Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How to do a proper sneeze

8 Steps on how to do a proper sneeze and avoid possible humiliation:

Step 1

First you get that tingling feeling in your nose

Step 2

Stand up to make sure that "YES indeed that is what it's coming"

Step 3

Try your best to "hold back" without breaking your form too much to avoid attracting un-wanted attention

Step 4

When the inevitable comes, move away from potential hazardous areas such as the edge of the water and make sure that your body arches at the perfect angle just enough for your nose to miss the ground. This is to prevent further humiliation.

Step 5

If you notice the paparazzi is there to take your embarrassing photos, turn your back to her (in this case) even more when the inevitable comes the second time around

Step 6

After the inevitables have stopped coming, walk back to your original spot and act like nothing happened

Step 7

Continue with what you left off (as if nothing happened)

Step 8

Act as cute and innocent as possible (a slight head tilt usually works) and pray that your embarrassing moments weren't captured on film!!


Myeo said...

Wow Sunshade, We must learn this from you. because when we sneeze, we will go sheesh sheesh sheesh. Is it because our nose is stuck up there..hmmm.

Boy n Baby

Hope that they wont eat up our comments this time.

Toby said...

Why do hoomans always have to take pictures of our most inappropriate moments??

Thanks so much for the beautiful X-mas card.... You and you're mommy put so much time and effort into it!~ Mommy says we have to try harder next year..ehehe. Oh, by the way, your secret is safe with me!~ I won't say a word...hush...


Boo Casanova said...

ok, i find it quite useful for the hooman too. but they are pretty difficult to follow the final step - acting cute!

wet wet licks


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Hey Sunshade,

Fancy your mum getting that on camera, tut tut.

It looks pretty cold there, so maybe the ice was tickling your nose.

Good recovery to the cute pose though!

Simba and Jazzi said...

You still look cute, even when you sneeze.

Simba xx

Duke said...

Sunshade, you come up with the neatest, most original postings!! You're just too cute for words!

Love ya lots,


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My first step when I feel the tingle is to run over to my you-mans to make sure I sneeze right on them!

Bussie Kissies

umekotyan said...

The sneeze sees dog's attitude and is interesting.
Umekotyan turns to the place where the person doesn't exist when sneezing and is done.

From loved ume tyan

T-man Angel said...

Wow, I didn't even notice you sneeze. You covered it up so well :)

Unknown said...

We'll have to try that.

Lady and Daisy

Anonymous said...

Your Mom must have a fast camera! I sneeze a lot but I don't think Mom could ever catch me doing it!

Lillie Valentine said...

Did that sneeze hurt? Sometimes when I sneeze it hurts. Too bad you couldn't have sneezed right on your mum and get her camera all goofed up.

Charlie said...

Sunshade! Sunshade!! Sunshade!!!
Your card just arrived and it's awesome! It appears that your recent clipping went to a very good cause! Thank you!

- Charlie, President, Portland Golden Retriever Taxi Service

p.s. Good sneeze technique!

Lillie Valentine said...

Sunshade: We got your card. I thought your mom said she wasn't crafty? WHATEVER! LOL! I am sure that you helped her with them and did most of the work, I was REALLY impressed! It is sooooo cute. Just like you. Mom went all gaga over it (eyes rolling). Mom said we can't open the presents until Christmas. She made us put them under the tree. She's such an EVIL woman!

Chelsea said...

I sneeze on command!
One of the many useless tricks Papa taught me.
Heck, I'll do anything for the right treat.
Thanks for the helpful hints. Perhaps you could do another post on how to poop gracefully.


Lacey said...

I did it! I figured out a way to get you to stop sneezing! When your card arrived, I bit off your fuzzy nose! No nose - no sneezes! I'm so clever.

Both the girl and I were disgusted by Comet's behavior. You were right, I wouldn't have sniffed your paw print, but Comet did, even though you told him not to right in the card. Then he bit off your nose. He claims it's because he thought it would make you stop sneezing (sort of like a voodoo doll) but I think he was just jealous that you are so cute. Luckily my girl appreciated how much work went into your card and glued it back on. Now you are cute again. I love the card! Thank you.

