Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Light

Recently, a couple of my buddies have complained about how they disappear in the dark, or how they are sick and tired of their blinking collars stop working for no reason. I was no different. Like many of you, I have tried many of the light up pet collars they have on the market:

However, each one of them had either fell off or stopped working for no apparent reason. Plus, most of the collars never showed that well because of my curls. Mum got sick and tired of having to buy me new light up collars every couple of months, so she decided to get me this:

This is a hooman mountain climbing "headlight", and it comes with the elastic head band.

This is the back side of the headlight. As you can see, the only way for this light to fall off is for the head band to be cut.

Most of these mountain climbing lights can be adjusted to the right angle.

It fits like this on me. Of course, I don't usually wear it in this exact position.

Even tho this mountain climbing headlight is a bit more expensive then the pet blinking collars on the market, you actually save a lot more in the long run because it doesn't break as easily as the others. The one that I have is about $30 CDN, and it's lasted me for over a year now. You can get these at most out door/camping stores.

Here is a video I took that shows how bright the light is in the dark.


Toby said...

Sunshade, your mommy is so smart! That light works great and its SO bright!!


Boo Casanova said...

ah! when we move to a house where i can get night walk-walk, i'm gonna tell mama to get me one of those. i think another thing for those doggie tat like night walkie is to wear reflective vest like buster suggested. i think that works pretty well too.

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Woh Sunshade. That's a VERY bright light. I think everyone can see you from far far away.

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Waouh that is a LIGHT... I don't need this (for the moment..) because in the dark I am like a stamp on a letter...on VĂ©ronique in fact... Ok I'm frightened in the dark....

Sunshade said...

Tobes: isn't that the brightest light you've ever seen!!!

Boo: I do have a reflective vest too that I wear when I go out at night. YOu should see me, I'm like a Christmas tree at night...

Fufu: Do you think I'm gonna be famous because everybody can see me now at night???

Faya: Oh Faya... you dont' like the dark?? Don't worry, once you're older, you won't be afraid anymore. I love how you described it - stamp on an envelope!!! Too cute!


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Duke said...

Your mommy thinks of everything! She sure does love you lots!


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Hmm, mum was looking at the dog ones today in "Pets at Home". I'll have a word & tell her where to go instead.

By the way, you look VERY cute in your Christmas hat!

Oscar x

umekotyan said...

The dark is very bright.
When cellophane that has adhered the color is put up on, it looks colorful.

From loved ume tyan

T-man Angel said...

Thanks Miss Sunshade's mom for showing us the light. My mom says we may not have them in our stores since we don't have mountains here :), but we might be able to order it online. Now we just have to find one that fits a little neck.

Loui (and his mum!) said...

Miss Sunshade!!! Mum was very impressed and muttered something like "what a great idea" as she got on the phone to dad to tell him to visit one of those kinda shops while he was out and about. Thank you sooooo much for showing me that...I think I will get one of those this week now!

Loui xx

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Hey - something you added to your site has spyware on it ... I'm getting 'danger' messages when I come to your blog now. Uh oh!!

Joe Stains said...

wooaah, i need one of those to help me with the shed creature. I bet i could finally see what is under there if i had one of those!!!

what is that green thing behind your head in the sleepy pic? I treat button?

Anonymous said...


I don't normally post a lot but my dog Jainey has a "coat" that has LED lights on it from a store called Lands End. If you go to their website ( and go to the catalog there is a section for outerwear and then click on pets. Its called Cool Blue Pets Squall. Jainey loves it and I haven't had any problems with it yet. Its kinda pricey but she really stays warm (shes a Weimaraner). Just thought I'd give everyone the tip!

Have a happy holidays!


Susie said...

Hi Sunshade! Thanks for visiting us! We like your headlight . . . our Daddykitty's got one too! Come visit us again soon - we'll add you to our doggie bloggie roll!

Wired for Mackie said...


My mommy has one of those and she looks silly in it! I bet it would look good on me!

Good tip pretty girl!

BTW, have you gotten anything from me yet?

Yours, Mackie

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow blinding! Do they come in size small?

My Mom slaps light up stickers on my t shirt when we go out at night. Not that is matter, I'm not allowed off leash anyways like you guys.

Bussie Kissies

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade..
Woahhh.. that's really bright.. if I look closely enough, I think I can see you from where I am..

Huskee Boy

Chelsea said...

