Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Catering to ME

A lot of people think I'm high maintenance. I have no idea where they got that silly idea from.

Take mum's friends for example: they all know that I, Miss Sunshade, comes before anything in mum's life. Some of them don't understand why, but they've all gotten use to it. They are so used to the point where at about an hour and a half before mum is scheduled (yes, you have to book my mum, she's at my service 24/7) to go out with them, one of them will call mum and say,

"You better start serving the 5 course meal NOW!"

They know mum won't leave unless I had been fed properly.


Course # 1 usually consists of a bowl of home cooked chicken broth or if mum's lazy like today, I get plain water. The reason for this is because I take a proteolytic enzyme supplement that would only have the anti-inflammatory effect if it were taken on an empty stomach. With food, it becomes a digestive enzyme. We want it to work as an anti-inflammatory agent for my arthritis.

I usually get this first thing in the morning, and before dinner.


This course usually doesn't get served until about 40 minutes after Course # 1. It consists of,

nooooo.... I wish it were true... unfortunately, I only get two hard boiled egg "whites" (2 in the morning, 2 in the evening). I eat it with the yucky lemon tasting (for hoomans) fish oil and a vitamin E gel cap. The Vit-E is to slow down the oxidation process of the fish oil. Mum gives me the fish oil separate from my main course because she wants me to enjoy my main course and not have it smell all lemony.

The reason I get 4 large egg whites a day is because I am considered an "older" dog now according to mum *eye roll*, and mum says as dogs age, our ability to digest protein and assimilate nutrients decreases. Since cooked egg white is one of the most bioavailable proteins out there, it is gooooood for me.

I do prefer to eat whole eggs, but I'll eat them egg whites too especially when served in bed!

Eggs are one of the few things mum doesn't feed me raw. Apparently there is a protein in raw egg whites that binds to biotin (an important B-Vit), and over consumption of raw egg whites can lead to biotin deficiency. Cooking however, takes care of the problem because that bad biotin binding protein gets denatured, or broken down!!


The main course takes a bit of time before it is ready to be served. The following illustrates the steps required to make the main course.

Veggies are drying from their bath:

Parsley is suppose to be a good diuretic. Even tho I don't know what the word "diuretic" means, I know it makes you pee lots and when you are healthy and peeing lots, that means you are getting rid a lot of poison in your body. No wonder Georgie pees so much!!! It is his absolute favouritest food besides banana!!

Ok, hmmm.... I don't know what that veggie is called. It is either collar greens, or kale, or chard, I can never remember which is which. Mum too, you should see her DOOFUS face at the supermarket everytime she is trying to figure out which to get.

Being skinned and slaughtered:

The Veggie Murderer is OUT!!

Veggies being captured:

And executed:

While I supervise the execution from afar:

The remains of the veggie bodies are weighed:


Put into the morgue:

Supplements are put into my bowl:

I also get half tsp of Soy Lecithin and half tsp of ground up raw mumpkin seeds with each meal.

Soy Lecithin provides excellent source of Choline which is important to keep our cells healthy. It also helps with brain function (no wonder I always remember which cars had kitties underneath), liver & heart health, and many more. You can read more about benefits of Soy Lecithin here:
Raw ground up mumpking seeds are a great anti-cancer agent.

Fruits are put into the Fruit Killer - in this case, cherries:

Mum doesn't like to put executed fruits in the morgue, so she feeds me the fresh kills.....

Everything is put together:

Mixed together - LOOK! It's so Christmasy:

And served in bed:

Two Toes UP!! Yum yum...

Some of you might have gotten the misconception from my PEAS/CHOCOLATE post that I like vegetables. The truth is, I don't like veggies at all, I just dislike chocolates even more. I am very much carnivorous, which is the reason why my veggies and fruits need to be executed to almost liquid (and to allow digestion).

The following image demonstrates what happens when my fruits/veggies aren't executed properly:

YUP, those are blueberries alright. I ate all the meat and other well executed parts, but a few blueberries weren't properly killed, so I picked them out!


This course changes between two dishes. I get the other dish every other day.

Dish one is the SCAAAAAWIE thing in it's dead form:

Mum adds un-salted butter, coconut oil, and unpasteurized honey to make it tasty. I think coconut oil and unpasteurized honey are pretty good for the health. Of course, the butter makes it that much yummier!

