Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day Fever

Hey guys, I know I'm posting all my X-mas activities a day late. Mum has had a fever since last night. It's probably from the snow since she forgot her tuque at home and it was snowing quite a bit on the mountain. Mum's been taking some OTC medicine to help with the fever and that's left her pretty drowsy. Funny how she is all holistic minded when it comes to me, but with herself, she is SUPER conventional (not to mention she loves to eat MacDonalds). I hope mum gets better soon, that brain of hers can't afford to lose too many more brain cells.....

Anyway, I'm very sorry I haven't been reading all your blogs because I haven't had a lot of computer time, but I will definitely catch up on reading once mum is well enough. She's a grumpy lady tonight because she missed out on BOXING DAY shopping, so I think I'll leave her alone tonight.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I can't wait to read all about it!!

Thinking about you all.....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade


Studly Dudley said...

Hey Miss Sunshade!!
It sucks that your Mum is sick.. this means you get to snuggle with her under all those new blankets you got and keep her warm. OR, you can go into the fridge and eat all the cheese. At least she didn't spend her whole day out shopping up a storm! I hope you spent your day playing with your new pressies.. and maybe thinking of me?

Love licks,

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry that your Mummy is feeling so sick. We all hope that she gets really well really fast.

Lots of Love and Licks for you AND your Mummy,
Texas (and his humans).

P.S. I think we are all a bit slower 'cause of Christmas stuff.

Fu Fu said...

Oh no, Your mum is sick. Guess you gotta take care of her Sunshade. ;)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Hey Gorgeous!

Thanks for dropping by my blog...your lovely card (this is a really overdue thanks i'm saying) and of course, setting up the whole xmas card exchange thing!

Snow looks reaaaaal fun! Unfortunately, it's summer all year round in Singapore....what a bummer!!!

I'll link you up....catch ya around soon!

Ben & Darling said...

HEy babe, Im sorry that your mum is sick....but at least u gals really had fun on white christmas.

My 1st christmas was suck !! coz mum fall sick on christmas!! Poor mommy keep vomiting & diarhear the whole day...guess mum ate too much on pre xmas party.

anywhere, hope both our mommy get well soon ya. take care babe & happy New year!!

Ben & Darling said...

HEy babe, Im sorry that your mum is sick....but at least u gals really had fun on white christmas.

My 1st christmas was suck !! coz mum fall sick on christmas!! Poor mommy keep vomiting & diarhear the whole day...guess mum ate too much on pre xmas party.

anywhere, hope both our mommy get well soon ya. take care babe & happy New year!!

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

awwww! Miss Sunshade, send your Mama hugs and kisses from us both in Bonnie Scotland, so sorry to hear she has the fever!

We too been very busy so blogging has taken a back seat, but hope to catch up with all the news soon!

You take care of your Mama, Sunshade! She is a lovely lady, you are a lucky girl to have a good Mama.

My Jeannie got a bit over emotional over Christmas, but she is better now thank goodness! Your pictures are so so sweet of you enjoying the snow! Love and many Licks from Marvin in Scotland xxxx

Hugs to your Mama xx

love from Jeannie xxxxx too!

Baily said...

hope your mommy is feeling better really soon miss sunshade!
*sending nose licks her way*


Duke said...

Take good care of your mom, okay Sunshade? She needs your help now. I hope she feels better real soon!

Love ya lots,

umekotyan said...

The thing that the sickness of Mum improves early prays.
I think that your nursing is after all necessary with it.
The time of the computer is waited for.

From loved ume tyan

jaffeboy said...

Hey Sunshade, how about a 5 course meal for your mommy for a change?!

Do get will soon Sunshade's mommy. MaMa says, no antibiotic unless it is absolutely necessary. Hydrate hydrate hydrate...

Licks licks licks...

Jaffe & Kaylie

T-man Angel said...

Oh NO!! Your mom better get well quickly! It's no fun being sick. I know you will take the best care of her since you need her well to prepare all your meals :)

Give her my best wishes (from my mom too!)


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Sorry your mom is sick.... that is no fun at Christmas.

Sending get better quick tail wags

Murphey said...

Hope you Mum feels better, glad you had fun in the snow, loved the snow boots!

And my lady wanted to let you know that when she took the running phtotos, she had about 50 pictures of the grass and sky, and 10 of me....I guess I run too fast!

Murph the Dog

Lillie Valentine said...

I hope your mum is feeling better soon. When my mom isn't feeling well she stays in bed and snuggles with me and Whiskers. That is always fun for us. Tell your mom to get some extra rest. She needs it. Maybe my mom can help her in the medication department cuz she's a nurse!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Take good care of your mom Sunshade! She probably overdid it before Christmas and it is just catching up with her. She'll be in my prayers to the big DOG.


Susie said...

Hope your mum is feeling well soon!

Loui (and his mum!) said...

Poor mum! Wish her better from me and my mum....mum says it's really horrible being poorly but it's really nice when I snuggle with her. So go give lots of snuggles and mum will feel better soon!

Loui xx

Sharon said...

Hey Miss Sunshade, tell your mum the best thing to do for a fever is eat chocolate and sleep!

Anonymous said...

Sunshade, make sure Elaine drinks a lot of water and juice. If you can get her some Thera-Flu, make her drink it and she'll sleep off a lot of the cold.
I can't thank you two enough for making your Christmas donation to ATRA to help Diamond. I wish you could meet her and play with her, Sunshade. She's about your age and a real sweetie. Once her surgery is over, she'll be ready to play with the best of them - and that would be you!

Chelsea said...

Tell your mom her health is WAY more important than some sale where the prices are just a tad lower than they were at xmas.
It'll still be there and still cheap in January - maybe even cheaper Mama says....and she should know. The woman is a shopping machine.


Hammer said...

Hey Sunshade

I know what you're going through. My mum has had a very bad cold since Boxing Day too. And she's exactly the same as your mum because she makes us all eat healthy stuff, and yet she lives on red wine and whatever she can grab to eat !!! My mum can't afford to lose any more brain cells either !!!

My mum wanted to thank you for organising the DWB Christmas Card Exchange, just in case she hasn't thanked you. All the Christmas cards we have received mean a great deal to her and she's going to leave them up in 2007.

I'll be in touch before the New Year, and I hope your mum is better real soon.

Love from your Aussie mate, Hammer

Charlie - The Big Dog said...

Hi Miss Sunshade,

I hope your Ma gets better soon!
And Dad says "Feel Better Lainey" whatever that means :-)

Chucksie Bux

Joe Stains said...

we hope your mommy feels better REALLY soon!!!!

Charlie said...

Take good care of your mom, Sunshade! She'll need lots of extra attention from you to get better!
- Charlie

wally said...

miss sunshade,

when my mawma is sick i like to sleep on TOP of her on the couch. it really helps, i think. take good care of her so you can post more funny pictures soon.


Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Sorry to hear your mom is not feeling well. You need to take care of her so she can take you back to the snow!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

d7y7 said...

I saw you the other day at the Trafalgar. Was curious as to what kind of dog you were but couldn't remember. Good thing I remembered your name and looked it up! :) This blog is great, learned quite a bit just reading it. I can tell how much your mom loves you, lucky girl!

if possible can you drop me an email at tt0707(at)gmail.com? I want to ask about your shoes. Simba keeps getting his feet cut at the beach and I've been looking for something for his feet.

See you around, Simba will be at the park a lot more once the weather gets better. :) and get well soon!

Urban Smoothie Read said...

luckily my country doesn't had any boxing day....or else, my owner will take this opportunity to 'box' me when i misbehave....heheh