Fu Fu said...

Haa. Sunshade, you still look cute even when you are sneezing

Anonymous said...

that's a very useful pointer! the part about not hitting your nose on the ground!!! :p hee hee... you're such an elegant girl! even sneezing in style! :)


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Knock knock

Who's there?


Achoo who?

Achoo pig ears!

Bussie Kissies

Akira and Shiro said...

you are lucky, miss sunshade, that you have long legs. when i get a big sneeze (which happens often as i have lots of allergies), i slam my head of the ground!


p.s. It finally snowed today!

Joe Stains said...

We got your card and DOOFUS IS IN LOVE WITH YOU! I can't believe how crazy he went for your card, you can read about it in our blog. Mom said thanks SO MUCH for the sticker, but I dont know what that is and she would not let me have it!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

We got your card. I am a bit worried tho. Was that real hair from you? You must be nearly naked! You'll catch your death from a cold without your fur coat. Mom just went ga-ga over the diamond shaped sign. She liked it so much and will be placing it in a window in her car tomorrow. Your mom went overboard. When did she find the time to do the cards? and she is so artistic.


Sunshade said...

Boy n Baby: hehehe... I don't think you guys have much to worry about since you don't have super long muzzle and super big stick out nose LOL!!

Toby: Tell me about it!! There is this one annoying paparazzi who is always there with her camera..... I am so happy you liked my card!!

Boo: yes, you got that right, no matter how much they act, they will NEVER be cute. HMMMPH!!

Oscar: Thanks little man, I thought the cute pose really worked too. But the paparazzi still published...

Simba: I'm glad you think so, I just hope everyone out there thinks like you do.

Dear Maggie: were you really rolling on the floor laughing???

Buster: I get snot on my mum's face all the time in the morning. That's how I wake her up!! That woman doesn't wake up unless there's snot on her, what can I say? AH-CHOOOO!

Ume Tyan: you are too well behaved. You should turn toward where there are people then sneeze!!

T-man: are all poodle gentlemen as polite and sweet as you are?? No wonder Chelsea is so protective of you!!

Jill: let me know if it's good enough, maybe I'll get a patent on it!!

Zach: Well our shutter speed is not that fast at all. She only caught me doing it cause I did it "4" times in a row!!

Lillie V: you are getting so smart little kid. Yes, I will try to get to the camera next time!! Oh, and I have to agree, you got an EVIL mom like I do to make you guys wait until X-mas to open your pressies......

Charlie chuck: hehehehe... so do I get free taxi rides next time I go to Portland??

Chelsea: wow! You can sneeze on command?? Do you need to do that during a cat walk?? Now "poop gracefully" sounds like an oxymoron to me!!

BLU & Comet: Hey BLU, my mum can't stop laughing, she thought you guys are hilarious. I'm however am with you and your girl, I don't see what's so funny about having my nose bitten off... that Comet..

Fufu: you just become sweeter and sweeter everytime I read your blog or your comments!!

Chiyo: you just wrote another oxymoron about ME being an "elegant girl". Hehehehe... glad you liked my tips, but I dont' think you would have to worry about it either.

Akira: oh no..... you have a longer muzzle too... hope you don't scrap your nose too bad.. Isn't snow the best?? ENJOY before it melts

OMG Joe: I am loved by the DOOFUS??? Oh boy, should I be happy??? He looked like he wanted me to come out of the card!!

C-K-C: I'm so happy you and your mom likes the card and the diamond hehehehehe. Hopefully you didn't mind the "X" I put in.... Nah.. my hair grow at a super fast rate!!


Love nibbles to all my dear friends,
Miss Sunshade

Ivy said...

tee hee sunshade! your bloggie is cute and educashunal! i luv to roll over on my back for tummy scratchies but i always sneeze wen i am upside down. i will haf to practice your sneeze technique.