Dish two is live bugs in a milky paste:

Apparently these are good bugs to keep my intestinal flora healthy.

Gee... I never knew bugs could be healthy. I should really polish up my bee-catching skill and be ready for the summer!!


This last course usually consist of working bones. In this case, a chicken wing and a drum stick.

Mum usually gives me this course right before she abandons me to go out with her friends. She somehow thinks she is less guilty of abandoning me when she doesn't see my sad eyes watching her from the window when she's leaving.

I say....... *gulp*.... GUILTY AS EVER!!!

So? You call this high maintenance?? I don't think so!!!

(mum: Course # 4 usually gets served in between meals, so she really only gets 4 course meals)

For a more detailed illustration of MY diet - click here

ps. hey guys, I can't seem to be able to post comments today......


Boo Casanova said...

wah haha! sunshade, that's definitely a 5 course meal no matter what your mom said! that's a lot of thing your mom has to prepare before feeding you.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Sunshade, you eat better than anyone I know. What does your mum do for a living? Is she a nutritionist? Or is this a hobby?

Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, Your mum really loves you alot to prepare such nice and well balanced meal for you. Does Georgie gets 5 course meal too?

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Thank your mom for showing us how it goes, she makes it seem almost do-able.

Isabella said...

Wow! Does your mom eat as healthy as you do? You two must be in great shape!
Festive Wags,
3 more nights till Santa!

Chelsea said...

Mama would like to consult with your mom on this diet.
PLEASE do not allow this to happen.

I don't like veggies or fruit and have never eaten anything raw.


Toby said...

My gosh Sunshade, you have it made!! Look at the gourmet meal your mommy serves you. Is she a Chef??

Thanks for posting the link on Soy Lecithin. Mommy sees that its good for liver cells too! Is it yummy? Cuz if its not, I don't want it.


Sharon said...

Wow, your mom is really a sweetheart. She must be a lot better mom than my mom. Oh well, I know my mom still loves me cuz she's always trying to pick me up and kiss me.

Sharon said...

Wow, your mom is really a sweetheart. She must be a lot better mom than my mom. Oh well, I know my mom still loves me cuz she's always trying to pick me up and kiss me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You eat very well! I love my veggies- carrots celery, etc. But YOU have an in home restaurant! Wow!
What DOES your Mum do??????? We are all curious.

She seems to be like my mom- an ice cream person- yummy. Tell her to try peach mango by Turkey hill-
yum yum yum. Any ice cream is good- but some are better than others!
pippin in new york

Joe Stains said...

holy cow you eat way better than any dog ever, and even better than my DAD!

one disturbing thing though, look at the way the THING is staring at you in that last picture.


Anonymous said...

My Dad said that if my Mom tries to make him eat healthy like you do he's gonna be really mad, ROFLMAO. I think it looks pretty darn good myself!

What does your Mom's boyfriend think of this? Are you jealous of your Mom's boyfriends or do you let her have any at all? After all you have 4 or 5! She deserves at least one!

Sunshade said...

Boo: Ummm..... hehe!

Ellen: Mum is MY nutritionist!! Nah, she's just anal about my health, so she took a few courses in university and than another course outside of school for basica canine nutrition. She also likes to do lots of reading on what kinds of stuff is good for my arthritis and kidneys. Those are really all she knows LOL.

Fufu: that fat rabbit eats all 5 course at once!!

Isabella: no, my mum is a lazy slob. She eats MacDonalds. She says all her money is going to my food and supplements. I have no idea what does that have to do with her eating MacDonalds, plus she hates cooking. No wonder I eat raw.

Chelsea: dont' worry, I won't let my mum talk to your mama. I don't want you to have to eat fruits and veggies, I hate them too!!

Butchy & Snickers: WOW... you guys know how to cook??? My mum doesn't even know how to do that! My mum looooves ice cream too, and I love the vanilla ice cream too. I'll let her have the Haagen Dazs for obvious reasons.

Tobes: that soy lecithin doesn't taste like anything at all. In fact, I just found out today that that's what I've been getting in my meals. It emulsifies in oil, and since some of the meat I get are oily, I don't even see them. Maybe your mom can give it to you in yougurt or something like that you like, and I'm sure you won't taste it! Oh and she can get it at Choices or Capers!

