Tuesday, December 12, 2006

O Christmas Tree

Well mum and I have never really celebrated Christmas before since all of mum's family and relatives are over seas. I mean I *always* got Christmas pressies, but we never did any decorating or had a tree. However, since we've started blogging and doing the X-mas Card Exchange, it kind of feels like all of us bloggers are one big happy family.

Soooo.... since my extended family members are all celebrating, I thought this would be my first year to have a tree and try to celebrate X-mas.

I was so excited a few days ago when mum brought home my first ever X-mas tree..... that was until I actually saw the "tree". It came in a pot......

O Christmas Twig! O Christmas Twig!

How tiny are thy branches

O Christmas Twig! O Christmas Twig!

Why are you so odd loo-king

Not only small when pee time's here

But also small for me to dig

O Christmas Twig! O Christmas Twig!

When will you grow to be big

I was speechless, literally... when I saw the "tree". I thought mum would at least get a pee-able sized one you know?

So I prayed, and prayed. I prayed to have something that holds more of a resemblance to an actual tree than a little twig in a pot.



My Aire-buddies only come down from their wall cabinet on special occasions. Those are the only stuffies that mum absolutely will NOT let me play with.

Unless of course, she's too busy snapping photos and not quick enough to stop me.....

This is a close up of my tree!! You see the Aire-nament my dear friend, Maggie gave me in the center, and then there is an AngelDALE, a DevilDALE, a WinterDALE, another wooden Airedale angel holding a star, and then there is a frosty silhouette of a Wire Fox Terrier (that was the closest one to an Airedale that mum could find). The angel at the top is a pink angel from Precious Moments.

Here are a few pictures of me posing, trying very hard not to touch my Aire-buddies.

Do you see a giant stuffy in this photo??

This is my well lit living room!! See the mini-tree is there too?


Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Hi Miss Sunshade,
We are so glad to see one of our cards has arrived. Once Mom mailed them, we knew we had to wait but what if she had done something wrong?? You have two trees! Mom won't get one because she says she doesn't trust us. We guess we will just have to look at pictures of yours.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Myeo said...

Err Sunshade, u look like a giant beside your tree but better something than nothing, right. When u pose for photos like that you look so cute like one of you Aire-buddies. And did we mention, we think you are getting prettier n prettier by the day...

Lotsa love
Boy n Baby

Myeo said...
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Myeo said...

By the way, we have not received your card yet but we think we sure will... Dont worry abt it. Our parcel have not reach there either? Hmmmph

umekotyan said...

Oh it 's very great
It is enclosed by a lot of Christmas cards and mini sunshade, and happiness appears very much.

From loved ume tyan

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Hey Sunshadey-lady,

Your fireplace & trees are magnificent, just like you. I'm showing mum the photos in the hope she'll get a tree for our house. Pretty please mummy?

Oscar x

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Hi Miss Sunshade, oh your tree and the stuffies are grrrrreat! You are very photogenic too! You pose most beautifully (most of the time - except when you are investigating forbidden stuffies!!)

Your tree(s) look just fandabidozi as we say in Scotland. I will take a picture of our tree once it has been decorated.....mmmmm! I just love those choccie decorations Jeannie puts on sometimes! No, I am not supposed to eat them, but forbidden fruit is always the sweetest Jeannie says!

ooooh and as yet not received your card, but I will let you know as soon as our "Post Lady Who Thinks Jeannie is Crazy" delivers it!!

Mucho love and licks from Marvin ;0)

Murphey said...


It might be a small tree, but it is awesome! We don't have one....my lady says I'll tear it up, who me?

And I love your card! My lady had to put it up high on our display so I wouldn't tear it up, cause I kept trying to get to it.....

Murph the Dog

Sundae said...

Very nice decorations you have there, how I wish my home can be decorate like that, seeing how lazy my Mom is. :P

Duke said...

I just love your tree Sunshade! Mom says to tell you that she's so happy that the ornie has a tree to hang from. Your house looks so bright and beautiful and sparkling but I think I noticed that the door are closed on the fireplace. hummmmmmmm how will Santa get in???


