Thursday, January 04, 2007

Imaginary Buggies

When mum and I are bored, we like to imagine our house is infested with bugs, and we try to polish up our exterminating skills.

Usually this is what happens:

  • Mum spots and provides the first blow
  • I either go and finish the killing
  • Or I go and start the clean up
  • Sometimes the smashed buggie might fall down from the wall
  • In which case, I have to clean up the fallen buggie

Now this video demonstrates what happens, minus the bugs. Mum and I both had to imagine our bugs. Look at how in sync we were:

Then of course, I gotta relax after some hardcore extermination. So I go and steal the X-mas tree gang (which I'm not suppose to have), and run around to make the EVIL hand chase me.

When the EVIL hand gets close to me, I quickly snatch up my not-supposed-to-have-toy and run away.

On a side note:

I think I need to re-think about my landscaping job. I have obviously been working too hard that my nose has been stained brown instead of the usual black....


Duke said...

Sunshade, You and I are just too much alike! I help mom catch and eat buggies too! The only difference is that I'm more vocal! Love the last pic of your nose and those black lips. You're such a ham!

Love ya lots,

Simba and Jazzi said...

Do you need help with the gardening? I think I've killed all the planets in Mummys garden so I can come and help you if you like.

Simba xx

Ivy said...

oh sunshade! you are such a good buggie hunter! i hate buggies and i cant stand them in my house. you are so lucky that your mom helps you hunt them down!

my peepol think it is reelly funny to watch me dashing around my house leaping in the air and trying to catch the buggies in my mouth. and all the time i am saying to them can i get a little help here peepol?? and they just laugh and say ivy youre so funny! but it is serious work! *sigh*

i luv the picktures of you with the forbidden toys. i think toys youre note spposed to haf are the best!

Boo Casanova said...

ah sunshade, the EVIL HAND has spreaded to your part of the world already? that's fast! quick, we must destroy the evil hand before it gets to the other part of the world!

wet wet licks


umekotyan said...

A lot of insects are captured by sunshade.
And, the hand has fear very much:)

From loved ume tyan

Toby said...

Sunshade, you and you're Mommy are like two peas in a pod!~ The bug thingy video was so cute!!! But we have one little question....if there was a "real" bug, would your mommy still use her bare hands to kill it???


Myeo said...

Oh no.. the evil hand. We have it in our home, We saw it at Boo's Blog and now yours. The Evil Hand is everywhere!

By the way Sunshade, you eat bugs?

Boy n Baby

jaffeboy said...

Hmmm... Whenever there is a bug, MaMa will walk as far away as she can.

That Evil hand is trying to steal your toy too?! It stole my book, tissue box, high heel shoe, cordless phone, cell phone... too many things. Keep away from it!!!

d7y7 said...

hey sunshade, i heard that it's not just the hand that's evil :)

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

I have only caught one bug so far - a spider. It was very teasty though.

Oscar x

Joe Stains said...

woah that evil hand kills bugs and chases after you! SCARY! Maybe you need to exterminate the evil hand!!!

Sundae said...

I like how you look in the 2nd picture. teeheehee

Anonymous said...

OH NOOOOOOOO .. not evil hands .. I've had enough of hands ... noooooo ...

Anonymous said...

Hee! Sunshade, you made me laugh out loud at your clever tactic of running in your tunnel.

Duke said...

I had to check out your blog again Sunshade. It's the highlight of my day! I just love how you stole that toy and gave your mom an evil glance and ran off to hide in your tunnel! You're very clever!

Love ya lots,

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
You are so clever to snack on those bugs. Do they taste good?

I like your home with all your tunnels, beds, and big toys. Your home looks very comfortable..except for that evil hand....brrrrr.


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Whether your sweet nose be brown or black it matters not to me!

You will always be Miss Sunshade - the prettiest Dog there ever could be!

love and licks Marvin xx

ps your home looks very comfy!

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

LoL I loved your video. In fact I just love reading your blog.

Tail wags

Lacey said...

Cute video, Miss Sunshine. I only eat bugs if I catch them myself. My girl won't smash bugs with her hand - usually her shoe or bedroom slipper. If she smashes the bug, she has to clean it up. If she points at it and tells me to "get it" I'll catch it and eat it.

Girasol said...

nice video!!!
I have to admit, I eat it if I Catch them too.

Chelsea said...

I am terrified of buggies. Especially flies.
I run to Mama when one buzzes around me.

I was stung by a bee when I was little and left tramautized by it.

Thank goodness I was not allergic!
I could use you in my house!

Studly Dudley said...

Wow your Mum is BRAVE. My Mum's too chicken to hit bugs with her hand. She just calls me over and I squish them with my face and then try to eat them off the wall. We would make a very efficient bug-squashing team, my lovely.. perhaps Vancouver's newest bug terminating pair?! Think about it!

Looove licks,

PS - that last photo drives me wild! Are you giving a kiss??

Anonymous said...

oooh i want a change of moms. HM yells at me every time i eat a bug. she's paranoid. good that you're leaving your drool all over the walls in the house, sunshade :)


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade,
WOAAHH.. that EVIL hand sure looks scary! I have caught some bugs too.. moth, spiders and houseflies.. they are quite yummy though!

Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, I love that last pic of your nose. It's so cute. How come the evil hand is after you, I thought Rudolph followed you.

~ fufu

fee said...

o miss sunshade,

i'm always happy to hear of your adventures because then i can tell mom that miss sunshade does it too! are imaginary bugs nice to eat?


wally said...

you guys should go into the extermination business--you'd be like wallace and gromit!


Murphey said...

I like to play the evil hand game too! Sometimes I let it get so close my lady thinks she won, then BAM, I grab it and go, which usually involves me running really fast with whatever item the hand tried to get. Ha HA I love that game.

Murph the Dog

Isabella said...

You and your mom could start an exterminator business!
Big Wags-

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oooh Miss Sunshade, just sniffing round your blog to see if anything new and exciting had been reported by you! You always seem to have lots of news.

Hope you are well and your Mama,

love from Marvin x
and Jeannie x

Sharon said...

Sunshade, you are lucky to have such a nice new toy. I always go for the ears and eyes and tear them off. Then I know they are safe to play with. I kept the ears and eyes on my little elephant. I think that it is my puppy.

Unknown said...

I love bugs but I really think worms are more better. Yep, worms are better. They wiggle in your mouth, fun, fun, fun.

Baily said...

bug hunting looks like fun!
i got to try that with mommy.
good luck with the gardening!

nose licks

Joe Stains said...

where is miss sunshade?!

Ivy said...

hey sunshade! do you want your pickture to be in my dog friend matching game? if you do just send me a link to the pickure you want to use that is 60 pixels wide and 90 pixels tall and my randy will put it in the game!

umekotyan said...


Rosco the wonder mutt said...

I love hunting bugs in my house...they taste icky so I spit them back out on the carpet and make my mom clean it up!

Lots of love,

Isabella said...

Hey Sunshade! Are you and your mom okay? It's been a week since you posted anything and I am kind of worried about you two. I hope nothing is wrong and you are just busy doing fun stuff.
Big Wags,

Charlie said...

Hi Sunny,
We've got some buggies here - come help me catch 'em!!
- Chuck