Snickers: of course your mama loves your as much as my mum loves me. She might love you more, say, does she make you take bathes?? If she doesn't, then she sure loves you more than my mum loves me!

Pippin: mum works at an advertising company, her friend is her boss LOL. Mum sure loves her ice cream, I love the vanilla too. That Turkey hill one, does it have turkey in it with the mango and peach?? Sounds like my food, just in ice cream form hehehe.

Joe: I NOTICED that about the THING after you mentioned it. It sure looks creepy on the picture. But the good thing is the THING is dead. Mum killed it because it was meowing and purring for no reason in the middle of the night. So she took out those black thingys that gives it power, so it's dead now.

Zach: your dad sounds like my mum!!! My grandpa is always telling her how ridiculous it is that I eat so much better than her and she eats fast food. But mum won't eat healthy...

Oh and the boyfriend thingy, mum is ALL MINE!! I don't share my mum very well, I (amongst many other things) made her last boyfriend jealous, and he made mum mad so she told him how stupid he was to try to compete with ME!! I said "OOPS" *with a big grin*!


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Myeo said...

Sunshade, you are one lucky girl... Can we go over n stay with you? No wonder the Chihuahua thatyou were fostering licked her bowl clean when she switched to your diet.

Boy n Baby

Duke said...

Wow Sunshade! Your mom sure goes to a lot of trouble for you. She sure must love you LOTS!!! Hey, your mom serves you dinner in bed? My mom needs to hear about this!

Love ya lots,

Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

What??!!! you shouldn't eat raw egg white????? If I am a good boy, Mummy cracks a raw egg over my hard doggy food, and I lap it up! It is my favourite...well, apart from chicken and fish and cheese and carrots.....oh wooffy woof. What to do??????


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

(Bow)wow Sunshade, that's one amazing production to feed you. You really do live the high life (even if your girl lives on Macdonalds, hee hee hee).

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you soooo much big girl for the fantabulissimo ma and da had a great laugh.

Me? I just thought it was so right. Strangers do smell like chicken. I presume everyone knew that. Apparently not.

And as for your card, well, (bow) wow again. You took a lot of time to get your girl to do that. I can see your brilliant creativity and vision behind it all.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Wired for Mackie said...

Miss Sunshade-

Wow! And I thought I ate like a king! Do you get fed like this everyday?
Mom says she saw the chicken wing and drumstick and didn't know that pups could eat chicken bones.
I eat Natural Balance dog food and I get some egg (cooked) and yogurt but nothing like you!

umekotyan said...

Meal is very important.
Five meals are thought by taking care of health.
And, time hangs.

From loved ume tyan

wally said...

miss sunshade--sweet spread you've got there! sometime i'd love to hear what enzyme you take for arfritis (and anything else you eat/take for it). i am supposedly getting old (i'm not the one getting grey around the temples--mawmma!). i have to take stuff for my heart, too. the hawthorne is my favorite. tasty!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sunshade. Can I have your mom for a while please please please.....??
Kiss ^-^

Sundae said...

You are one lucky dog Sunshade! Poor Jordan and I only gets 1 meal a day. Please tell us how to make mum feed us more.

Murphey said...

Do you eat better than your Mum? I know my lday does, she actually cooks and stuff for me, for herself it's some frozen item, or takeout. I see NOTHING wrong with that!

Murph the well feed dog

Sunshade said...

Baby n Boy: Sure come on over, we've got room!!!

Maggie: Would you like me to send you the full sized picture of din din being served to me in bed so you can set the picture as your desktop?? I'm sure your mom would get the subtle hint!!

Samson: I think you're ok. Unless you are a good boy EVERYDAY and 365 days a year LOL. If you only get raw eggs once or twice a week, you are fine. Biotin deficiency only occurs with over consumption over a long period of time, since I eat 4 egg whites a day, I can't have it raw.

Tin Tin: I would love to live on MacDonald too to tell you the truth, but mum won't let me..... Hey, I'm so glad you liked my card and the sign, I'm with you, I didn't find it funny either. It's the truth, mind you some of them taste like beef too don't you think?