Anonymous said...

Great trees! Maybe you can just eat the small one??? I wonder what it would taste like.

T-man Angel said...

Miss Sunshade,
I'm sure if you aim carefully, you can still pee on that tiny tree! Your living room looks so festive. My mom loves the star lights on the mantle.

Deb said...

Sunshade, I love your trees and decorations and cards it all looks so festive! The little twig tree is just my size, hee, hee! I really, really like your stuffie friends. I have some dachsie stuffie friends that Momma won't let me play with either, humph! You look stunning as always posing by your tree! You have a great home and mommy!

Your pal,

Joe Stains said...

Thank goodness you got a proper tree! your stuffies are so cute and I cannot believe that you are so good that you really do not eat them! the doofus would have had those suckers gutted in no time!!

A&S said...

Wow, Miss Sunshade, great pics! You have your very own tree, we see. Say, did you put the tree topper on yourself?

Toby said...

Wow Sunshade, your living room looks so festive!~ Those ornaments are all so pretty... Just like you!~


Sam Iam said...

I like your doggie x-mas tree.It's so you ..I would just like to say Thank you for your kind invitation and coming up with the idea about sending x-mas card to all of our DOG community. ...Wishing you and your humans a Very Mery Christmas and A pawfect New Year,

Lot's of Lick's

Sunshade said...

Dachsies: hey guys, yes, those moms sure need us to nip at their heels or butts (my height) for them to get moving!!

Boy n Baby: hahaha I know I look like a GIANT even beside the tree (not the twig). I'm so happy you guys think I'm prettier and prettier LOL.. my hair is longer now, and I look more like a stuffy than fresh out of grooming..hehe!

Ume Tyan: THANKS!! You're right, happiness is everywhere!

Oscar: umm.... not sure if that pretty please with the cute puppy eyes is gonna work buddy. A six month old Airedale and little tree ornaments don't seem like a good mix LOL. Maybe next year little guy, be patient ok?

Marvin: the sweetest poet!! I love the sound of fandabidozi, HEHE!

Murphey: We all know that you don't dig nor would you tear things up. Your mom needs to re-think. Glad you got my card!

Sundae: hey, you don't have to wait for your mom to decorate the house! Go outside and bring in as much leaves as you can find, then do lots of digging, make sureyou bring dirt in too for the leaves you know. and then you can go to your bathroom and tear up some toilet paper as snow. VOILA, you have sort of a snowy X-mas scene!

Dear Maggie: Thank you again SOOOO much for the Airenament. It is the main reason why I have a tree!!! I love it, and tell your mom thank you again!

Zach: I want the little tiny moosie from the little tree..... mum won't let me have it...

T-man: that's easy for you to say... I'm like 5 times your size plus it's not as easy for me to aim as it is for you you know LOL. Thanks, I really like the star lights too. The X-mas lights and the starlights look even cooler in real life. The flash from my camera sort of kills the effect.

Roo: OH Roo.... dont' you just HATE it when your mama lets you play with monkies, ducks, mousies, and all kinds of animal stuffies but won't let you play with mini-you stuffies?? HUMMPH!

Joe: Oh man.... I am loved by a gut sucker??

Akira & Shiro: I didn't put it on, but I took it off tho, all by myself!!!

Toby: hey little man, I'm so glad you like my living room. YOu always say the sweetest things!! No wonder your mama loves you SOOOO much.

Butchy & Snickers: um.... I have chewed on them... and mum gave two of them a wet paper towel wipe down.... That twig, should I move it to my yard then? It will really grow to be BIG?? I would love to see your tree too!

Sam: I am so happy you made it last minute to enjoy our card exchange. It sure brought the dog community together didn't it? Merry Christmas to you and your hoomans too!!


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Can I come over and chew on the big stuffie? X-mas Grrrrrr

Bussie Kissies

Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, your Aire-buddies are cute. But not as cute as you of course. You look like a big stuff doggie with them

~ fufu