Mama likes these collars since I am one of those who dissapear in the dark - however with my bright aura I don't understand why Mama thinks I need one.


Anonymous said...

That is so smart. ou got one smart mama there. Thanks for sharing this.

sniff ya later!

Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, You ALREADY are famous. (the xmas card that gets to you without your addy)You dont need the light to make you famous.

Anonymous said...

looks like they have to up the par on the dog product market :) good thing your mom is resourceful!

you know the harness that i was telling you way back that i was gonna get? well, HM is not getting it anymore cos we tried out a harness and it gave me big knotty hairballs under my arms. that was pretty uncomfortable :p


Simba and Jazzi said...

You look like a walking disco. hehehe.

Simba xx

Anonymous said...

sunshade, i hope the light's not so bright it hurts your eyes! :)


fee said...

miss sunshade!

love your latest eskimo do! it's very cute! nice!


Isabella said...

Even though you have a mountain climbing light, don't go up on any mountains, SunShade! Have you seen on the news about those 3 mountain climbers on Mt. Hood? What silly humans to go someplace like that in the winter! And humans think they are the smartest species!
Festive Wags,
5 days till Santa

Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

I know that Studley Dudly is your dog friend, but as he was bragging about how gorgeous you were, I couldn't resist and I had to drop by for a sniff. And Boy!! Do I like what I smell!!! Your Christmas music sets a romantic scene and gets all my hormones in a tizz, and your fluffy curls are to die for!!! I'd better scoot though, before Dudly gets territorial.......

Joe Stains said...

the doofus’s birthday is Sept 15. because my parents are horrible, they do not know if my birthday is March 6th or 9th. It is on a piece of paper burried among a million other papers but before the day comes I will make them find it. OR I will make them celebrate on BOTH days!

Sunshade said...

Maggie: but she makes me take bathes... and go through with brushing...

Oscar: yes yes, you must have your mama get you one of these instead. Don't waste money on the pet ones! Glad you like my BIG BAD WOLF look LOL.

Ume Tyan: yeah, that's a bright light, can you see me from Japan??

T-man: I think you can either cut the elastic band and sew it to the right size or just fold the elastic band and stitch it to your size!

Loui: I'm so happy you will have your own light soon!! It always makes me feel COOOOL because I'm bright, flashy, and a STAR!!

Zach: thanks so much for letting me know, ti's the music uploader. Oh no... my blog is dangerous.

Joe: YEAH!! That's what you need to see the creature, I just hope it's not a komodo dragon. Do you guys have those in AZ?? OH that green button thing is just a decoration on the head board of the kiddie bed. It's a kid's bed mum got from IKEA, and that button thingy just came with it.

Amber: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!

Kimo & Sabi: REALLY?? A kitty has one of those too?? Wow... maybe he's a dog?? Thanks for visiting!!

Dearest Mackie: yes, I got your pressie yesterday. I tried to open it, but I only got through the first layer before mum stopped me and put it under my tree. I let her since my tree looks pretty empty and pitiful at the moment with no pressies... Thanks so much , I can't wait to see what is inside!!

Bussie: COOOL, light up sticker?? Haven't seen one of those before!!

Huskee: really? Maybe I should get mum to get me a couple more so you can see me wherever you go??

Chelsea: I didn't think you would need one either since a supermodel such as yourself must have body guards right? and yes, your bright aura too!

Bella: I gave mum the idea, I purposely lost all my doggie flashing collars just to let her know how much they sucked and how much she really needed to get me a decent light. It's all me, I'm the mastermind.

Fufu: that's a good point, I am already famous...

Chiyo: oh no...really? No harness for you? Was that a leather one you tried?

Simba: I think I'm a walking X-mas tree....

Fee: hey FEE!! You're around!! I've missed you!

Isabella: Thanks for the heads up, no, you're right, I am smarter than those hoomans.

Samson: Oh Samson... you gotta stop, I can't handle handsome boys sweet talks...... Mum thinks I flirt way too much...

Joe: hey you again, I think you are so smart! You should just not ask them to find out and you get to celebrate two B-days two days apart!!!


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Urban Smoothie Read said...

i think i really need that product....coz during nite time, i'm nowhere to b seen,...

Baily said...

thats a great idea miss sunshade! your mommy is so smart!

nose licks

Baily said...

yay! i finally can leave comments again! woo-hoo!