure about the get-up, red tights and all, not to mention the stupid two-legged look, but definitely cute.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Chelsea said...

Sunshade...we got your card yesterday! So far definitely one of my favorites.


You and your mom are so sweet!!

Mama was laughing at your video where you are barking at the Grinch's gift.

You are definitely not a grinch!


Bogart H. Devil said...

The video of you is SO FUNNY! Mom is still laughing even after it was over!!!!

Get that evil water...


Toby said...

Hahha, that was a great video!~ Yikes, that is SCARY water!!! I think you did a great job trying to scare it away!~ Go Sunshade Go!!


Ronak said...

eek. that machine does indeed look scary!! i don't know what it is either! and neither does my girl! hmmmm.

Hana said...

i'm with ronak. i don't know what that machine is that makes spicy water. never seen anything like it.

my dad built a spechual machine. but it's not from the grinch. it makes wonderful smells! then my dad drinks the wonderful scent!