Monday, December 25, 2006

Mum's pressie to me!

Remember I said mum didn't get my any pressies? Well, I was wrong.... kind of.

Mum told me she was at the store trying to pick out a pressie for me for X-mas. However, she realized I had more than enough toys at home, there was nothing that I need I don't already have (other than a cat that is), so she walked out the store empty handed. Mum came home and talked to me about it, and even tho I would much prefer to get a pressie from mum, I have agreed that we would donate the money mum was going to spend on my pressie to ATRA (Airedale Terrier Rescue & Adoption) to help my fellow Airedales in need. It's not a lot of money, but every little bit counts right??

So I wasn't too disappointed when I didn't see mum's pressie for me under the tree this morning. Afterall, I did get ROCKIES from Santa!!

While I was napping after my X-mas morning/pressie excitement, mum was staring at her computer screen. She had this window open all morning, (if you click on the picture, you will get a better idea)

See where it says "Weather Condition"? It was either "snowing" or "snowing heavily" all day. Finally at 2:00 pm, the status changed to "Cloudy".

Mum was sooo excited, she woke me up in excitement and said:

"Get up Sunshade, lets go get your present!!"

What? Pressie for me? I thought we talked about it? But ALRIGHT, I'm always ready for pressies!!!

Mum threw my boots, my coat, my water, my towel, my light, my leash, my goggle into her back pack and off we went. Apparently, since there was no sign of a White Christmas (only Wet Christmas) here in Vancouver,

mum thought she would take me to find my own White Christmas. Mum was praying and waiting all day for the Weather Condition to change from "snowing" to something else since she didn't trust my SunshadeMOBILE to go up the mountain in the snow. (Mum: it's a frekking FORD!). Anyway, it finally stopped snowing at 2:00 pm.

Destination: Cypress Mountain
Travel time: 40 mins from our house (30 mins from downtown Vancouver)

We began our drive from the bottom of the mountain where the road was still pretty wet.

As we got closer to the top, we started to see some snow.

And then...



I was soooo excited to see snow again!!

(sorry, mum gets a little crazy when she sees me happy. It's a helpless syndrome)

I sniffed around, and made some yellow cones of my own, and peed over some other yellow cones.

Then I met some doggies, and we said howllo!

Of course, I had to pose for a few winter shots,

I did more crazy running around. I apologize ahead of time that there are so many videos, but they are real short clips. The quality of the videos got greatly reduced when I tried to combine the clips into one.

Now, mum took this next video because she thought me going up the icy/slippery hill, froggy style was cute. Then came this lady on the snow shoe who was adoring me the entire time, even after I had already walked past her. So mum said hello to her, and that got her going...hehe!

Did you guys all hear that?? She said I was LOVELY, she thought I was CUTE... oh oh oh, I'm LOVELY, and I'm CUTE!!!! (mum: yep, the head is definitely growing bigger here)

I dug a little, but the snow was proven too deep for me to get to the earth part...

I chased some snowballs

Then I got very warm..... Yes, I was warm in the snow. See my lovely tongue and my out of focused eyes (they get that way when I'm too hot)??

So I tried a few different ways to cool myself down:

First, I ate some snow, it was yummy as usual.

That cooled my tongue off, but didn't do anything to my hot ears.

So next, I tried burying my head in the snow and just stayed in that position for a minute or two. See, like this,

That cooled my head and ears down, but I was still feeling the hot flashes. Especially in my tummy area. So what better way to cool the entire me down than to lean my almost hairless belly against the snow??

Now that did the trick, and I was ready to rumble once again!!

(I required a little assistance at the end of the previous video. Gravity was prooven too tough..)

We were there for a good two hours, and I took lots of little detours on the way because I love snow THAT MUCH!!

This was me on the way back home....

Ok, I don't usually say this in public, but I'll make this one exception today...

THANK YOU so much mummy for giving me my White Christmas. I LOVE YOU so so very much, but I think you know that already even tho I sometimes call you EVIL.

Your dogter,

I'll leave all of you with this one last shot!


Anonymous said...

You ARE Lovely and Cute! I have short hair so I don't know how I would do in the snow... I love your nice curly hair... Maybe I will find out some day if we are allowed to go to the snow. Thanks for all the videos - they are all nice, and your human sounds nice too. I am glad you had a nice time in the snow stuff.

With Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Toby said...

Sunshade, I'm giving mommy dirty looks big time right now! You are so lucky!!! Getting to play in the snow for TWO hours??? And the best part got a WHITE Christmas! *pout*. We stayed indoors the entire day!!