Dearest Mackie: Yes, I get fed like this everyday, but mum doesn't have to do the veggie execution everyday because she makes enough to last for about a week at once. We ran out of veggies the day we made the post, so we showed how the veggies are executed. I do get fresh kill fruits and my working bones plus the meat/veg/fruit mush everyday. Oh and it's find to give raw chicken bones, just not cooked!!

Ume Tyan: YOU GOT IT!!! Everyone should eat a 5 course meal to take care of their health!! Do you eat a 5 course meal too??

Wally: Wow Wally, you like Hawthorne??? I get those in a tincture form every few months to increase circulation to my kidneys (from the heart), and I hate it!! Mum is going to e-mail your mom re. enzymes and stuff.

Faya: You're so sweet... I might just send my mum over to you when she's about to give me a bath, ok?

Sundae: How about you guys come over, and I'm sure once your mom realizes you guys are missing, she will promise to start feeding you twice a day. We of course wont' let you go until she's got it written down on papaer. Sounds like a plan?

Murph: OMG Murph, your mom sounds like my mum!!! Yup, she gets junk food, fast food, take out, or out with her friends to eat more junk food, and yet she's so religious about what I eat!!


Love nibbles to you all,
Miss Sunshade

Hana said...

Wowie Zowie, Sunshade! You must be a princess! I guess I am just a commoner. I *might* get a few table scraps, but my primary meal is kibble. Once in a while, I get greenies. Oh, how I love greenies!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Where's the kibble? Demand Kibble! No matter what I eat, I demand kibble after it - my kibble chaser!

Have you tried fennel? It is my absolute favoritest veggie - and it the only food I get food aggressive about!

Bussie Kissies

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Oh my Dog ! That is some impressive food list, I am so jealous !

Merry Christmas Miss Sunshade, to you and your family - I hope 2007 is full of lots of bones and treats :-)


wally said...

miss sunshade--i love pretty much any food. there's not much i WON'T eat but my hawthorne tincture is a little sweet and i LURVE it. some of the other things i eat: grapefruits, wasabi peas, raspberries, tomatoes, nori, raw noodles, and mustard. in other words, i'll eat pretty much anything. my favorites are fishes, bananas, and wallymelon. i LOVE summer and getting big chunks of wallymelon.


Bogart H. Devil said...

Ok it's official - my mom is the LAZIEST human being on the face of the earth compared to your mom. I never get anything nearly as good as that.

Dreaming of you,


Charlie said...

And what's WRONG with being high maintenance, anyway?!!
- Charlie

Sunshade said...

Hana: I LOVE greenies too!!! But I don't get them very often... you're a lucky gal!

Buster: FENNEL???? I have only seen those in Thai lemon grass soup that mum loves. They seem really hard tho.. HAHAHAHAHA you're hilarious. I love kibbles too, I ate a bag of sample kibbles a while ago when mum had a foster dog!!

Dear Opy: THANK YOU very much for the holiday wishes. I hope you and Charlie and your hoomans have a great holiday as well!! Thanks so much for starting DWB, we are like a huge family now!!

Wally: your tincture is sweet???? Mine is alcoholic and bittery....... We just sent you the e-mail, sorry it took so long...

Oh my doG Bogie: you commented!!!! You don't know how happy that makes me. I don't mind living with you even if your mom is the laziest, you make it all worth while!!

Charlie: Sooo nice to see you too!! THAT'S RIGHT! What's wrong with being high maintenance??


Love nibbles to you all,
Miss Sunshade

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
Your mom must be SO patient to make all those preparations for you everyday! My mom used to make me fancy home-cooked recipes sometimes until I went on this BORING diet. Now she can be lazy and just open a can (yawn!). Mom says she'd be interested in hearing any suggestions on good diets for my problem once we know what kind of stones I had this last time.

PS: My mom says that I take priority over boyfriends too! She says I'm her true love (we must be doing something right!)


Anonymous said...

oh my god sunshade you are treated not just like a princess, but like a QUEEN!!! but of course you deserve every bit of it, you're your mom's best girl and protector after all!! :) i do get the yummy bugs too and i still think they taste a little queer, being sour and all, but i suppose it's cos they're bugs. oooooh and i really like zucchini too! :)

i should show this to HM, so i can at least get a 3 course meal, instead of my now one course meal.