We love the last photo! Great action shot.


Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, your mum is so good to give you a white xmas. :) Glad you had fun.

~ fufu

Kevin the Collie said...

Hey, Sunshade,

Happy Christmas and a Yappy New Year to you!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I am late posting my pix as well: they will be up today but they are not as spectacular as yours! The snow scenes look fab and we love your boots - Mum is going to put a pic of you wearing them, on my blog when she gets round to it ...
Hugs and Licks,
Kevin the Collie

Molly the Airedale said...

You are soooooooooo lucky Sunshade! I wish we could romp in the snow together! What fun that would be! Mom loved all the videos!

Love ya lots,

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hi Sunny,

I've been so worried about you! I haven't been able to get to your blog to leave you any messages. I thought something was really wrong, or that you were mad at me because I haven't been attentive. anyway, I saw that you had posted to someone else so I clicked there and realized you had changed your link info. My Mom must have gotten it wrong when she was messing with my blog to fix it.

Anyway, I love the present you sent me for Christmas. I put it where everyone who enters the house will see it!

I'm so sorry to hear that your Mom has been sick. My Mom has been really sick too. She got strep throat and ended up going to the ER on Christmas morning to get some meds. She told them she'd rather go through labor again than go through this strep....whatever that means.

Anyway, I'll be talking to you more soon...take care of your mom.

ps. Nice presents, as for the snow...well I don't normally like it, but I'd take it over the mud in the backyard anyday.


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

I am in awe. Every picture and video are just awesome.

Tail wags

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
I LOVE those videos of you playing in the snow in the mountains! It's so beautiful there, and you look so cute in that hat and boots! My mom is amazed that you keep all those clothes on while you play.

I'm glad you got such a wonderful white Christmas!!


Myeo said...

Sunsahde, errr your last photo, were you missing one of your booties...hehe. We are so happy for you.

Anyway, just the other day we heard Mama telling her friend about you.. about how you stood up for your Mom (your past blog abt the drunk man) and how you stood up for yourself when a man tried to take you away while your mom got a drink. The way Mama is talking.. we think we better learn a thing or two from you...

Boy n Baby

Boy n Baby

Bogart H. Devil said...

WOW!!! What a great time you had!!! You really have the BEST mom, and you are soooooooo cute when you're playing in the snow!!!


Lillie Valentine said...

YOu are so lucky that you got to play in the snow! We don't have any snow here, it all melted! You looked like you had a lot of fun!

Now, about the cat.....send me a personal e-mail. I won't tell your mum. We can work some kind of arrangement out. Just don't tell Kendra. She saw my post and she's a little upset with me. In the meantime, do you want me to send you some poop?

Lillie Valentine said...

YOu are so lucky that you got to play in the snow! We don't have any snow here, it all melted! You looked like you had a lot of fun!

Now, about the cat.....send me a personal e-mail. I won't tell your mum. We can work some kind of arrangement out. Just don't tell Kendra. She saw my post and she's a little upset with me. In the meantime, do you want me to send you some poop?

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like you had a blast! Having fun like that is better than a silly old toy anyday!

Ivy said...

OMD!! that is the best christmas present ever! i wud so so so luv to play in the snow again but it is just so crazy warm here in virginia that i am askared i wont get any snow at all.

i noticed that wen the nice lady said you were so cute your mom said thank you. my peepol are always doing that too and i think we shud be offended! imagine if we took credit every time sumbody said our peepol looked nice in theyr peepol clothes! they wud never stand for it! i think we shud take all the credit for our own cuteness. humph!

Joe Stains said...

oh my your mom is AWESOME!! you sure are lucky!!!

Lacey said...

It looks like you had a nice Christmas trip to the snow. We didn't get a trip (or snow), but our girl took a Christmas eve trip - right into the mud. hehehehe.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and playing in the snow.

Aramis said...

Hey Sunshade,
What is all that white stuff on the ground? Or is your mum's camera broken and the green didn't come out? I hope not because MTLH says that her camera is expensive (that's why i'm not allowed to play with it).
Aramis xx

Urban Smoothie Read said...

wat a wonderful white christmas u had there...

as for here, i experience d same wether throughout my entire lifetime...wat a dull country...

hope that u can mail me some snow to sniff...

Anonymous said...

i love the last video where you kept looking back at your mom to make sure she was keeping up with you! :) hoomans just have to step up the pace don't they?

lovely snow you have there :) oh by the way HM whistles just like your mom when she wants me to pay attention :)